ETHICAL LEADERSHIP IN HUMAN RESOURCES ETHICAL LEADERSHIP IETHICAL LEADERSHIP IN HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT ... Ethics and profitability are not separate issues in business. In fact, they are closely intertwined

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<ul><li><p>@ Regina G. Reyes 2013 December. All Rights Reserved. </p><p>Suite 2103 Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower, 2210 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, Philippines, 1230 Fax Number: (+632) 813.4056, Telephone Number: (+632) 817.0110 </p><p>ETHICAL LEADERSHIP IN HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT </p><p>Date: May 5 6, 2014 (Wed. Thurs.) </p><p>Venue: </p><p>Berjaya Makati Hotel - Philippines </p><p>7835 Makati Avenue corner Eduque Street </p><p>Makati City, Philippines 1209 </p><p>Valencia Room-3rd Floor </p><p>RATIONALE: </p><p> It is often said that the business of business is business, that is, the goal of any business </p><p>is to achieve profitability. Ethics and profitability are not separate issues in business. In fact, they </p><p>are closely intertwined. When a company deals with its stakeholders ethically, it gains the utmost </p><p>support and cooperation from them because trust is established. </p><p>Employees are important stakeholders in a business. When employees have trust in the </p><p>company, the achievement of organizational goals is facilitated. The companys leadership and </p><p>the human resource management department play a key role in building trust within the </p><p>organization through ethical leadership. They make ethical decisions and act accordingly, set the </p><p>ethical tone in the company and influence employees in ethics. </p><p>This course will provide the participants a research-based framework for ethical </p><p>leadership that will guide them in making ethical decisions and performing ethical actions </p><p>particularly in managing human resources. In becoming ethical leaders, they build and strengthen </p><p>trust that enables the organization to become more effective. </p><p> OD and HR Consulting </p><p> Training and Development </p><p> Executive Coaching </p></li><li><p>@ Regina G. Reyes 2013 December. All Rights Reserved. </p><p>OBJECTIVES: </p><p> As a result of participation in this two-day training program, participants will be able to: </p><p> Gain an in-depth understanding of ethics and why this is important in business and </p><p>human resource management </p><p> Distinguish ethics and morality and understand the fallacies of cultural relativism </p><p> Know the stages of moral development </p><p> Get an overview of ethical frameworks and examine one's own ethical framework </p><p> Understand what is leadership as separate from management </p><p> Gain familiarity with the normative perspectives of leadership </p><p> Identify leadership challenges </p><p> Be able to analyze the ethics of leadership in terms of process and content </p><p> Define ethical leadership and ethical leadership principles </p><p> Know the characteristics of ethical leaders and reflect on ones own leadership </p><p>philosophy </p><p> Learn how to foster ethical behavior in organizations </p><p> Determine current challenges and solutions in ethical leadership </p><p> Discern moral dilemmas in human resources management and practice making ethical </p><p>decisions in the context of a moral framework </p><p> Know how to exercise ethical leadership in various human resource management </p><p>functions </p><p>CONTENT: </p><p> Module 1. Ethics and Morality </p><p> Definition and importance in business and human resources management </p><p> Distinguishing ethics and morality </p><p> Cultural relativism </p><p> Stages of Moral development </p><p> Ethical Frameworks </p></li><li><p>@ Regina G. Reyes 2013 December. All Rights Reserved. </p><p>Module 2. The Nature of Leadership </p><p> Leadership and management </p><p> Normative perspectives of leadership </p><p> Leadership challenges </p><p> Ethics of leadership: process and content </p><p>Module 3. Ethical Leadership </p><p> Ethical leadership principles </p><p> Characteristics of ethical leaders </p><p> Fostering ethical behaviour in organizations </p><p> Current challenges and solutions in ethical leadership </p><p>Module 4. Ethical Decision Making </p><p> A model for ethical decision-making </p><p> Exercising ethical leadership in human resource management functions </p><p>METHODOLOGY: </p><p>Andragogical methods to enhance adult learning that includes short research-based </p><p>lectures, self-reflections, case analysis, group discussion, exercises, sharing and application of </p><p>learnings. </p><p>NUMBER OF TRAINING HOURS: </p><p> 16 hours or 2 days </p><p>REGISTRATION FEE: </p><p> P9,000.00 plus 12% VAT (Total of P10,080.00) </p></li><li><p>@ Regina G. Reyes 2013 December. All Rights Reserved. </p><p>RESOURCE PERSON/ FACILITATOR: </p><p>MS. REGINA GALANG REYES </p><p> Presently, Faculty of the MBA Program of Victoria University Switzerland (Philippine Campus); Faculty of the Graduate School of Public Management &amp; Development, </p><p>Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP). </p><p> Formerly, President, Optimus Innovations, Inc.; Corporate Human Resources Services Head, Philippine Daily Inquirer; Asst. Vice President for Personnel and Administration, GMA </p><p>Network Inc.; Research Consultant, Task Force on Executive Development Program for </p><p>State Colleges and Universities (SUCs); Professor, Assumption College San Lorenzo Makati, </p><p>Business Dept. &amp; Psychology Dept.; Human Resource and Organization Development </p><p>(HROD) Consultant, IP-Egames Ventures Inc.; Senior Project Consultant, ECC International; </p><p>Human Resource Consultant, Mercer Human Resource Consulting; HROD Consultant, </p><p>Philippine Daily Inquirer; HROD Consultant, FEP Printing Corp. and affiliate printing </p><p>companies. </p><p> Was Editor, People at Work/ Business Section, Philippine Daily Inquirer; Program Host, People at Work sa dzRH, My Trabaho at dzRH; Columnist of magazines, Asian Quality, </p><p>Management Systems and Metro Working Mom. </p><p> Completing her PhD in Leadership Studies at the Ateneo de Manila University; Earned her Masters in Business Administration degree, Ateneo Graduate School of Business, 1989 </p><p>(Deans Lister); Graduate of the University of the Philippine School of Labor and Industrial </p><p>Relations, Workers Institute of Labor Laws, 1989; Completed Certificate Course on </p><p>Strategic HR-Business Partnering, Ateneo Center for Organization and Development </p><p>(CORD), 2012. </p><p> Attended American Society for Training and Development conferences and seminars of noted management gurus and bestselling authors Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Jim </p><p>Collins, Margaret Wheatley, Chin Ning Chu, Daniel Goleman, Deepak Chopra, Bonnie St. </p><p>John Dean, Blaine Lee, Michael Malaghan; attended Courageous Skills of the Learning </p><p>Organization for Challenging Times, Society for Organizational Learning by Peter Senge, </p><p>2011. </p><p> Has developed and conducted programs and courses on: Strategic Planning, Basic Management and Supervisory Skills, Leadership, Sales Essentials Mastery, Emotional </p><p>Intelligence, Interpersonal Skills, Communication, Creativity And Innovation, Performance </p><p>Management, Creating A High Performance Culture, Team Building, Business Writing, </p><p>Human Resources Management, HR Processes and Practices, Organizational Development, </p><p>Human Behavior in Organizations, Organizational Management, Self-Mastery, Management </p><p>Analysis. </p></li></ul>