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Please have out Computer The Kite Runner Lined Paper/Pens/Highlighters The Kite Runner Unit Guide Homework: Chapters 2-3 annotations (begin journals)


ERWC 2.5.3 Please have out Computer The Kite Runner
Lined Paper/Pens/Highlighters The Kite Runner Unit Guide Homework: Chapters 2-3 annotations (begin journals) Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz
Eligible Students: Log-in to your NoRedInk Account Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz #1 Ineligible Students: Work on NoRedInk Homework When finished, fill-out tracker, and work on annotations! Agenda The Kite Runner Historical Lesson: Hazara/Pashtun
Senior Thesis Topic Brainstorm The Kite Runner Reading Groups Chapter 1 Rhetorical Prcis Chapter 2 annotations Objectives SWBAT: Understand historical information and apply it to their readingof The Kite Runner to enhance analysis Dissect and analyze The Kite Runner for symbolism, theme,diction, characterization, and imagery Begin processing possible thesis topics for Senior Theses Quote Analysis Discuss with a partner what you believe to be the meaningof the following quote: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil isfor good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke Pashtuns and Hazaras Create new doc in Notes folder
Kite Runner Historical Lecture Pashtuns and Hazaras Sociocultural Conflicts in Afghanistan Information provided, in part, by Militant Islamist Ideology: Understanding the Global Threat by Youssef Aboul-Enein Hazara People Persian-speaking people residing in Central Afghanistan(Hazarajat) and Northwestern Pakistan. Predominately Shia Muslims Comprise roughly 19% of population in Afghanistan Hazaras can be found in Iran and Pakistan in large numbers,mostly as refugees; many have been displaced fromhomeland due to social oppression Features of Hazaras Mongoloid in appearance; easily distinguishedfrom neighboring populations Broad faces, flat noses, narrow eye shape,minimal facial hair, and typically shorter inheight Unclear as to what origins are, but EasternTurkic and Mongol descent have beensuggested Location of Hazaras Distinct area for Hazara population in Hazarajat
Mountainous, central areas of Afghanistan Distinct boundaries; travelers are aware when they haveentered into Hazarajat Suggests political boundary for Hazarajat Hazara Origin One of few races on earth for which no origin is clear
Suggested origin is of Genghis Khan (Mongol Warrior of13th Century). Similar language between Hazaras and Mongols Other theory: Buddhists living in Afghanistan from KushanDynasty from 2000 years ago prior to arrival of Islam. Pashtun People Extremely proud people comprising 42% of Afghanistanspopulation (11-12 million) Reside in Eastern and Southern Afghanistan 608 different tribal groups Reputation as a fierce, independent, hot tempered, bold, andfearless people The name Afghan was given to Pashtuns by Persians;means unruliness or upheaval Pashtun Features Caucasians of medium height
Straight noses, black hair, dark eyes(but also instances of blue, green, andgray eyes) Pashtun Origin Origin is also a bit unclear
Legends attest to being descendants of Afghana, grandsonof King Saul (first king of a united Kingdom of Israel andJudah) Scholars suggest Pashtuns arose from intermingling ofancient and subsequent invaders Pashtun Behavior Noted as fierce fighters
Accustomed to hardship and poverty,and are able to prevail in conditionsthat may seem impossible to others Deeply dedicated to religious beliefs,but also cultivate nonreligious culturaltraditions Political Power Political power has always been with the Pashtuns
Afghan means Pashtun; Afghanistan means Land of thePashtuns Pashtuns have traditionally oppressed Hazaras; King AbdulRehman (first Pashtun King, 1893) ordered anti-HazaraProgram, killing thousands of Hazaras and displacingthousands more. Hazaras and Pashtuns Large numbers of Hazaras were displaced to Kabul(Pashtun Region) where they served as serfs and servants Hazaras suffered under rule of the Taliban; completeisolation and neglect (Taliban kept UN from deliveringfood, resources) Severe oppression, ethnic massacres, rapes carried out byPashtun Taliban on Hazara people Hazaras and Pashtuns These human rightsabuses not only occurredin Hazarajat, but acrossall areas controlled by theTaliban. Particularly aftertheir capture of Mazar-iSharif in 1998, whereafter a massive killing ofsome 8000 civilians, theTaliban openly declaredthat the Hazaras would betargeted. Hazara People Pashtun People Hazara Video Homework Read/annotate chapters 2-3
Begin journal entries (typed, MLA format) Thesis Topic Selection
Step 1: List 2-3 ideas you have for a thesis topic (you may select onefrom the packet, or you may come up with your own) *Try to be original and unique!!! Example: Mental illness in the United States Political Apathy Academic disparities amongst racial groups Select one topic to explore
With your selected topic, create three questions that youhave about that overall idea: Example: How have American values changed toward thosewith mental illness in the last 30 years, especially with thedevelopment of modern prescription medication, and isenough being done against the injustice forced upon thisdemographic? Describe your intentions
What do you plan on doing with this project? Write a one-paragraph description of your intentions