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  • 7/28/2019 EOS Rebel T5i SL1-Brochure


  • 7/28/2019 EOS Rebel T5i SL1-Brochure




    PERFORMANCE.Renew Your Creative SoulCanons agship Rebel, the EOS Rebel T5i camera, is a sophisticated

    ull-eatured powerhouse that delivers ast perormance all packed

    in an ergonomic, stylish body thats ready or anything. With a

    brilliant Vari-angle Touch Screen 3.0" Clear View LCD monitor II and a

    phenomenal state-o-the-art AF system, its the perect camera to

    unleash your creativity every time you pick it up.

    Actual size

  • 7/28/2019 EOS Rebel T5i SL1-Brochure


    Approx. 25%

    Smaller and

    Lighter than the

    EOS Rebel T5i **

    Small Size, Big PossibilitiesThe new EOS Rebel SL1 camera is the worlds smallest and lightest

    digital SLR camera*. But dont let its size ool you; this camera has

    enormous perormance with a highly receptive sensor and proven

    EOS eatures that let you capture incredible images images hard

    to capture with a smartphone. Its an amazing camera you can

    carry all day long to ignite your imagination.

    *Among digitalSLRcameraswhichuseAPS-Csizeequivalentsensors.AsoMarch1, 2013, basedonCanonsresearch. **Seecompletedimensionsandweighton page19.

    Actual size

    The Worlds Smallest and LightestDigital SLR Camera*




  • 7/28/2019 EOS Rebel T5i SL1-Brochure




    Both the EOS Rebel T5i and EOS Rebel SL1cameras eature Canons digital trinity: a Canon

    18.0 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C size) sensor;

    Canons incredible DIGIC 5 Image Processor; and

    compatibility with the entire line o Canons

    amazing collection o EF and EF-S lenses. When

    you carry an EOS Rebel camera and a Canon lens,

    stunning results are at your fngertips every time,

    no matter the light, no matter the situation.

    2013 Sandy Puc

    EOS Rebel T5i

    EOS Rebel SL1

  • 7/28/2019 EOS Rebel T5i SL1-Brochure



    9-point Autoocus SystemThe EOS Rebel SL1 camera eatures a wide area 9-point AF system with

    a cross-type center point, while the EOS Rebel T5i cameras wide area

    9-point AF system eatures all cross-type points including a dual-cross

    center point, delivering aster, more accurate autoocus. An AI Servo AF

    system achieves and maintains consistent ocus o moving subjects.

    Continuous ShootingBoth the EOS Rebel T5i and EOS Rebel SL1 cameras are designed to capture

    the action, capable o shooting up to 5.0 and up to 4.0 ps, respectively.

    High ISO Range (ISO 10012800)For shooting in dimly lit situations previously dicult without fash, the

    EOS Rebel T5i and EOS Rebel SL1 cameras have an extensive ISO range

    o 10012800 expandable up to 25600 or excellent capture in

    almost any light.



    The EOS Rebel T5i and EOS Rebel SL1 cameras eature

    many o Canons most advanced technologies to

    help ensure lightning ast perormance intuitively

    and easily. Simply put, EOS Rebel cameras are

    designed to be ready when you are.

    2013 Sandy Puc

  • 7/28/2019 EOS Rebel T5i SL1-Brochure




    HD MOVIESFull HD VideoAlong with all the advantages o SLR moviemaking, the EOS Rebel T5i

    and EOS Rebel SL1 cameras add some signicant new technologies to

    make HD movie capture smoother, aster and easier. The Movie Servo AF

    eature helps ensure sharp ocus even during unpredictable movement,

    and works in concert with a number o Canons STM lenses (including

    the bundled EF-S 1855mm /3.55.6 IS STM) to deliver smooth and

    quiet continuous autoocus every time. Canons Hybrid CMOS AF and

    Hybrid CMOS AF II help increase ocus speeds during Live View.

    HD video captured on a Canon EOS Rebel SLR

    camera with a Canon lens brings all the advantages

    o SLR photography to the moving image. With the

    EOS Rebel T5i and EOS Rebel SL1 cameras, stunning

    movies are at your fngertips.

    2013 Sandy Puc



  • 7/28/2019 EOS Rebel T5i SL1-Brochure


    1312 usa.canon.com/eos

    Vari-angle LCDPerect or composing images rom any position, the EOS Rebel T5i cameras

    Vari-angle Touch Screen LCD monitor tilts orward 180, backwards 90,

    and 175 sideways. Its perect or shooting rom low and high angles,

    handheld or on a tripod. With the Clear View LCD monitors advanced

    construction and smudge resistant coating, refections are reduced or easy

    viewing, anywhere.

    Touch Screen & Multi-touch OperationUsing similar capacitive touch screen technology to todays popular mobile

    devices, the EOS Rebel T5i and EOS Rebel SL1 cameras brilliant LCD monitors

    are touch-sensitive, delivering intuitive operation with ease. Two-nger touch

    gestures can be used or zooming or changing images. Menu and quick

    control settings can be accessed, and ocus point and shutter release can be

    activated with a tap.

    ViewfnderIn addition to their amazing multi-touch screens, the EOS Rebel T5i and

    EOS Rebel SL1 cameras also sport optical viewnders, ideal or shooting

    in bright conditions or capturing the moment as it unolds. The viewnder

    displays exposure, AF, fash, plus other relevant image inormation along

    with the image.




    Quickcontrol right


    Designed to perorm where, when and how you want them to.


    EOS Rebel T5i

    The Worlds

    Smallest andLightest Digital

    SLR Camera*

    EOS Rebel SL1

    *Among digitalSLRcameraswhichuseAPS-Csizeequivalentsensors.AsoMarch1, 2013, basedon Canonsresearch.**Weightspecicationsanddimensionsareor camera bodyonly; doesnot includebatteryor memorycard.Seecompletedimensionsandweighton page19.

    Small & LightweightBoth the EOS Rebel T5i and EOS Rebel SL1 cameras are designed to

    be comortable tools to carry and use all day long. Lightweight and

    small (the EOS Rebel SL1 is the worlds smallest and lightest digital SLR

    camera*, weighing only 13.06 oz.**; the EOS Rebel T5i is 18.5 oz.**),

    they are nonetheless ully eatured, no-compromise cameras,

    designed with controls that are easy to use and intuitive in the hands

    o every photographer.

  • 7/28/2019 EOS Rebel T5i SL1-Brochure


    1514 usa.canon.com/eos

    Mode DialLocated on the top o both the EOS Rebel T5i and EOS Rebel SL1

    cameras is the Mode Dial. With the Mode Dial, its simple to

    select the shooting mode thats perectly suited to the shot at

    hand: Scene Intelligent Auto or when you dont want to have to

    worry about settings, Creative Zone Mode when youre condent

    enough to make manual settings, Basic Zone Mode when yound yoursel shooting a certain type o shot, or want to capture

    a specic scene with Special Scene Mode. It all happens rom

    the Mode Dial.

    Special Scene ModeExpanding on basic shooting modes, Special Scene Modes

    help you handle dicult shooting situations such as ast

    action or low light. Simply select rom a number o preset

    options and you can capture beautiul, detailed photos.

    Basic Zone ModeKeep your ocus on the scene at hand. Simply choose a

    mode and the camera takes care o the details. Exposure,

    shutter speed and fash are all ideally set or superb image

    quality when you shoot.

    Creative Zone ModeImagine the possibilities. Then take creative control. Choose

    rom Program(P), Aperture Priority(Av), Shutter Priority(Tv)

    and Manual(M), and the camera becomes a personalized,

    highly creative tool where you call the shots. Control the

    variables that lead to a memorable photograph.

    Scene Intelligent AutoBe certain your special moments are captured with precisely

    the right settings. The camera automatically analyzes the

    image, taking into account aces, colors, brightness,

    movement and contrast. It then applies the most appropriate

    enhancing eatures to help deliver maximum impact.

    Portrait Night Portrait

    Kids (EOSRebelSL1 only)Candlelight(EOSRebelSL1 only)


    Creative Auto

    Landscape HDR Backlight Control

    Food (EOSRebelSL1 only)Flash O

    Sports Handheld Night Scene

    Simple to use, with plenty o creative options,

    EOS Rebel cameras make some o the fnest

    photographs and movies, every day.

    Find exactlythe rightlookand eelor your photoswith

    CreativeAuto.With theoption toadjustan imagesbrightness,

    color and more, itseasyto convey the ambience you want.


    Background: Blurred


    CreativeAutosetting screen


  • 7/28/2019 EOS Rebel T5i SL1-Brochure


    1716 usa.canon.com/eos


    Grainy B/W

    Creative FiltersThe EOS Rebel T5i and EOS Rebel SL1 cameras

    have seven dierent creative lters, including

    Art Bold, Water Painting, Miniature, Fisheye,

    Grainy B/W, Sot Focus and Toy Camera eects.

    Each eect can be applied in three dierent

    levels, and easily previewed in Live View.

    Miniature Eect can even be applied to movies

    on the EOS Rebel SL1 model.

    Sot Focus


    Toy Camera


    Both the EOS Rebel T5i and EOS Rebel SL1 cameras are capable o working

    seamlessly with compatible printers to produce high quality prints. In Direct

    Print mode, users can crop their images, taking ad

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