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  • Grow Rich Fast.c....

    Running Your Own

    Escort and




  • This edition published by Dash Publishing - September 1996Copyright reserved

    by Anna Lee and Dash Publishing

  • Grow Rich Hast......Running Your OwnEscort and Massage


    By Anna Lee.

    This edition published by Dash Publishing - September 199G.Copyright reserved by Anna Lee and Dash Publishing.

  • Introduction"welcome to the rvorld of the Massage and Escort Agency-- surely one of the rnost exciting and ."*uidirrgbusinesses you can ever get involved il. I know this to bethe case because I have been running my own agency forsome time now and have been reaping huge cash re*a.dsand enjoying every moment of itli -

    First of all let me assure you of a few important facts:-

    This business is perfectly legal


    You really can make a fortune.

    In this book I will give you an exact blueprint from whichto work whilst creating your own agerrcy. Do as I havedone and you should be on the road to rreatth, wealth anclhappiness. In the meantime, if you have any outstandingquestions, not covered in this book, then you can tak6advantage of my advice service - more of thlt later....

    The objective of a an escort and massage agency is toarrange for two people to spend time in each otherscompany - time for which the client is happy to pay for.These arrangements must be carried ;;" with. 'totddiscretion, privacy and confidentiality.

    Your first mission will be to secure a good portfolio ofpeople ready, willing and able to pooride Lscort andmassage servicgs. These people will be working on theirown behalf and will pay you a comrnission foieach job

    Your Own Escort and Mossage Agency

    you secure for them.

    once you have the people you will then need to seekenquiries from potential customers and make all thenecessary arrangements.

    Finally you will want to be paid for your efforts .readon to discover just how this is all done.

  • Basic Organisation.we have discovered that most people looking for thiskind of business are not likely to launch thems"elves fullbore into the project but are generaily more inclined toease their way in over a few months. This is no problemand this book is written with you in mind

    so let us look at what you will need to do or acquire toget started.

    Business Status.unless you are already in business and have a number ofstrings to your bow then you need only consider onesingle business status option - self Employed- on a soleTrader or Partnership basis. There I no need for aLimited company. Being a sole Trader means that youcan discreetly start your business without telling any ofthe authorities, which in turn means that you Jan turnthe business on and off as you see fit.

    Inland Revenue.You may like to take some professional advice on thisissue-- especially if you are about to approach it on a fulltime basis. If y-ou-'le going to ease yor.i way into thingsthen it is probably okay to only inform the InlandRevenue wh'en you are up and running. If you wait tillyou are certain then you will no doubt be in a position toapproach an accountant for advice. If you do not want totake any chances talk to an accountant at an early stageor seek the advice of the Inland Revenue themsllves -they do not bite.

    In the meantime keep a meticulous record of your

    Your Own Escort and Massage Agency

    business expenditure and income. In all cases youshould record the date, amount and nature of all of yourtransactions. Keep all receipts and other documentsbound together for future reference.

    National Insurance.You should apply to your local DSS Contributions office(see Phone Book) to pay class z National Insurancecontributions from the outset. This flat rate payment isdue to them no matter what, as it is not earnings related.Failure to pay it will result in a big bilt somewhere alongthe line or reduced benefits just when you need themmost.

    VAT.Currently the threshold at which you must register forvAT is f,48,000-00 of turnover. I know that this is a greatbusiness to be in but it will be a little while before youare at this stage. In the meantime please do not worry.once you are at this level you will be able to affordprofessional advice.

    Equipment.You do not need very much by way of equipment to runthis business - an extra phone line, answerphone, asimple tiling and record system and that is about it.

    Premises.You do not need any premises either. your home addresswill do nicely - the type of activity you are about toindulge in will probably mean that you will not needplanning permission - in fact nobody need know whatyou are doing if you do not want to tell them. If yourbusiness starts to become busier and activity aroundyour home address starts to be noticed you may well

  • Bank Account.You will not need a special business bank account unressyou have a burning desire to have one. An ordinarypersonal account will do as all your earnings can be inyour own personal name. Try and use just orr" singleaccount and designate it as your .,Business Account,,This way you get free banking and ail of yo"r-n"rinesstransactions rg \"pt separate from your persorr"l affairs.Your staff will be p"ying you commission - not thegeneral public so it is perfeitly reasonabre to exfect aIpayments to be made in .your personal name.Stationery.You can get by without it but I would recommend thatyou -really ought to get some business cards,compliments slips and 1ette_rheads printed - they will doyour business image a world of gold. To help v"" withthis we have arrarrged a special dlscount on a top qualitybusiness stationery start-up package - see yourapplication at the back of the book. Ifyou want to betaken seriousl5, in your new business then these items areabsolutely essential - without them uou will lack thecredibility that is often needed to orrl..o-e resistancefrop potential advertising sources, suppliers, customersand staff - and is a worthwhile investment.

    Business Name.choosing a business name is very important. In almostall cases it is advisable to call your self by " i"*irrirr"

    Your Own Escort and Massage Agency

    need to take some advice as to whether or not you shouldseek planning permission, change of use t. a localauthority licence. T'hese rures

    "Jr be totaily differentfrom one council area to a,other so it is imiossible togeneraLise.

    Your Own Escort and Massage Agency

    sounding name or title rather than a masculine one.Alternatively you need to choose a name with a definiteerotic feeling - use your imagination.

    Staff.To begin with you should be able to run this businesswith little or_ no staffing. Eventually you may wish toemploy people to man the phonei ind even have amanager to oversee them - but to begin with you need totry and keep the business neatly within the family circle.

    Try and keep_ a nice tight grip on the business - yourcustomers will appreciate the personal touch - we aU liketo talk to the organ grinder and not the monkey - it makesus feel important.


    Decided Upon Business Status.Set Aside a Bank Account.'fold (or not) The Inland Revenue and DSS.Decided upon a Business Name / organised stationeryOrganised Your Home Office - Such As It Is.

  • Getting Set [Jp.

    Where to start

    wherever you have decided to set up your business youwill need to_get set up before you commence trading.Mo_st people I know run their escort business from homeand it is likely that you will do the sarne, so I will try andproceed on this basis.

    I would recommend that you have an extra telephoneline installed in your homeioffice to handle this business.This allows you to neatly compartrnentalise yourbusiness weil a\,vay from yorri home life.

    Invest in a g.ood quality cordless phone and answeringmachine - this will allow you -"*irrrrm flexibiltty.

    You may also like to take advantage of some of the otherservices offered by BT which *ill make your businessrun smoother and appeu more professionil....

    CaItr Divension.You can have all calls diverted to another numberanywhere in the country. This can be done for all calls orjust those that your main number has not answeredwithin a set number of rings. This is a great service but itcan turn out to be_-expensive as you ir* puying for thediverted call as well ai the customer.

    Call Waiting.This service hold your waiting caller and informs youthat you have a call waiting. you can then back out of the

    Your Ovvn Escort and Massoge Agency

    c_all you are on and take the new call. This helps preventthe loss of business you get when you can not answer thephone because you are busy with a client call orwhatever.

    Answerphone.Record a nice message on the machine - it is best if thisis a female voice rather than male - most of yourcustomers will be men. Not many will want to leave amessage but your announcement can include details asto when you expect to be back on-line.

    Post Office Box.This is an essential item as you will want to maintain adegree of privacy in this business. A post office Boxgffels this privacy to a degree - the Royal Mail willdisclose the box owner if asked - but luckily not manypeople realise this and so the question is ru."ly asked.

    You can get details on opening a p o Box from your localDelivery office or a Post office counters branin. n'"iti.rgthat look up "Royal Mail customer services" in th;phone book.

    At the time of printing a P o Box costs s0.00 per year forthe box and a further s0.00 if you *".rt the maildelivered to your home address

    Personal Computer and printer.whilst a PC is not essential to this business you may findit handy for writing correspondence, keeping ru"ord, andaccounts. If you cannot afford one then pleus* do notworry - you can manage without one. If you are lookingfol 1 cheap source for machines then it may be worthtalking to Radio Rentals and similar outfits - you can

  • Your Own Escort and Massage Agency

    Iease a PC and printer for around fso.00 per month.


    The Law.

    Before we go any further I would like to talk briefly aboutour understanding of the law as is stands at this time.

    Please note the following:-

    A/ It is not an offence to perform a massage nor is itillegal for your to act as an r.gent to secure massage workfor your masseurs.

    B/ It is not an offence to perform escort duties - nor toorganise such arrangements.

    Cl h is not an offence to perform sexual acts in return forfinancial remuneration - though it is an offence to solicitfor business.

    D/ It is an offence toprostitution. If moreproperty at the samebrothel.

    El It is an offenceknowingly allow theThis would be living

    use a property for the purposes ofthan one girl is working in thetime - this would be classed as a

    for the owner of a property toproperty to be used as a brothel.

    off immoral earnings.

    tr/ Any agency that promotes itself in such a way as toinfer sexual liaisons could be accused of controllingprostitution.

    It therefore follows that your agency must merely accepta commission from its masseurs and escorts for having


  • Your Ovvn Escort and Masslge Agency

    secured them work in that capacity on their ,*"premises or those of the client. wrr"t goes on betweenthe two consenting adults thereafter is down to them andthem alone. As {ar as you are concerned yo, *rrr"S;d t}r"meeting for perfectly legal purposes.If you are in any doubt at all regarding the legality of yourproposed activities, please t"uk teg-fu advice from theoutset. It pays to be careful.

    Recruitment.To get your agency up and. runningrecruit as many escorts and *"rr*rrrishortest possible space of time.

    fast you need toas you can in the

    The only way to do this is to place adverts in localpapers, magazines and wherever else you see either otheragencies or the girls advertising already.

    At this point ygu may want to decide if you wish to haveboth male and female operatives on your books. Thechoice is yours - most of the v'ork you will find will befor girls though some male work #iu occur every nowand then.

    You must careful"ly word your adverts - remember youwill be working for them rather than them ro, yo,, andyour adverts should reflect this fact.


    Leading, established escort/massoge agency invitesapplications from attractive femal\s/*ile, *ho wishto be included in our prestigiou, portfolio for btookingsin all areas of ....... Age ,na uipurirnce immaterial.Please phone,,,.,..,

    You will receive a good number of replies - just as long asyou have advertised in the correct media. Not all of thereplies will be genuine. You will receive hoax calls, callsfrom competitors and possibly even the local vice iquad.You have nothing to worry about as long as you followthis advice. Every one who phones will bJt.ying ioj"ag*



  • Your Own Escort and Massage Agency

    whether or not you are a proper agency - it is importantto have all your setting up over urd done with before youstart advertisirg.

    Typical questions you will be asked by callers....

    Q: What wiII I have to do?

    A: Perform massages and Escort duties with selectedclients. You do not have to do anything you do not wantto do.

    Q: How much do I charge / earn?

    A:- That is an arrangement between you and the clientand generally it depends on how long you are with them.

    You may be asked a number of questions as to how thesystem works and so on - once you have completed thisbook you wilt know the answers in detail. In themeantime most of the questions you will hear willrevolve around the two themes abovL.

    You should now try and amange a meeting. Ask for theapplicants name

    -"nd phone number - r"yirg that youwill get back to them. The genuine amongst them willgive you this information r,vhilst the weirdo's,competitors etc. will fade away.

    Hang up bql then ring straight back - "sud denlyremembgring" that you have some spare appointmentsand would they like to arrange to see you?

    T.y and amange the interview at the applicants homeaddress - if this is okay do not go alon*-- t*k. someone

    Your Own Escort and Massoge Agency

    else (preferably female) along with you.

    At the interview explain about the agency, assure themthat &ge, race, looks etc. are not relevant and that there iswork available for every one.

    some will already be working in their own right. You willneed to convince them that joining the agency willprovide them with good quality, protected bookings,regular work and much mc re - all correred by u simplecontract.

    Explain that you usually secure one of three types ofbooking:-

    a/ Bookings whereby a client visits the operatives place ofworVhome.

    b/ Visits to the clients premises or a hotel.

    c/ Longer term bookings lasting several days or weeks.

    If the applicant appears to be interested then it is time tointroduce the contract itself.

    A sample contract is reproduced overleaf.Specimen Contract.

    U All representatives shall forward all commissions dueto the agency at the earliest possible posting time.

    2/ No commissions due to the Agency shall be retainedby the representative for more than 24 hrs except forweekends.


  • Your avvn Escort and Massage Agency

    3/ All representatives shall notify the agency daily as towhen they are available for bookings.

    4l AII representatives shall notify the agency at thetermination of each appointment.

    5. Any extended appointments are to be reported to theagency.

    6. Representatives are not obliged to disclose thehappenings or events during an appointment.

    7l Any gratuities remain the property of therepresentative and need not be reported to the agency.

    B/ Representatives are required to be clean, presentable,punctual and respectful to clients at all times.

    9/ All representatives are required to uphold the goodname of the agency at all times.

    101 Representatives are not to disclose personaltelephone numbers to the client except by prioragreement by the agency.

    1,1,1 The agency reserves the right to conduct random spotchecks to ensure compliance of this contract.

    1,21 Schedule of commissions. The representative agreesto pay the following commission leveLs:-

    (Insert agreed terms)


    Your Own Escort and Masszge AgencY

    Have read the above terms and conditions and agree toabide by them at all times.

    Signed. .. ....Date..

    Signed on behalf of theagency. .....Date

    Once you have agreed and signed the contract you needto complete a Personal Details Form in some detail. Probeeach qlestion so as at to get a good feel for what theoperative wants from the arrangement, their iimitationsurra so on. The more you know about them the betterservice you will provide for both them and the clients.

    16 17

  • Your Owm Escort and Mossoge Agency

    Explanation of Contract.

    L/ Payments must reach the p o Box or be delivered byhand as soon as possible and within 24hrsas per item 2.

    2l Self explanatory.

    3. This is to encourage the staff to ring you every day tolet you if they are available for work o, not and if so,during which times. If they do not phone in then you willnot make any bookings for them.

    4l operatives are encouraged to calr in for safety reasons3"+ also to pick up any more work that may have comein for the same area.

    5/ some clients witl want to extend their appointmentbeyond the original a-greement. This is fine

    "r tt"g as the

    operative rings to tell you and honours all other workcommitrnents.

    6l The agency does not want toduling the appointment. The onlyif the client clearly shows himseifto that or any other operative.

    7l The agency does not want to know exactly how muchan operative earns from the appointment.

    B/ Self explanatory

    9/ Self explanatory.

    10/ This is to prevent clients getting hold of the girlsdirect number in the hope thit th*y can avoid glirrg

    know what went onexception to this beingto be a potential threat

    1B 19

    Your Ovvn Escort and Massage Agency

    through the agency. Girls may do this for the samereason. Any operative found to be doing this will bedismissed from the agency. All operatives should arrangefor BT to block the transmission of their telephonenumbers on the_141 system. you may allow trusted girlsto ignore this rule.

    1,1,1 You can spot check by priming a trusted friend orclient to try and make a booking diiect with the girls orby trying to get the girls phcne number. This shouid onlybe done if you suspect a girl of cheating.

    The signature should be witnessed by you and proof ofactual address is to be seen.

  • Personal Details Form.

    Actual NameProfessional NameAddress

    ....Post CodeHome Phone ....MobileAge .....Vital StatisticsHeight .......Weight ...ColourVehicle ......Reg. NoDays /rvailableHours AvailableMales .Females..... ....BothEscort .Massage .....Passport..... .......WilIing to Travel.....Home Visits .....Visiting .Other Information

    Your Own Escort and Massage Agency

    Personal Details Form - Explanation.

    You should ensure that all the details on this form arecompleted as accurately as possible. Obviously a gooddescription of the operative is important as you will bewanting to match her to your clients requirements. Apicture is also very handy.

    I Home and mobile phone numbers are essential to ensureI that you can contact the giris as and when you need to.I Car details are required as an aid to security should you

    ever need to go to the assistance in the event of abreakdown or whatever.

    If the girls has a passport you will need to find out if sheis willing to go abroad during the course of her work.

    You will also need a good idea of when they are mostoften available and in what hours. AIso, will they allowclients to visit their premises and are they huppy to go toplaces of the clients choosing.

    Do not pre-judge any applicant. The most unlikely ofpeople will want to do this job whilst some dead certswill not come through. You wiII find married, engaged,unemployed, professionals, students etc. etc. - all quitewilling and huppy to do this type of work



    20 21

  • Your Own Escort ond Massage Agency

    Advertising Your Services.Initially thg only way to effectively promote yourservices is through advertising in the locil press in oneform or another. you *rrri conduct a iareful testcampaign and try to assess where your adverts enjoy themost success.

    some papers and magazines have no objection tocarrying this type of advertising whirst some will nottouch it. some will take it witLout checking a thing,whilst others will want to check you over. It is now thatyour supply of letterheads and other stationery becomesa worthwhile investment. If you have an accountant orsolicitor they may want to check with them as well. Mostof these checks will be in regard to your financial statusrather than anything else.

    "what's on" style magazines are a good place to advertiseas they are invariably distributed around hotels andguest houses which are good sources of business.

    costs will vary but you should carefulry monitor resultsto ensure that you are getting value for money.

    "contact" and other top shelf magazines provide a goodplace to advertise - even though they have natLnalfootprint they witl be read in youi area.

    Advert wording is very important...see the examplebelow. Try and make your advert stand out amongst iheothers if you can.

    The .....Agency has new and attractive girls available

    for escortavailableenquiries

    and massage. All ages and nationalitiesfor home, hotel or just for company. AIItreated in utmost confidentiality. please call

    Sophie on

    Answering Calls.Having formed your company, got all your equipment inplace, recruited your staff and placed your adverts youare ready to start earning money.

    The single most crucial element to your success or failureis how you answer the phone when the enquiries start tocome in.

    clearly, you may be very nervous and are bound to makea few mistakes the first few times but please do not worry- confidence and professionalism will come withpractice.

    You will be asked a variety of different questions eachtime someone callsbut the common thread is as follows:-

    Q: Hello, I'm phoning about your advertisement. who doyou have available?

    This is a very open question which you need. to narrow itdown a bit..

    A: Do you wish the young ladyl man / whatever to corneto you or will youwant to visit them?

    This quickly recluces the choice. Then ask...


  • Your Own Escort and Massage Agency

    Which area are you in or what area do you want to visit?

    What age of lady / chap would you prefer.

    Do you prefer black or white, brunette, blond etc.?

    This line of questioning will quickly reduce the choice ofoperatives leaving you with the job of describing the girlsyou have that fit his criteria.

    Most clients will want to visit the operative in question.Next in popularity is the client who wants the girl to visithim at home and finally the client who wants a visit tohis hotel.

    When you have decided between you which girl hewants the next question to watch for is:-

    Q: How much does she charge.

    Your reply must always be that you have no idea whatthe charges are and that the matter is down to the clientand the girl to decide. You can advise that the chargedepends upon what services he requires and the durationof the meeting. You must never get involved in talkingprices.

    'f'he next question is always tricky:

    Q: Can I have her phone number then?

    If you know that the girl does not mind her number beinggiven and you trust her, and have agreed with her that itis okay - give the number. If you do this, you may be ableto keep tabs on the initial meeting but you will be relying

    Your Own Escort and Massage AgencY

    on the girls to honestly report to you if any furtherbookingJ "t" made with that client.

    Most will try andcheat the system whenever they can - do not say youhave not been warned!

    Tell your girls to report in any meetings made by clientsintroduced by your agency and let them know that theywiII not get any mole work from you if they are caughtcheating.

    Try and get the clients phone number. Often they will beless than keen to give it. If they want a hotel visit thenyou must insist on a number and decline the booking ifthey refuse to give one.

    After you have been operating a short while you wiIIcome to recognise your regular customers. They willcome through you for peace of mind and securityreasons. Very soon you will have a client base most ofwhom you will know by first name terms.

    Remember - if you can get a w'oman to answer the phonesand make the bookings all the better.

    In all cases you must remain calm, courteous andprofessional - this is what is expected of you and youmust deliver.

    24 25

  • Making Bookings.

    Having followed the procedures in the previous pagesyou now have to secure the bookings, as follows:-

    1l If the client wishes to visit an operative at home thenyou must disclose the name and address, secure anappointed time and ensure that you have at least a firstname - even if it is false - from the client. You then passthis information on to your operative so that she can keepthe appointment.

    2l If the client wishes the operative to visit him at hishome you firstly require his full name and address beforeconfirming. You should then phone BT DirectoryEnquiries and ask for the number of Mr X at the addressyou were given. If the reply is the same as the numberyou have then it is likely that the booking is genuine andyou can confirm the booking by ringing the customer. IfBT tell you that the number is ex-directory you at leastknow that the address is correct. If there is no trace thereis a high chance that the call was a hoax.

    If you are happy you then pass on the details to the girlconcerned.

    3/ For hotel bookings you need the clients real name,hotel name and the room number. You or your operativecan then ring the hotel and ask for Mr X in room 123 etc.- once he answers you can confirm the booking.

    Hotel bookings can be problematic as they are primehoaxers territory. A client may also phone on route to thehotel or from elsewhere. In these cases vou will need to

    Your Own Escort and Massage AgencY

    only provisionally book the appointment and firm it uponce you are able to speak to the client in his actualroom.

    Another hoax is for a supposed client to "phone fromreception" asking you to send a girl to room 1"23 at 10o'clock by which time he will be there having finishedhis dinnel. You should phone the hotel and ask for theclient by his given name. If they say that they do not haveany body by that name in room 123 then you know it wasa bogus call. If they tell you that Mr X is not in the roomthen you can be 75o/o certain that the booking is a goodone. It may be worth asking the receptionist to page thecustomer and when he answers apologise for theintrusion but could he just confirm the time of thebooking.

    On each of these occasions the client will need to talk tothe girl to discuss charges etc. You must train your girlsto quote a single price and to resist the temptation tobreak it down into petrol, agency fees etc. This wouldalmost certainly stand the chance of the client decidingagainst the booking or trying to haggle off the fee!!Clients will b,ry a fixed price but will try and knock offbits they can identify as "extla" to their core interests.

    26 27

  • Commissions.As I have mentioned before you are working on behalf ofyour operatives to secure them booking,

    ".rd as such you

    are due a commission for this service. irr* actual level ofcomrnission

    -can vary from one area of the country to

    another but the following guiderines usually ^ppryi

    f,20.0o minimum commission for a booking of an hour orless in duration.

    10.00 per additional hour up to a maximum of s0.00.

    f109.00 per duy if a client books a girl for escort dutiesby the d"y for work out of the

    "orrrtiy.You must impress upon the girls that these payments aredue as per the agreement they have signed- do.rrr" thatyou write the agreed commission rateslnto the contract.You do not want to be chasing them for the *o.r.*y --theyshould send it in or deliver it on the nail. ir theyconsistently fail to do so, start easing back on the workthey do and give it to someone else. d ,o,, become moreand more successful girls will want to work for you andthe problem will ease off a bit.


    This business really does not require a lot of recordkeeping. A large, page per day diarv is probably the mainrequirement. On the page for the relevant day )iou shouldkeep a record of all the appointments programmed for the_duy. You can then tick them off as

    -th; girls phone in

    letting you know that they have completed the booking.See example '7Y'

    As you confirm a bookin_g you can transfer the bookingsonto booking forms which can then be used to record thereceipt of the commissions from the girls. See example,,Brr.

    Keep all the booking forms together in one file andremove them gnly when the money has been paid. Keepall these paid forms in a separate fiie. Remembir to chaslall unpaid commissions -

    These records could easily be kept on a simplespreadsheet program in your pc if yo,r.hurre one.

    The only other essential record is a simple ledger listingyour income and expenditure on separate sheeti. you canbrry any number of accounts books from stationers tohelp you with your records - equally a simple pcaccounts program usually comes with most homecomputers.


  • Your Own Escort and Massage Agency Your Own Escort and Massage Agency

    /dratzo d/4d Safnre

    Daso arad Sartil

    ?dz/ dad Zut*

    Exarnple '1T'

    Tuesday 20th December.

    / Z,Oofr,to

    I ,Sopr,to







    I l.OOFru

    / l.3Ofr,to













    Client Name /drdza Operatives Name: Safnre.

    Booking Address *ua

    Tel. No. 01234 5679?0

    Appointment Time ?Z.OOp*u.

    Commission Due (amount) y'?O.OO

    Commission Paid ?y'ea. '?Aedo, Zlat Deaorodeu




    Example (38')

    Booking Forms.

    1oao, 20il De,qncia l??5

    ?*eo, ?OcA De*nlrcn l??5

    Datre Operatives Name Sd,,ratqtnrye aad Kdrlq

    gd/(,ar4d Kdre

    Booking Address Sard

    Tel. No. 01234 543210

    Appointment Time l.Sopro

    Commission Due (amount) .#O.OO

    Commission Paid

    /a,* dt d eddrilatte

    8a4 d4d Aoa.

    Kero dr4d y'aq,a'e

    W aad Das*o

    Rryen a"d ?Tataala


  • Company flevelopment.once you have been running your agency successfully inyour own area it may be that you will feel inclined toexpand into neighbouring areas. you could do this byopening your own branches or expanding youradvertising base to take in the target ur.i. Alteriativelyyou could advertise in the rele.runi*"dia for someone torun a sub-agency in that area for themselves - inpartnership with you.

    This is by far the most plausible option, as it is hard workto run more than one area without a good deal of helpfrom a business minded person.

    You-can go about this in several ways. you could set upthe business so that you get a percentage share of thecommissions ,-" exchange for you giving the agent asmuch help and guidance as he needs-.

    Alternatively you could maintain almost completecontrol Uy setting himup in his area at your expense in terms of cost andgxperience. You train him ho* to run the business justlike you do. You hglp him recruit the staff, place all theadverts for hirn and set him. to work"

    The key thing is to ensure that all commission paymentsare sent to you at your po Box. you then ask the agent tosubmit his booking sheets once a week and you chJck themoney received- against his log. you then pay the agentaround Zsyo of the commission for his efforis. He will behappy because he has had no risk to speak of.

    Your Own Escort and Massoge Agency

    You could leave it at that but this would be a sure fireway for him to set up his own business once he feltconfident enough to do so. The way to get round this isto retain the remaining TS% commission and use it to payall expenses directly attributable to that sub-agency. yourare then left with a profit which is shared. so:so with thesub-agent. Ary sensible agent would be huppy withthat!!

    If you would like to become a sub-agent for Anna Leeplease write to us clo Dash publishi"s. Give us a briefoutline as to your current situation, location andcircumstances and we will get back to you if we feel thatwe_can hel-n. Please be sure to include a phone numberand a 1st class, self addressed envelope for the reply.

    Advice Service.It would be nigh gl impossible to tell you absolutelyeverything you will need to know to run your newagency in one single book. The business i, a littledifferent in every part of the country and there so manyvariations on the theme that are only limited by yourimagination and local circumstances.

    To overcorne this problem we offer you an Advice servicefor a whole year from the date that you purchased thisbook. All you need to rlo in order to tate advantage of thisservice is to write in to the address below wlth yourquery. Please be as specific as possible - vague or bioadquestions can only prornpt similar replies. pLase enclosea 1st class, stamped addressed envelope with your query.

    we really ao try and reply within a few days. please bearin mind that your letter has to find its way from Dash


  • Your Own Escort and Massoge Agency

    Publishing to the author which can cause a few daysdelay at times.

    You can write as often as you like with valid problems.Please do not phone Dash Publishing as they will not beable to help you - letters are the only way I am afraid.

    Send your queries to:-

    Dash PublishingP O Box22PlynnstockPlyrnouthPLS zYZ

    Bigger Profits..c..,

    As we explained earlier in this book the vast majority ofbookings are made for the client to go to the operativesIocation. The reasons for this are pretty obvious - mostcustomers want to get away from their homeenvironment during these moments and do not want togo to the extra expense of paying for a hotel room orwhatever.

    We know that a successful and popular masseuse,working from her own base should be able to do a regular10 bookings per day. But just as some of the clients wouldrather meet away from home, then so it is with the girls.Some sirnply cannot work from home, other do not wantto for a number of reasons.

    As we tried to overcome this problem we discovered away in which you can increase your profits several fold.You simply place an advert in the same places that youadvertise your services normally, which reads like this.....

    Young, attractive masseuse requires workingaccommodation LrL xyz area. Please phone Sophie on.......

    Sophie will be someone from your organisation - andpreferably on a separate number to your business.

    When we placed this adrrert we were swamped withoffers of every conceivable type of accommodation.

    We eventually narrowed the list dor,'vn to 10 or so andafter inspecting each property, we selected half a dozenthat were suitable. We then passed on the details to our

    34 35

  • Your Own Escort and Massage AgencY

    operatives - all of whom found somewhere from which towork.

    This extra capacity meant that we could recruit moregirls who were previously barred because of the lack ofaccon)modation and it obviously meant that we attractedmore and more new customers and more visits from theregulars.


    If you go down this route you need to be a bit careful....

    1/ Never, ever put youl name to the accommodation....itmust always be a deal between the girl and the landlord'

    2/ Assure the landlord that they are not likely to get freeservices from the girls for providing the accommodation- they will be paid a rent - and not in kind'

    3/ Advise the girls and the landlords to sign a simpleagreement - see examPle.

    4/ Never allow two or more girls to operate from the sameaddress at the same time.

    The rental payable should be fair and attractive to allparties. fl14.00 per day is a good starting point. or youiould pay the landlord per completed appointment atfls.00 or so per booking - this is very attractive to the girlsand the landlord can perhaps earn fl50.00 per day on thisbasis.

    As you will see, by adopting this method you will get far*oie operatives into the system, earning far more moneythan before and therefore boosting your profits.


  • Sample Contract.

    Housg Rulgs For Part Occupancy of ........................

    1. For health and safety reasons a non-smoking policy ispreferred.

    2. Only one overnight guest is allowed.

    3. No parties.

    4. Any items of fixtures and fittings which may be brokenmust be replaced with a similar type and value of item.

    5. Rental paid calendar monthly in arrears

    6. A minimum of 4 weeks notice to terminate occupancymust be given by either party.

    Have read the house rules and regulations for theoccupancy ofand I agree to abide by them

    Financial terms as follows:-

    Weekly rate f,7O.OOCalendar Monthly rate {280.00

    These rates are deemed to be inclusive of all charges forheat and iight, water and sewage, use of television andother services. I understand that all telephone chargeswill be passed on at cost.

    Date sub-tenancy is to commence.



    Witnessed by.

    Note:- This agreement can be adiusted to your needs.

    3B 39

  • Your Own Escort and Massage Agency