ethos: Academic integrity & plagiarism

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ethos: Academic integrity & plagiarism. January 11, 2013. For Today:. Part I: Academic Integrity Defining Plagiarism Part II: Rhetoric, Aristotles Appeals and Advertising P.S. This will be a writing heavy day. Academic Integrity. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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ethos:Academic integrity & plagiarismJanuary 11, 2013For Today:Part I:Academic IntegrityDefining Plagiarism

Part II:Rhetoric, Aristotles Appeals and Advertising

P.S. This will be a writing heavy day

Academic IntegrityIntegrity is: adherencetomoralandethicalprinciples; soundnessofmoralcharacter;honesty.

How does this definition apply to you while in college?

"integrity." Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 10 Jan. 2013. Dictionary.com

PlagiarismHow do you define plagiarism? A more in depth (and somewhat comical) definition of plagiarism: Consider This:"Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud."--SophoclesHow can you reconcile this position with your own needs to earn a certain GPA to graduate?

Is This Plagiarism?...or not?1: A student copies and pastes text from Wikipedia into an essay and presents the work as her own. 2: A student copies and pasts text from Wikipedia and properly cites it.3: A student forgets to include a citation.4: A student attempts to use MLA style, but places a punctuation marker in the wrong spot.5: You ask a friend to look over your paper and fix any major problems.6: A students pays someone else to write his essay.7: A student copies and pastes writing from an essay that she wrote for another class into an essay for a different class.Term ReviewEthosPathosLogosApplying the Appeals

Applying the Appeals cont. Closing ReflectionEthos and integrity are important in academia because..(Finish this sentence and expand)ORIn what ways/forms do you encounter Aristotles appeals in your everyday life?

Homework & RemindersFor Monday: read selected pages from chapter 4 of TAW Read Backpacks vs. BriefcasesNext week we will be preparing for assignment 1: Please review assignment guidelines on course websiteReminders:Fish summary and Laptop Survey need to be submitted by 10p tonightPlease make sure you are contacting me at: abcengl101@gmail.comSourcesActivities adapted from:Stephen SkalickyUniversity of Missouri Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities website


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