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ERSC 1F90 Geology and the Environment ERSC 1F90 Fall/Winter 2009-10

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Text of ERSC 1F90 Geology and the Environment ERSC 1F90 Fall/Winter 2009-10

  • ERSC 1F90Geology and the Environment ERSC 1F90Fall/Winter2009-10

  • Instructor: Rick Cheel Department of Earth Sciences Office:Mackenzie Chown D418Phone:905-688-5550 Ext. 3512

  • All course material will be located

  • ERSC 1F90aims to provide:A basic understanding of Earth materials (rocks, minerals, etc.).

    An introduction to plate tectonics and its implications (earthquakes and volcanoes).

    The geological basis for the history of the Earth.

  • Grade DistributionLabs &Assignments30%See Isaak (Sakai) for details.Fall term test10%In-class, Oct. 19 & 21. Last names beginning A to K, Oct. 19. Last names beginning L to Z, Oct. 21. Progress Exam25%Time and location TBAFinal Exam25%Time and location TBAWinter term test10%In-class, March 1 & 3. Last names beginning A to K, March 1. Last names beginning L to Z, March 3.

  • IMPORTANT NOTESCompletion of this course will replace previous assigned grade and credit obtained in ERSC 1F01, 1F95, 1P92 and 1P93.The last day for withdrawal from this course without academic penalty is Friday, Jan. 22, 2010. By that date each student will have had reported to them grades making up at least 40% of all graded material for the course.

  • Got H1N1?If you miss a lab: contact Astride Silis.Dont come to class.See course outline for contact information.If you cannot hand in an assignment: contact Astride Silis.Register your illness at Got Flu.Do NOT contact the professorUNLESS you are missing a test or exam.

  • Lectures topics:Scientific ideas, the history of geology.Atoms, elements and minerals. Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. The origin of the solar system and space objects.

  • Lectures topics:Continental drift: the history of an idea; GeomagnetismModern Plate Tectonics Earthquakes

  • Lectures topics:The Earths climate and its historyVolcanoesFossils and mass extinctionsGeologic timeEarth history: the last 600 million years

  • Check the course web site for material to be covered in any given week of the course.

  • The usual disclaimer.In the event of asignificant asteroid impact:class will be cancelled!

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