Equipment Used in High Speed Photography

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A small report on high speed photography


<p> Equipment used in high speed photography High Speed Camera Range of shutter speeds Miro Ex1 50 to 500 with a resolution of 640x480 50 to 1000 with a resolution of 480x360 Cost: $5000 Miro Ex4 $13000 1260 FPS at 800x600 32x16 at 111100FPS Phantomv1211 12600 FPS at 1280x800 820000 at 128x16 Rent $8000/wk Cost: $41600 Prices After an extensive search of sites that showcase high speed camera products the prices for buying these types of cameras outright was not given by their respective companies and only rental prices available. Precautions when using HSC In the event of high impact collisions Place the camera behind a protective layer of glass Be sure to treat the camera with care During transport place camera in its case If not available place in a padded case. Make sure that that the system is grounded. Limitations When using a cost efficient camera like the Miro Ex1 Data vs Quality When using this camera the higher quality the video you the less recording time is given for what you want to record In addition the size of data will take a significant portion of hard drive space if not careful The data transfer is also time consuming. Miro Ex4 Strikes a balance of cost and quality Phantomv1211 Middle end camera good for continuous recording Costs might be a factor</p> <p> Conditions for Successful Capturing high speed images Exposure Three Different Controls Aperture: controls the are over which light can enter the camera Shutter Speed: controls the duration of the exposure ISO Speed: Controls the sensitivity of your cameras sensor to a given amount of light Each of the controls vary For an increase in one will have to be compensated in the other controls. The faster shutter speed the less exposure of the subject leaving a frame by frame picture For in this case we want ISO Speed because of the high rate of frames captured the ISO speed is not great Most of the photos that would be taking will have noise on the pictures. (Shown as blue spots) Aperture will be set unless the camera is given a spare lens to work with The wider the aperture the more light goes in and allows it to compensate for lack of exposure;resultClick=3#DropImpactTestingJournal Article:This article used a high speed camera to compare impacts of mobile devices. It was first simulated in a computer and then tested in the real world using a high speed camera to match as close as possible to the computer results. The high speed camera was set up in two ways on level with the machine used to drop it and focusing on the impact.We may need an on campus connection to get the articleCorrelating Drop Impact Simulations With Drop Impact Testing Using High-Speed Camera MeasurementsJ. J. M. Zaal,W. D. van Driel,F. J. H. G. KesselsandG. Q. Zhang[+] Author and Article InformationJ. Electron. Packag.131(1), 011007 (Feb 12, 2009) (9 pages)doi:10.1115/1.3068311History: Received December 27, 2007; Revised August 07, 2008; Published February 12, 2009</p>