Erev Shabbos o rah School of Greater Washington E.S.T.E.R. 2011-02-13آ  Masmid Gavoha Update ... I enjoyed

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Text of Erev Shabbos o rah School of Greater Washington E.S.T.E.R. 2011-02-13آ  Masmid Gavoha Update ... I...

  • Erev Shabbos Parashas Te’tza’veh February 11, 2011 Licht Bentchen: 5:23 P.M. Volume XVII, Issue 21

    Dear Parents, At the risk of being repetitiously redundant, we will open by very briefly rererementioning our upcoming major event:

    Eighth Annual Chinese Auction Sunday, February 27,

    Beth Sholom 7:00 P.M.

    Need we say more?

    Calendarial Anticipations

    Sunday, February 13 – 5th/6th Shiurim. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, February 15, 16, and 17 – Full post 3:30 line-up, including the first Yoga class of the new session. A flyer with Yoga sign-up info is attached. Tuesday, February 15 – 1st-3rd Berachos Bowl in P.M. Wednesday, February 16 – 4B-6B and 4G-6G Berachos Bees in the A.M. Nut House Pizza. Thanks to all of this week’s in-

    house helpers. Thursday, February 17 – Project Ascent comes again for 5B/5G. Friday, February 18 – Read to Succeed forms are due. Sunday, February 20 – Erev Presidents Day – No Shiurim. Monday, February 21 – Presidents Day – No School. Tuesday, February 22 – Report Cards for 1st-6th will be sent home, G-d willing. Wednesday, February 23 – 2:00 P.M. dismissed. No P.M. Day Care. Evening Conferences for K-6.

    Thursday, February 24 – 10:00 opening.

    Day Care starts at 8:30. 2nd-6th should Daven at home.

    Sunday, February 27 – Eighth Annual TSGW Chinese Auction at 7:00 P.M. at Beth Sholom.

    Sunday, March 6 – Girls’ Choir at Ring House at 10:30 A.M. Our young ladies should Arrive by 10:15 dressed in: Purim Costumes.

    Kindergarten Aleph-Bais Siyumim Tuesday, March 1 – Morah Rochel’s A.M. class. Wednesday, March 2 – Morah Rochel’s P.M. class. Thursday, March 3 – Morah Chani’s class.

    All will start at 9:20 A.M.

    We extend condolences to Leah Verschleisser, upon the passing of her mother, Z’L. May the entire family be comforted among the mourners of Tziyon and Yerushalayim. Leah is sitting Shivah at home (10902 Childs St.) through Motzaei Shabbos and then will continue to sit Shivah in Delaware.

    Coming Home Today Ooroo LaTefillah. Classroom Close-ups by

    Rabbi Feldman. SOVEYA Newsletter. Yoga sign-up form. Olomeinu Commemorative Issue.

    ☺ Simmy Pollock for covering the front desk on Sunday.

    $$””22"" TToorraahh SScchhooooll ooff GGrreeaatteerr WWaasshhiinnggttoonn

    EE..SS..TT..EE..RR.. EErreevv SShhaabbbbooss ““TToorraahh”” EEvveennttss RReeppoorrtt

  • ☺ Mrs. Lisa Solomson, our Librarian, for arranging Ms. Carolyn Reeder’s visit.

    3M Update  This week’s focus on Hakaras HaTov centered on the first words we are to say each A.M.-Modeh Ani.

    Parshathon $ Collection

    Our donations to Chai Lifeline (via the Parshathon) have soared to $8,901.16. We know that more $ is just waiting to be brought in. Please encourage your progeny to do so ASAP.

    We wish a heartfelt Mazel Tov to: Rabbi Menachem and Mrs. Sara Malka Winter and family, upon the marriage of Sara Malka’s sister. May they continue to be blessed with Simachos.

    Adar Ruach Revelation As we are firmly ensconced in Adar I, heading directly towards Adar II and Purim, it is time to inform you of our

    Ruach Day theme and dates: Theme: Things are Popping at the

    Torah School. Date: Monday, March 7, which is the

    first of Adar II. Poster and instructions to follow.

    Masmid Gavoha Update Sixth Grade Boys voluntary out-of-school Talmud Torah points are now up to 10,955 points (which amounts to @182.58 hours). It’s Friday. How Did We Get Here? 

    Monday’s 3rd-6th Grade sessions with author

    Carolyn Reeder were fascinating. Using extensive power point presentations, she spoke about her experiential, interactive research for each of her books. Next week, Mrs. Lisa Solomson’s Classroom Close-ups will give more details of this program. The following is a follow-up email sent by Ms. Reeder:

    Hi, Lisa, I enjoyed every minute of my day at your school and have been singing its praises. There’s a “good feel” to your whole building – it feels like a safe, comfortable place for both kids and adults to work. Thanks so much for inviting me – and for all the planning involved in making the day go so smoothly. --Carolyn

    On Wednesday, all classes enjoyed and learned from the Maryland Science Center’s presentations. Title: Brain Benders. The focus was on discrepant events, defined as: “When you think something is going to happen one way because of everything you’ve learned, but something different happens, not because of magic, but because of science.” (Editor’s Note: Science means the creations of G-d.) The following vocabulary words were prominent in these programs and explained very clearly for our kids: air pressure, logic, scientific method, question, hypotheses, experiment, observe, conclusion, and repeatable.

    3B is “heavily” into the writing trait of voice. The boys were so excited to read aloud their personal selections with the appropriate voice and inflection. They were also quite insightful as they analyzed the voices depicted in assorted readings.

    Coming up on Wednesday is a relatively new Yom Tov: the 100th day of school. Kindergarten uses this opportunity to teach accurate counting from 1-100, as the children bring in bags with a “century” of assorted (rather than sordid) objects.

    The girls in 3G have come up with some very creative Musician of the Week projects that they

  • have presented in music class. Last week, Rachel Morris taught her classmates about a variety of different instruments by creating a poster of her 3G band. She drew a picture of each member of her class and assigned each girl an instrument about which she then continued to teach her class. This past Tuesday, Chaya Deitsch, a native Australian, introduced her classmates to the didgeridoo, an ancient Australian wind instrument. Chaya constructed and decorated her own didgeridoo and then proceeded to play hers for the class.

    Kindergartners are into time, $, and animal habitats. They are really getting excited and ready for the Aleph Bais Siyumim on March 1, 2,and 3.

    1B/G are studying and counting teeth and wrote Tooth Tales. Next week, they will present their research posters on the animals of their choice.

    1B/G have begun their Ke’ri’ah of Megillas Esther project.

    Mrs. Evans’ 2G are making globes and learning the continents

    4G are making Indian crafts (in their study of Maryland’s history) and writing stories about tribes.

    5B have discovered that the length of time of Hashem’s rewards is longer than that of Hashem’s punishments.

    5B/G have started the Revolutionary War (although it ended a long time ago).

    6B/G are interpreting remainders. Problem: How many pizzas should Mrs. Mailman order on Wednesday when the tally of slices is not evenly divisible by eight? They also played bingo and Jeopardy to review their rocks and minerals unit.

    Have a Good Shabbos!


    Rabbi Yitzchak Charner


  • TSGW After-School Sports YOGA SERIES In this After School Sports program, we will continue to explore Yoga poses while learning basic anatomy. This series will encourage strength and flexibility while developing a positive self image. • For 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Girls • Wednesdays, beginning February 16, 2011 • 3:45-4:45pm • 7 Sessions taught by Mrs. Shevi Miller, RYT 200 • $49 PTA members* or $56 for non-members • Space is limited to 15 girls (minimum of 10) The registration form and your check, made payable to TSGW PTA, MUST be submitted by Tuesday, February 15, 2011. Registration will close when 15 girls have registered, or by Tuesday, February 15, 2011, whichever comes first. You will receive a confirmation email when your daughter is registered.


    REGISTRATION FORM CHILD’S NAME ___________________________________ GRADE ________ Daytime Phone #______________________________________________ PTA Member? Y or N Email ______________________________________


  • February 11, 2011

    Classroom Close-Ups Rabbi Shmuel Feldman

    Volume VII, Issue 15

    The classrooms and schools of today look much different from those of the past. The days of the blackboards are gone. No more chalk or banging erasers. Mechanical pencil sharpeners, mimeographs and typewriters are things of the past. All of these things have been replaced with modern day inventions which are so much more practical and efficient.

    As a first and second grade Rebbe, my job is to understand the wants and needs of the boys. Unfortunately, recess for 3 hours a day is just not feasible. Cool stuff (a.k.a technology) is. One of the areas in which I take pride is the incorporation of technology into our daily learning.

    In an article written by Gilbert Valdez, Ph.D., director of North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium entitled Technology: A Catalyst for Teac