Erev Shabbos Parashas Emor 34 Fourth Perek of Pirkei Avos th 2012. 5. 11.آ  Erev Shabbos Parashas Emor

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Text of Erev Shabbos Parashas Emor 34 Fourth Perek of Pirkei Avos th 2012. 5. 11.آ  Erev Shabbos Parashas...

  • Erev Shabbos Parashas Emor 34th Day of Sefiras HaOmer Fourth Perek of Pirkei Avos May 11, 2012 Licht Bentchen: 7:52 P.M. Volume XVIII, Issue 31

    Dear Parents, We open by keeping last week’s promise to provide a recap of Friday’s fourth-in-TSGW-history Grandparents’ Day. From the welcoming reception, to the guided tours, to the classroom visits, to the art projects, to the family portraits, to the luncheon – everything went smoothly and was thoroughly enjoyed by our over 140 visitors. We’ve got lots of people to thank and, hopefully, no one will be left out. We are greatly grateful to our planners, movers, and shakers, Zev Teichman, Julie Vogel, Mrs. Julie Malka, and Becky Langer; our dedicated office staff, Marlene Teichman, Jodi Mailman and Abby Pines; and our cast of volunteers whose presence last week was critical, Yael Azran, Nechamie Fajnland, Rina Eisenberg, Rachie Reingold, Elise Jacobs, Esti Graham, Esti Schwechter, Devora Walter, Ron Kavanagh, Sharon Shimoff, Nancy Weisman, Debra Drang, Ruth Baars, Masha Katz, Elaine Rubin, and Rivka Goldstein. This long list of helpers was put together by Mrs. Miri Gottlieb, and her efforts are also greatly appreciated. Special appreciation goes to Cory Myers for the fantastic, professional pictures and to Melissa Miller and Miri Gottlieb for coordinating this effort. The art projects the kids made with grandparents were very creatively planned and calmly guided by Mrs. Chaya Shinensky. Finally, any Jewish occasion/ celebration needs outstanding food. In this case, it was catered by “Wrap 2 Go” whose proprietors are Azik Schwechter and Chaim Gabay. They also provided munchy chocolate chip cookies for all children in the school (besides the popsicles given to all who were in classrooms). Of course, above all, we thank the Ribbono Shel Olam who constantly graces us with his beneficence.

    Now…….for This Week Our BIGGEST event of the week was today’s Third Annual Math Fair, the brainchild and labor of love of Mrs. Marcia Laundy. The goals are to have the kids participate in hands-on activities that:

     Demonstrate how math is regularly used in the real world (wherever the real world might be).  What is unthinkable to some is true – math can be fun.

    As this is being written before the festivities I will, for the second week running, engage in prophetic prognostication. Hence: Everything went smoothly and well, and everyone made “cents” of Math. For all the work involved, we, of course, thank Mrs. Laundy for the months she put into this program. I believe that, this week, the earliest time she went home was 9:00 P.M. In fact, I told Mrs. Laundy that my favorite aspect of the Math Fair is that I get to do nothing – because she does everything. We also express HaKaras HaTov to Mrs. Malka and our entire Secular Studies staff for their hard work and planning and to all teachers, aides, and parents who assisted today. The design for the t-shirts (which were anonymously and generously donated) is attributable to Shirah Sternfield and her computer. G-d willing, a full detailed report will come to you next week.

    The T-Shirt Design

    $$””22"" TToorraahh SScchhooooll ooff GGrreeaatteerr WWaasshhiinnggttoonn

    EE..SS..TT..EE..RR.. EErreevv SShhaabbbbooss ““TToorraahh”” EEvveennttss RReeppoorrtt

  • A Lad B’Omer Review of Lag B’Omer Yesterday’s Lag B’Omer programs and activities provided a fun-filled, wonderful day for all (including charley-horsed teachers). The festivities started with a 3M (Monthy Middometer Medalist) assembly. We announced the names of those youngsters who were selected for demonstrating full Cooperation with Teachers (this was a major focus of Project Derech) or other Middos we’ve emphasized this year. Many thanks to Rabbi Feldman’s computer for the certificates to be given to: K 2B Neima Edinger Shlomo Y. Fischer Miriam Friedman Gavi Green Elchonon Kasierer Aaron Hallivis Faiga Bracha Winter Samuel Hershenson K Kovi Hochstadt Devorah Leah Fajnland Aharon Pollock Daniella Garfield Yisrael Starkman Elka Green 2B 1G Dovid Gayer Aviva Bracha Azran Doni Mond Gila Azran Chaim Newman Eliana Dunkin Avrami Werner Ellia Ferneau Mordechai Winter Rachelle Kugler 3G Shoshana Savir Eliana Brenner Estie Walls Leah Hirschfeld 1G Rosie Kavanagh Esther Malka Lichtenstein Shaina Koblin Chana Esther Milgraum Bracha Raichik Pessie Mittelman Ruthie Seidemann Leah Spilman 3G Tamar Stiber Tova Katzoff 1B Aviva Kramer Naphtali Tzvi Graham Nechama Kugler Betzalel Komarow Ayala Levin Zev Kreiser Golda Makovoz Chayim Merkin Georgia Michaels Dovid Mond Miri Solomson Meir Orlansky Ruthie Troy 1B 3B Akiva Biberfeld Yehuda Arzouan Jacob Brenner Netanel Belgrade Shimon Hes Rafi Hes Joshua Kotek Efrayim Merkin Moshe Langer Dovie Shimoff Moshe Robinson 4G Sruli Soloff Rivka Rachel Danesh 2G Chaya Elka Fischer Hadassah Edinger Rivka Katz Sara Fajnland Rachel Morris Rivka Tehilla Lichtenstein Ayelet Rosen Priva Milikowsky Sara Slater Tzipora Miller Shira Tanzer Sara Leah Soloff

    4B 5B Beryl Backman Benny Benamou Yitzchak Meir Biberfeld Shalom Bluming Ari Ferneau Yoav Cohn Eyal Fogel Baruch Cortell Yitzhak Graff Yitzchok Shlomo Savir Hershel Katz Aryeh Stiber Ezra Mond 6G Meir Schwartz Mushka Bluming Shlomo Starkman Nessia Ferneau 5G Adena Hawk Tova Leeba Greenspan Nava Krestt Adina Katz Rena Milgraum Ruthie Vogel Avigail Orlofsky Goldie Walls Chana Bracha Reingold 5G Shani Sukol Miriam Edelstein 6B Pessi Rappaport Rachamim Akeeva

    Danesh Raphaella Tenembaum Avi Kavanagh Chavi Weisman Paysach Gedaliah Slater

    Currently, we are continuing our study of basic Halachos of Lashon HaRah. Attached are the two laws we studied this week. Then, we had another outstanding Boys’ Choir concert (watch out, Miami Boys), directed by Rabbi Majeski and accompanied on the keyboard by Mr. Shua Mendlowitz. To top it all off, we had the debut of our Sixth Grade trio of Yosef Kugler, Aryeh Singer, and Chaim Singer. They treated us to an original composition by Aryeh Singer (music by Aryeh, words from Dovid HaMelech). Last evening, they continued their singing tour of Montgomery County by performing at Southeast Hebrew Congregation’s Lag B’Omer celebration. After that, the real fun began. 3B/3G/3G/4G traveled to Centennial Park for hiking and games. 5G/5G/6G visited Wheaton Regional and Brookside Gardens in the A.M., and 2G went to Wheaton Regional in the P.M. 4B, 5B and 6B played baseball (with Rabbi Biberfeld and Rabbi Hoffman showing great form as the designated pitchers) on our campus. K/K/1B/1B/1G/1G/2B/2B/2G were treated to a variety of field day activities, coordinated by Mrs. Woodruff, our P.E. teacher. Included in the fun were an obstacle course, parachute games, a massive tug of war, an inflatable Castle Maze, and more. (Rabbi Lichtenstein told me that he hadn’t had such a workout in a long time.) After the dust settled, everyone went home exhausted and happy. Many thanks to the many drivers/chaperones who made all trips possible.

  • We wish a heartfelt Mazel Tov to:  Ariella Cohn, her parents, Joseph and Debbie, and her entire family, upon her becoming a Bas Mitzvah.  Raanan and Ellen Shames, the Kasierers, and their entire family, upon the engagement of Menachem to Michal Stengel.  Rabbi Danny Kramer, upon his completion of Shas.  Yosef Spilman, his parents, Shira and Eli,and his entire family, upon the occasion of his Upshearin (celebrated yesterday in Rabbi Feldman’s class). May they all continue to be blessed with Simachos.

    Pesach Sheini This past Sunday was Pesach Sheini, which is always on the fourteenth of Iyar. At the time of the Beit HaMikdash, those who were unable to bring the Korban Pesach (Pascal sacrifice) on Passover (for a variety of specific reasons) had a second opportunity to perform this important Mitzvah on this date, approximately one month after the original time. Today, many people have the Minhag of eating Matzah (many save some Matzah Shemurah) on Pesach Sheini.

    Today’s Attachments  Classroom Close-ups by Mrs. Esther Friedman  Classroom Close-ups by Mrs. Sara Crane.  Halachos II and III of our Shemiras HaLashon unit.  6B Raffle info.  Chosen Words.  Letter to Parents of Sixth Grade Boys.  Letter to Parents of Sixth Grade Girls.  Flyer about school pictures.  Letters with Chemdas trips info. We wish a Refuah Shelaimah to:  Avigail Orlofsky’s elbow.  Rani Lipman’s wrist.  Mrs.Crane’s and Nechemia Mond’s grandmother.

    Raffle News The 6G raffle is over, and 6B raffle sales began today.

    APB from Mrs. Elaine Feldman Mrs. Feldman wants to mail the next batch of Box Tops for Education before the end of June. (Some expire on June 30.) Please send them in ASAP.

    Calendarial Anticipations Sunday, May 13 –  Mother’s Day.  5th/6th Shiurim.  Rabbi Samberg’s class. Monday, May 14 –  Chemdas Point Accumulation Deadline.  5B/5G/5G to Ft. McHenry. (Return to school is at 5:00.)  2G to Sandy Spring Museum. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, May 15, 16, and 17 – Full schedule of post-3:30 classes. Tuesday, May 15 – Freed Photographers will be here to take class and individual pictures. In case of rain, we’ll take the pictures on Wednesday, May 16. Wednesday, May 16 –  Nut House pizza. Todah to all in-ho