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  • 2015 by The Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    The Challenges The ability to share files using consumer-oriented, public-cloud services has become mainstream. The problem with these public cloud solutions is that they were designed for synchronizing pictures, music, and personal documents, not business dataso data security was not an essential part of the design spec. When employees use these services for storing and sharing business data, it exposes the sensitive (and sometimes regulated) data that businesses depend on to the risks of data loss, leakage, and even malware attacks. ESG research indicates that for both current and potential users of any type of online file sharing (OFS), security was by far the top most-cited concern.1 Other key challenges included employees continuing to use their own solutions and integration with current IT tools and applications.

    Figure 1. Online File Sharing Challenges: Current and Potential Users

    Source: Enterprise Strategy Group, 2015.

    1 Source: ESG Research Report, Online File Sharing and Collaboration: Deployment Model Trends, February 2014.













    0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%

    MigraWng data into the service

    IntegraWon with our exisWng IT tools and applicaWons

    Employees conWnuing to use their own soluWons

    File size limitaWons restrict our use cases

    Training users on new tools and processes

    Security concerns

    Challenges current users have experienced with and concerns poten6al adopters have about corporate OFS accounts. (Percent of respondents, mul6ple responses accepted)

    Current OFS users

    PotenWal OFS Users

    ESG Lab Review

    Secure, Scalable File Sync and Share: Citrix ShareFile Enterprise on EMC Isilon Storage Date: August 2015 Author: Kerry Dolan, Lab Analyst

    Abstract: This ESG Lab Review documents hands-on testing of a joint solution for enterprise file sync and sharing that combines Citrix ShareFile with EMC Isilon scale-out storage. These two products provide a better together solution for organizations looking for secure, highly scalable enterprise file sync and sharing (EFSS) that meets employee feature/function needs while delivering simplified IT management, higher security, and non-disruptive scalability.

  • ESG Lab Review: Secure, Scalable File Sharing Solution: Citrix ShareFile on EMC Isilon 2

    2015 by The Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    Consumer solutions provide the functionality and ease of use that users wantand are now quite familiar withbut without the security and protection that businesses require. And as long as typical business files are stored only in NAS arrays and document repositories, with restricted access and lack of share-ability, end-users will continue to use public, unprotected solutions.

    Another challenge is the huge growth in file data that continues to strain NAS systems. Managing data growth is perennially among the top three most-cited IT priorities, according to ESG research,2 making it essential that enterprise file sync and sharing solutions scale easily. Also, large files such as video, images, and x-rays, etc. are increasingly cumbersome to access via technologies like FTP. Access to large files can be difficult unless the user is collocated with the infrastructure storing these files. In addition, users want mobile access to data in network shares, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, ECM systems, and other repositories from any device and from any location; with traditional file sync and sharing solutions, data in these repositories must be physically moved into a different infrastructure silo to be available for mobile access and synchronization.

    Better Together Solution: Citrix ShareFile Enterprise on EMC Isilon Two industry leaders have teamed up to offer a joint solution for enterprise file sync and sharing (EFSS) requirements that stores data on-premises, and is simple to manage and deploy, resilient, and easy to scale. Citrix ShareFile Enterprise on EMC Isilons private cloud deployment enables secure, on-premises access to data from anywhere, on any device, delivering both the features that users demand, and the security, scalability, and management that IT needs. File data remains behind the corporate firewall with locally controlled encryption keys, IT accountability, and latency-free access. The result is an EFSS solution that reduces risk, improves performance, and ensures regulatory compliance.

    Citrix ShareFile

    Citrix ShareFile is a secure data sync and sharing application with flexible storage options that enable IT to mobilize enterprise file data. ShareFile enables mobile productivity with read-write access to data, workflows, and collaboration, allows users to securely share files with anyone, and enables file syncing across multiple devices. The ShareFile Control Plane is hosted in a secure, SSAE-16-certified Citrix data center and managed as a service, performing tasks such as user authentication, access control, reporting, and brokering. No customer data traverses the control plane.

    ShareFile StorageZones functionality provides options for where data is stored (in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid deployment), offering optimal performance by enabling IT to store data in close proximity to the user. This joint solution with EMC Isilon is designed for the added security of customer-managed, on-premises StorageZones that support any CIFS-based network share. Data is encrypted at rest using customer-managed encryption keys.

    A key part of the customer-managed StorageZone is the StorageZone Controller, a physical or virtual Windows-based web service that handles all HTTPS operations from users and the control plane and enables mobile device access. StorageZone Connectors built into ShareFile web, desktop, and mobile clients enable organizations to mobilize data in network drives, Microsoft SharePoint sites, and enterprise content management systems as well as ShareFile data. These connectors enable secure access to the on-premises repositories behind your firewall, providing the ability to download files to a mobile device, view, edit, and save back to the original location (including SharePoint check-in/check-out).

    ShareFile desktop integration with the native Windows Explorer and Macintosh Finder ensure a familiar experience for the user. Data in the ShareFile client My Files and Folders folder can be synced automatically or on-demand. Integration with Active Directory and support for SAML 2.0 provide seamless authentication to ensure corporate security and simplify user provisioning.

    Other enterprise features include:

    Robust security. ShareFile capabilities that can be configured based on data sensitivity include data encryption, selective remote wipe, device locking, passcode protection, whitelisting/blacklisting for apps and

    2 Source: ESG Research Report, 2015 IT Spending Intentions Survey, February 2015.

  • ESG Lab Review: Secure, Scalable File Sharing Solution: Citrix ShareFile on EMC Isilon 3

    2015 by The Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    web sites, access control configuration, and data expiration policies. IT reporting and auditing on files, folders, and users help to maintain compliance and corporate governance policies.

    Microsoft Outlook plug-in. This enables users to convert attachments into links to simplify sharing of large files without clogging up the network. Employees can download the plug-in themselves and easily customize the settings. For example, by configuring e-mails to use ShareFile links for files above a certain size threshold, organizations can offload those tasks from Exchange servers and still enable large file access. The Outlook plug-in also provides data tracking ability with the option to require login to access these files.

    Mobile client in-app editing. On the mobile client, a built-in document creation and editing capability allows users to create, edit, and save Microsoft Office documents and annotate PDF files, while restricting third-party editors that create unsecured file copies.

    EMC Isilon EFSS Storage Solution

    One essential component of a successful private cloud EFSS solution is a storage infrastructure that scales quickly, easily, and non-disruptively. File data volumes residing in corporate data stores are growing exponentially with no sign of let up, and users need access via any device from any location. The additional devices and more frequent access place a greater burden on the storage infrastructure. This has a direct impact on the user experience: if adding capacity and provisioning users for your corporate EFSS solution are intrusive and time-consuming, users will avoid using it. It is simply too easy for them to whip out a credit card and grab capacity from a public cloud providernegating the privacy, security, and control benefits of the private cloud.

    EMC Isilon storage was designed to ensure simplicity, performance, flexibility, and scalability while ensuring data protection and security for unstructured file data. These features make EMC Isilon a beneficial foundation for EFSS solutions. Isilon is a modular, scale-out NAS system, so when you add nodes you increase both capacity and throughput, ensuring that bandwidth doesn't create a bot


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