Estereo Xtrail Clarion Pp-2617t

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Clarion Co., Ltd.50 Kamitoda, Toda-shi, Saitama 335-8511 Japan Service Dept.: 5-66 Azuma , Kitamoto-shi, Saitama 364-0007 Japan Tel: +81-48-541-2335 / 2432 FAX: +81-48-541-2703

Published by Service Dept. 298-6123-00 Oct.2003 Printed in Japan

Service ManualNISSAN Automobile Genuine AM/FM Radio Cassette With In-dash 6CD ChangerModel

(Genuine No. 28188 EQ200) (ID No. CH350)Model


(Genuine No. 28188 9Y900) (ID No. CH360)Model

PN-2617D PN-2617I

(Genuine No. 28188 9J400) (ID No. CR04A)

SPECIFICATIONSRadio sectionTuning system: Receive range: PLL frequency synthesizer FM 87.5MHz to 107.9MHz AM 531kHz to 1,602kHz(EXP) 530kHz to 1,620kHz (S.AMERICA) Intermediate frequency: FM 10.7MHz AM 1st 10.71MHz 2nd 450kHz Quieting sensitivity: FM Less than 10dBu (at 30dB S/N) AM Less than 32dBu (at 20dB S/N) Separation: FM 22dB +5/-7dB (1kHz) S/N ratio: FM More than 52dB AM More than 44dB Auto tuning stop sensitivity: FM 25dBu +6/-6dBu AM 32dBu +6/-6dBu

Cassette player sectionReproducting system: 4 track 2 program 2 channel stereo system Tape speed: 4.76cm/sec Wow and flutter: Less than 0.15% (W.R.M.S) Separation: More than 35dB Cross talk: More than 45dB S/N ratio: Normal tape (120us) More than 45dB (DOLBY B NR off) More than 55dB (DOLBY B NR on) Metal tape (70us) More than 47dB (DOLBY B NR off) More than 57dB (DOLBY B NR on) FF/REW time: Less than 110sec. (C-60)

AUX sectionTEL output level: 260mV +3/-3dB (NAVI 1kHz 100mV INPUT)

GeneralLoad impedance: 4ohm x 4 Power output: 40W x 4 Power supply voltage: DC13.2V (10.8V to 16.0V) Negative ground Current consumption: Less than 0.2mA (at back up) Dimensions(mm): 198(W) x 114(H) x 185(D) Weight: Approx. 3.5kg

CD player sectionFrequency response: S/N ratio: Separation: Distortion: 17Hz to 20kHz More than 80dB More than 50dB (20kHz L.P.F.) Less than 0.2% (20kHz L.P.F.)


PN-2617D,I PP-2617T

NOTE* How to setting the AM reception area. (9 kHz/10 kHz) While pressing the M3,M4 and TUNE DOWN button,push the POWER knob to change the AM receiving step from 10 kHz step to 9 kHz step. Dolby noise reduction manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. "DOLBY" and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. We cannot supply PWB with component parts in principle. When a circuit on PWB has failure, please repair it by component parts base. Parts which are not mentioned in service manual are not supplied. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice for further improvement. In case that the main unit or the CD changer mechanism is transported for repair, the lock pin(966-0653-00) must be set to fix the mechanism assy.Lock pin 966-0653-00



* *

3. Check for safety after repair. Check that the screws, parts and wires are put back securely in their original position after repair. Ensure for safety reasons there is no possibility of secondary ploblems around the repaired spots. If extended damage is caused due to negligence of repair, the legal responsibility shall be with the repairing company. 4. Caution in removal and making wiring connection to the parts for the automobile. Disconnect the battery terminal after turning the ignition key off. If wrong wiring connections are made with the battery connected, a short circuit and/or fire may occur. If extensive damage is caused due to negligence of repair, the legal responsibility shall be with the repairing company. 5. Cautions regarding chips. Do not reuse removed chips even when no abnormality is observed in their appearance. Always replace them with new ones. (The chip parts include resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, etc). The negative pole of tantalum capacitors is highly susceptible to heat, so use special care when replacing them and check the operation afterwards. 6. Cautions in handling flexible PWB Before working with a soldering iron, make sure that the iron tip temperature is around 270 . Take care not to apply the iron tip repeatedly(more than three times)to the same patterns. Also take care not to apply the tip with force. 7. Turn the unit OFF during disassembly and parts replacement. Recheck all work before you apply power to the unit. 8. Cautions in checking that the optical pickup lights up. The laser is focused on the disc reflection surface through the lens of the optical pickup. When checking that the laser optical diode lights up, keep your eyes more than 30cms away from the lens. Prolonged viewing of the laser within 30cms may damage your eyesight. 9. Cautions in handling the optical pickup The laser diode of the optical pickup can be damaged by electrostatic charge caused by your clothes and body. Make sure to avoid electrostatic charges on your clothes or body, or discharge static electricity before handling the optical pickup. 9-1. Laser diode The laser diode terminals are shorted for transportation in order to prevent electrostatic damage. After replacement, open the shorted circuit. When removing the pickup from the mechanism, short the terminals by soldering them to prevent this damage. 9-2. Actuator The actuator has a powerful magnetic circuit. If a magnetic material is put close to it. Its characteristics will change. Ensure that no foreign substances enter through the ventilation slots in the cover. 9-3. Cleaning the lens Dust on the optical lens affects performance. To clean the lens, apply a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to lens paper and wipe the lens gently.

COMPONENTSPP-2617T-A/PN-2617D-A/PN-2617I-A1. 2. Main unit Lock pin ----------966-0653-00 1 1

To engineers in charge of repair or inspection of our products.Before repair or inspection, make sure to follow the instructions so that customers and Engineers in charge of repair or inspection can avoid suffering any risk or injury.1. Use specified parts. The system uses parts with special safety features against fire and voltage. Use only parts with equivalent characteristics when replacing them. The use of unspecified parts shall be regarded as remodeling for which we shall not be liable. The onus of product liability (PL) shall not be our responsibility in cases where an accident or failure is as a result of unspecified parts being used. 2. Place the parts and wiring back in their original positions after replacement or re-wiring. For proper circuit construction, use of insulation tubes, bonding, gaps to PWB, etc, is involved. The wiring connection and routing to the PWB are specially planned using clamps to keep away from heated and high voltage parts. Ensure that they are placed back in their original positions after repair or inspection. If extended damage is caused due to negligence during repair, the legal responsibility shall be with the repairing company. PN-2617D,I PP-2617T


EXPLANATION OF IC052-3185-12 M306240MCA-7W6GP System Controller 1.Terminal Description pin 1: LCD DRV CLK : O : The clock pulse output to the LCD driver. pin pin pin pin pin pin pin pin 2: LCD DRV DO 3: LCD DRV DI 4: ILL PULSE 5: TIME BASE 6: BYTE 7: CN VSS 8: TEST 9: ILL ON : O : The serial data output to the LCD driver. : IN : The serial data input from the LCD driver. : IN : Illumination control signal input. : IN : Time base pulse for clock counter input. : IN : The data length selection(8bit/16bit)(L:16). : IN : Connect to VSS. : IN : For the test mode ON/OFF(L:ON). : IN : Illumination ON signal input. : IN : Reset signal input. : O : Crystal connection. : - : Ground. : IN : Crystal connection. : - : Positive supply voltage. : IN : Connect to VDD. : IN : Backup ON detection signal input.(H:ON) : IN : ACC ON flag input. : IN : Telephone Voice interruption input. : - : Not in use. : O : Audio power amplifier ON signal output.(H:ON) : O : System ON signal output. : O : PWM output for Adjustment of brightness. : O : The audio mute signal output for the rear channels. : O : Beep output(4kHz). : O : The audio mute signal output for the front channels. : - : Not in use. : IN : The serial data input for IMMOBI.

pin 58: SD S UP pin 59: NAVI MUTE pin 60: VDD pin 61: ANT ON pin 62: VSS pin 63: PLL CE pin 64: PLL CLK pin 65: PLL DO pin 66: PLL DI

: O : Station detect speed control. (H:Speed up) : O : Navigation sound mute at the navigation voice interruption OFF : - : Positive supply voltage. : O : Antenna ON command output. : - : Ground. : O : The chip enable signal output to the PLL IC. : O : The clock pulse output to the PLL IC. : O : Serial data output to the PLL IC. : IN : Serial data input from the PLL IC.

pin 67: SD : IN : Station dedect. pin 68: ACC OFF MUTE: O : Outputting "H" when ACC is OFF. pin 69: MECH MUTE pin 70: RDS DATA pin 71: RDS CLK : O : Muting signal output(H:Tape mechanism mute ON) : IN : RDS serial data input. : IN : RDS clock pulse input.

pin 10: RESET pin 11: X OUT pin 12: VSS pin 13: X IN pin 14: VDD pin 15: NMI pin 16: BU DET pin 17: ACC IN pin 18: TEL pin 19: NU pin 20: AMP ON pin 21: SYS ON pin 22: DIMMER pin 23: REAR MUTE pin 24: BEEP pin 25: FRONT MUTE pin 26: NU pin 27: IMMOBI RX

pin 72: SPEED PULSE : IN : Pulse input for speed detection.(L:SVC without) pin 73: TAPE IN pin 74: MODE BIT 1 pin 75: MODE BIT 2 pin 76: MODE BIT 3 pin 77: R PULSE pin 78: APC SENSE pin 79: APC DET I pin 80: PWR MTR 1 pin 81: PWR MTR 2 pin 82: MAIN MTR pin 83: DOLBY pin 84: FWD/REV pin 85: SD CONT : IN : Lording start detection signal input. : IN : The tape mechanism mode bit input.Table 1 : IN : The tape mechanism mode bit input.Table 1 : IN : The tape mechanism mode bit input.Table 1 : IN : Reel rotation pulse input from the tape mechanism. : O : APC gain swtching signal output. : IN : APC detected signal input.(H:between music) : O : Power motor control signal output. : O : Power motor control signal output. : O : Main motor control signal output. : O : Dol