Erev Shabbos – Purim Katan Licht Bentchen: 5:31 P.M ... selling its famous Purim Cards (great to give

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  • Erev Shabbos – Purim Katan Parashas Ki Sisa February 18, 2011 Licht Bentchen: 5:31 P.M. Volume XVII, Issue 22

    Dear Parents, This has been a real happening week on numerous fronts, but we will begin this communiqué with an event that has yet to occur: (Please fill in the blanks. Answers can be extracted

    by consulting our accompanying flyer.) TSGW ___________ Annual __________ Auction Date: Sunday, _____________27, 2011. Location: Beth _______________ in Potomac. Time: ______________ P.M.

    Auction APB We are searching for:

    Volunteers to schlep “stuff” to Beth Sholom next Thursday, February 24. Volunteers to assemble ticket packages at the home of Rachel and Michael Ravin (11714 Fulham Street.) this Monday night, February 21 at 8 P.M. Clean empty 29 ounce cans from tomato products. Volunteers to help set up on the day of the Auction. Volunteers to staff tables on the night of the Auction.

    To offer your services, please call 301-681-0233.

    Berachos Bees/Bowl News This week we had the culminating activities of our Berachos unit. On Tuesday afternoon, all the kids in Grades 1st-3rd competed in our team-formatted Berachos Bowl. They showed their well-rounded knowledge of these Halachos, and, after the dust had cleared, we had the following scores (out of a maximum of 450 points): Team Tutti – 431 = 95.7% Team Fruity – 415 = 92.2% Team Roots – 435 = 96.6% Team Stems – 442 = 98.2%

    On Wednesday, 58 qualifying finalists from 4th-6th Grades participated in our Berachos Bees. Demonstrating their thorough knowledge of the blessings which are recited before and after eating a variety of foods, we went through many rounds before finding First Place finishers. The kids really “knew their stuff.” In fact, there were six girls still

    “around” after we completed all the rounds. They then entered into tiebreaker mode. First, they had to recite Borei Nefashos by heart, and we were left with two young ladies who said the Berachah flawlessly. Finally, our “First Placer” was determined by the blessing said upon seeing a rainbow. Wow!! All those who participated received certificates (thanks to Rabbi Feldman and his computer) and prizes, about which all the kids were excited. The following were the “top” finishers:

    Boys Bee Girls Bee First Place Binyamin Broth Ahuva Teitelbaum Second Place BenZion Kott Rena Harris Third Place Eli Shemtov Johanna Robinson Fourth Place Noach Shmuel Solomson Chaiky Backman

    Ayelet Makovoz Fifth Place Aron Kreiser Sixth Place Yitzchak Meir Winter Rena Milgraum Seventh Place Avraham Gottlieb Talya Miler Eighth Place Aryeh Stiber Kayla Kramer Ninth Place Eitan Edinger Yael Fink Tenth Place Moishe Newman Avigayil Rabinowitz Mazel Tov to ALL of our students for honing their knowledge, skills, and Dikduk BeHalachah in blessings. In fact, I’ve often been told that this unit has a positive, reinforcing, refresher effect on the entire family’s care in reciting Berachos. In addition, we are currently having an intense focus on HaKaras HaTov which is one of the underlying principles of these laws. Congratulations and thanks to all teachers for their guidance in this successful endeavor. Hopefully, we’ll continue to be “blessed” with lasting effects from our Berachos unit. One final thought (for now): We repeat this unit each year – for all the above reasons. The following Mashal will give additional insight into the necessity for such Chazarah. Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky ZT’L was fond of the following metaphor. He told of the child whose parents bought him a Tallis Kattan at the age of three. The small Tallis Kattan looked adorable on the tiny tot. It fit him well. At the age of four, the small Tallis Kattan no longer was a perfect fit, but the child could still wear it without great discomfort. If the child were to don the same Tallis Kattan at the age of ten or at Bar Mitzvah, he would rightfully be the subject of

    $$””22"" TToorraahh SScchhooooll ooff GGrreeaatteerr WWaasshhiinnggttoonn

    EE..SS..TT..EE..RR.. EErreevv SShhaabbbbooss ““TToorraahh”” EEvveennttss RReeppoorrtt

  • derision and scorn. For a mature adult to continue to wear the original garment would be unthinkable. Reb Yaakov notes that our relationship to Torah and our performance of mitzvos require constant re-evaluation; they should reflect intellectual and spiritual growth. If we do not subject our appreciation of Mitzvos to searching analysis, we remain very much like the adult who continues to wear his first Tallis Katan. A second “final” thought: The Berachos Bees occurred on Day 100 of 2010-2011 (which was duly marked, counted, and celebrated in a # of classes). I was asked if it was planned this way, as Chazal require us to say 100 Berachos daily. Unfortunately, the truth is that, when we scheduled the Bee for February 16, I was totally unaware that it would be Day 100.

    2011-2012 Is Around the Bend The next item of significance came to you compliments of USPS. Registration forms for September

    should have hit your mail slots/mailboxes by Wednesday. Please take note that the Early Registration Deadline is Tuesday, March 15, 2011. Today’s Myriad Attachments

    Ooroo LaTefillah. Classroom Close-ups by Mrs. Lisa

    Solomson. Classroom Close-ups by Mrs. Julie Malka. SOVEYA Newsletter. Chosen Words. Flyer with info about ordering Mishloach Manos

    Baskets. Ruach Day Flyer and Rules.

    It’s that time of year again – The Torah School of Greater Washington is now

    selling its famous Purim Cards (great to give family and friends in place of Mishloach Manos).

    $2 each or 6 for $10

    To order, please call the school office at 301- 962-8003 x2304

    The Purim Cards are 4x6 (postcard size), full-color,

    high gloss and professionally printed.

    On the Horizon Sunday, February 20 – Erev Presidents Day – No Shiurim. Monday, February 21 –

    Presidents Day – No School. Tuesday, February 22 – Report Cards for 1st-6th sent home, G-d willing. Full post-3:30 schedule.

    Wednesday, February 23 – Ben Yehuda Pizza. Thanks for all in-house

    helpers this week. Short Friday schedule. No Yoga. 2:00 P.M. dismissal. No P.M. Day Care. Evening Conferences for K-6.

    Online sign-up for conferences has been available since 2:30 on Tuesday. To select slots, go to: 2ImoPSSBdGVHQUxQSFk5SXNuSWtCQmlteEc3 aGc&hl=en&authkey=CLmInvAI Thursday, February 24 – 10:00 opening. Day Care starts at 8:30. 2nd-6th should Daven at home. Full post-3:30 schedule.

    Sunday, February 27 – Eighth Annual TSGW Chinese Auction at 7:00 P.M. at Beth Sholom. Sunday, March 6 – Girls’ Choir at Ring House at 10:30 A.M. Our young ladies should Arrive by 10:15 dressed in:

    Purim Costumes. All female friends/relatives/acquaintances are

    invited to the performance.

    Kindergarten Aleph-Bais Siyumim Tuesday, March 1 – Morah Rochel’s A.M. class. Wednesday, March 2 – Morah Rochel’s P.M. class. Thursday, March 3 – Morah Chani’s class.

    All will start at 9:20 A.M.

  • Chodesh Adar Doings

    NOAM (Night Our At Max’s)- Monday, March 7. ___________________________________

    Ruach Day.

    Rosh Chodesh Adar is Sunday and Monday March 6th and 7th . As usual, this month brings lots of doings. Monday, March 7 is our Annual Ruach Day. See flyer for this year’s theme. If you are stuck for an idea, just let your imagination run wild. Also, here are the rules for “Things are Popping at the Torah School”: Uniforms are not required for those students who participate. However, students who choose not to come in costume MUST WEAR UNIFORMS. Even when wearing costumes: All Tznius and good taste requirements are in place. Therefore:

    No pajamas. No shorts. No pants (for girls) and no skirts (for boys). No weapons (even of the plastic genre). No violent outfits. No outfits representing violent people. No mermaid costumes.

    __________________________________ We are always on the lookout for sponsors for

    Rosh Chodesh Treats. Project Ahavas Yisrael.

    We are again involving our kids in Project Ahavas Yisrael. This endeavor, initiated and sponsored by Baruch and Rochelle Wertenteil, goes to the essence of the Mitzvah of Mishloach Manos – fostering unity among K’lal Yisrael. Our goal is to ask our sons and daughter to bring Mishloach Manos to people who would not otherwise be recipients of this beautiful Mitzvah – which is truly in the spirit of Chazal’s plan. This year, as in the past, each youngster will create a decorated “receptacle” for the required food items. However, only one package will go home to you – with your child who receives the ESTER. The other “baskets” will be distributed to residents of the Ring House before Purim. By the way, this is not a Halachic endorsement of the permissibility of delivering Mishloach Manos before the day of Purim. We are doing this in order to have our kids “reach out” to others. The project that comes home should be given on Purim.

    • Matanos LaEvyonim – Checks for Od Yosef Chai should be sent to our office. Info about this organizations is