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  • Epping District Cricket Club Juniors

    Annual Report 2002-2003

  • Epping Districts Cricket Club - Juniors - 2002/2003 Annual Report

    President’s Report: Season 2002-2003 Club Statistics No. of teams Milo “Have a Go”

    8 Junior (1 Average & 7 competition)

    No of Players 54 Milo “Have a Go” 110 Juniors

    Premiers U12 West Finalists U12 West and U15

    If I could start my report by recalling a highlight of the year – the Club Awards selection meeting. First there was the selection of the Cricketers of the Year, awards based on the statistics contained in the report - a reasonably straightforward task. It was a great to hear of the high achievement of a number of our players within the Club competition and in some instances, in Association and selective sides. This must be one of the Club’s roles, to provide that opportunity.

    Then followed the selection of the spirit of cricket awards. This was a more lively process. Every coach or manager could nominate and speak highly of players in their side whom they believed had achieved – in effort, in enthusiasm, in personal improvement as players and as team members. Some were new to the game and the Club, others were older hands that found a bit extra this season.

    It was equally pleasing to hear of the enthusiasm and involvement exhibited by these players. And surely this enthusiasm and involvement should be a key mark of our success as a Club.

    At this point I must congratulate and thank the players, the Milo “Have a Go” players, the new U10s through to the outgoing U16s – on behalf of the committee, congratulations. The words your coaches and managers have included in their reports describe well the positive approach you have brought to the game.

    The awards selection also brought home the dedication of the coaches, the managers and the other parents who assist them. We shouldn’t forget that the Club is for the players and again on behalf of the Committee I would like to thank the team officials for your dedication and time that enabled the players to participate in the game of cricket.

    A particular person to thank this morning is Peter Elliot. Peter is the co-ordinator of the Milo “Have a Go” cricket program that the Club runs on Saturday mornings. It had over …. registrations this season. This program commences the journey of five to eight year olds to the “baggy green”. We wish them well. But the journey wouldn’t have started this year without Peter. We thank him also for volunteering to co-ordinate the program next season.

  • Epping Districts Cricket Club - Juniors - 2002/2003 Annual Report

    Club registrations were down this year, a theme reflected across the Northern Districts Junior Cricket Association. We fielded eight teams – one under 10 “Average Cricket” team and seven competitive sides. Each age group was represented however.

    It almost wasn’t – a slightly under numbered U12 side was stitched together in the final hours before team registrations were due. Extra arms were twisted after this time. This didn’t stop the team going on to be undefeated premiers.

    Our U15 side, performed well all season, made the final but could not replicate the previous years success. Congratulations to both sides for their efforts and results.

    As I mentioned before the Club is for the players but the game won’t happen without kits, uniforms, trophies, administration and co-ordination. Thanks to the Committee, in particular our secretary, Paul Doddridge; Peter Macourt; our treasurer; Sandra Holden, uniforms and trophies; Peter Trickett, for maintaining our equipment and Stephen Fry, our Communications officer.

    My thanks must go to my wife, Rosemary, for her support and patience over the year. She also has done a lot to keep the Club’s business moving.

    To finish, special thanks from the Club to Andrew Grey, coach of the Under 16s who finishes a long association with the Club. Thank you, Andrew and all the best. Peter Dwyer President Epping District Cricket Club - Juniors

    Special Notices Annual General Meeting Thursday 3rd July 2003, 7:30 pm.

    Eastwood Rugby Club, Vimiera Road, Eastwood. Written nominations for EDCCJ Committee positions to be received by the secretary by 28th June 2003

    Registration Days for 2002/2003 Teams: Milo “Have a Go” (Ages 5-8) U 10 (Average) – Under 16

    Epping Oval Norfolk Road Sundays 2nd & 9th August 2003 11.00 am. – 1.00 pm.

  • Epping Districts Cricket Club - Juniors - 2002/2003 Annual Report


    CLUB COMMITTEE COACHES & MANAGERS President Peter Dwyer U16 Andrew Gray (Coach) Anthony Bazil (Manager) Secretary Paul Doddridge U15 Steve Brompton (Coach) Treasurer Peter Macourt David Isaacs/Sandra Holden

    (Managers) Equipment Officer Peter Trickett U14 Peter Dwyer (Coach) Paul Alice (Manager) Communications Officer Stephen Fry U13 Mark Ware/Lyndon Toole

    (Coaches) Records Officer Paul Doddridge Genevieve Mallin (Manager) Trophies Co-ordinator Sandra Holden U12W Steve Lewis (Coach) Brenda McCullough (Manager) U11B Sudhir Mooray (Coach) Paul Doddridge (Manager) U11B John Wilson (Coach) Perry Milledge (Manager) U10 Shankera Narayan (Coach) Penny and Hugh Gerdes

    (Managers) Have-a-Go Peter Elliot (Co-ordinator)

    Notable Achievements for Season 2002/2003 Centuries Richard Holden 103* vs St Patrick’s Black 7.12.02 Tom Ware 109* vs Epping YMCA 14.12.02 Brad Lewis 105* vs Carlingord 22.3.03 Alex Maguire 107* vs YMCA Green 7.12.02

    Five wickets in an innings Andrew Massingham 6/24 vs Epping YMCA 9.11.02 Sean Ellicott 6/2 vs YMCA Green 14.12.02 Robbie Milledge 7/5 vs YMCA Green 7.12.02

  • Epping Districts Cricket Club - Juniors - 2002/2003 Annual Report

    Special Awards

    Senior Club Cricketer of the Year (U15-U16) - Julian Banks Julian was the star all rounder in the Club in the senior age groups. He usually keeps wicket, but occasionally sheds the gloves, to bowl with speed and accuracy. Usually opening the batting, he scored two unbeaten fifties, and averaged 43.3, while he took 9 wickets for 57 (average 6.3) in just 20 overs, an excellent strike rate. He also took 11 catches, some very sharp, and when asked to captain the side did a very fine job.

    Intermediate Club Cricketer of the Year (U13-U14) - Tom Ware Tom scored 486 runs at an average of 44.18. This included five half centuries and one century. He figured in many large partnerships with his team mates. Tom was equal highest in the catching department with six catches. In bowling he took six wickets and when keeping two stumpings.

    Junior Club Cricketer of the Year (U11-U12) - Alex Maguire This award is to a cricketer who not only had individual all round high performance but also a player who learnt the difficult art of captaincy well, leading his team to a comprehensive win in the Grand Final. His team were UNDEFEATED PREMIERS. Alex took 35 wickets for 125 runs at an average of 3.57 runs per wicket. As a mainstay middle order batsman Alex scored 296 runs in 7 innings (2 no) at an average of 59.2 runs per innings. In addition, Alex was a committed fieldsman taking 10 catches. He was a Centurion with 107 n.o against YMCA. A young player who will go a lot further should he maintain his desire to achieve.

    Spirit of Cricket Award - Tynan O’Shea Tynan is a live-wire. He likes to field in so close he can count the batsman’s pimples, and he is a jack-in-the-box, ready to spring fearlessly to take a catch. He bowls with a great leap in the air in his delivery stride, which we cannot coach out of him. He bats fearlessly, too. Against St Patrick’s, Tynan tried to hook his third ball, which went through his visor and cut his eye. After a swift trip to Concord Emergency (“I’ll have stitches please, not tissue glue, because I want the biggest scar”), Tynan returned to continue his innings.

    EDCC-J Encouragement Award - Thomas Nguyen Thomas was voted the clubs prestigious Encouragement Award on the basis that, last year in his first season of cricket, in seven innings, he did not score any runs. This year Thomas comes out and scores 205 runs, including his first half century. This is a mammoth improvement for any batsman, and his example gives genuine encouragement to other club members who struggled with the bat this year.

  • Epping Districts Cricket Club - Juniors - 2002/2003 Annual Report

    Wicket-Keeper of the Year - Julian Banks Julian Banks –Under 15 - 11 dismissals

    Most Catches for the Season – Alex Maguire Alex Maguire – Under 12 West – 10 Catches

    State and Representative Honours Under 15 (Weblin Shield)

    Richard Holden Greg Lewis Stuart McLean Peter Rolston

    Under 13 (Gee Shield)

    Tom Ware

    Under 12 (Cawsey Shield)

    Alex Maguire James Papworth

    A.W. Green Shield (Balmain/UTS)

    Richard Holden Greg Lewis Stuart McLean

  • Team Reports Season 2002- 2003

  • Epping Districts Cricket Club - Juniors - 2002/2003 Annual Report

  • Epping Districts Cricket Club - Juniors - 2002/2003 Annual Report

    Milo Have A Go Cricket

    Another successful year o