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  • 1. By Penda Sosseh

2. We wanted to create an authentic pop video for our mediacoursework. We did a lot of research into music videos of asimilar style and genre to ours to gauge what kind of thingwe should be aiming to create. As our video would be mainly narrative based, notperformance based like some pop videos it was importantthat we established a setting for the audience tounderstand the context of the video. We tried to follow the conventions of real media productsin our music video by discussing the conventions of videossimilar to the video we wanted to create. We wanted tomake a typified pop video similar to the artists we wereemulating like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Pink, Avril Lavigne. We created a star image based on these examples, wewanted a young female performer that would appeal toyoung audiences, specifically girls aged 11-25 who likedpop music. 3. Wecreated the pop star, LoisLame, and wanted her to emulate artistlike Taylor Swift, and AvrilLavigne, they are both strongindependent young women who presentstrong morals to their fans. We also wanted to adhere to pop musicvideo genre conventions so we wantedthe video to be colourful, eye-catchingand lighthearted. 4. Wenoticed that popular music videos oftenhad a simple narrative that focused on teens,similar to a TV show or short film, so wecreated a narrative out of the lyrics of oursong, One of The Boys by Katy Perry, this wassimilar to the music videos of Taylor Swiftwhich often feature her playing a character inher narrative. Lois Lame is playing two characters in hermusic video, so we used costume todistinguish the difference to the viewer, ourkey item was a wig, since we had viewed lotsof different successful music videos by artistslike Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. 5. Examples of artists using wigs to play characters in their music videos 6. Our video has a simple narrative, our main character played by Lois Lame, is atomboy who wants to date one of her friends, a boy, who already dating agirly girl. So she decides to have a make-over but then decides shes too goodfor him. We analyzed the lyrics of the song to come up with a narrative that we couldcreate visualy without any dialouge. As our video would be mainly narrative based, which is typical of music videosfrom young pop artists we wanted to have our narrative take place in aschool, this also made it easy for us to know where to shoot. Many artists haveset their music videos in schools. 7. Normally the star or performer have a glamorouslook in their music video, they normally wear alot of make-up and have fashionable clothes, sowe wanted to emulate this in our music video. 8. Wehad a photoshoot using someof the costumes and props fromthe music video so we could usethe images for our digi-pak andalbum advert, we used thembecause we wanted the audienceto be able to see the link betweenthe video and the digi-pak andalbum advert. I wanted the album advert havethe same visual or overall themeas the digi-pak so I decided Iwanted to focus heavily on starimage for these media products. I researched some album coversfor inspiration for our digi-pak. 9. I decided that we wanted to havea very clean, and simple digi-pak, similar to the things Id seenother female pop singers use. So Iopted out of having a colourfulbackground and decided insteadto have Lois Lame wearing aSuperwoman outfit on the coverbecause I thought that thecolours would be very eye-catching against a plainbackground. I decided that Lois Lame neededa signature font like manycontemporary artists, so I triedout many fonts till I decided onthe one on the cover. 10. Digi pak 11. Album advert 12. When we created our star, Lois Lame, her namebecame part of her image and thus we decided toinclude the SuperWoman motif in all of our mediaproducts to create a house style so the audiencecould recognize that they were all linked. When we had our photoshoot for the star, we usedboth outfits from the music video and we also tooksome pictures of Lois signature glasses to include inour ancillary products. All of this plus the overalllook helped to shape our house style. We think that we appealed to our target audience ofyoung teenage girls by adhereing to the pop musicgenre conventions and by following in the footstepsof other pop artist by for example making Lois playa character (SuperWoman) similar to exampleMiley Cyrus playing Hannah Montana. 13. Both my digi-pak and album advert have a plain whitebackground which is common for artists who want to focuson star image like Beyonce and Miley Cyrus. This can however be linked to the music video when Loisperforms in a studio in front of a white background. 14. The song that we picked helped influnce this, one line in the song goesas follows- And caught you staring at meBut now youre gonna have to take anumber. this is referring to the boy that Lois loves in the song, aftershe transforms into One of the girls and changes her appearance shedecides shes too good for him so we thought that portraying her asSuperWoman showed that she was a strong, independent girl who didntneed a boyfriend to complete her. 15. We screened our music video to an audience we thoughtwould be similar to our target audience young people(mainly girls) under the age of 18. After we screened our music video we asked them thefollowing questions-1. What do you think was successful?2. Can you think of any improvement that could be made?3. Who do you think the target audience is, and does it appeal to them?4. Does it fit the genre?5. What is the narrative? Is it clear to the audience?6. Do you really like my work? 16. Weasked three groups of four people to answerour questions and here are the results- They all found the narrative easy to intrepret andunderstand and found that they plot was similar toother pop music videos They identified and could relate to our character They said it was evident we had a variety ofdifferent shots and locations It was pointed out that we needed to improvesome of the lip synching and guitar playingbecause it could have looked better They identified that the target audience would beyoung people/teenagers and that we hadinterpreted the song well. 17. Weused Wordpress to present our media portfolio. It was simple and easy to use and is a well known platform that was available on our computers, smart phones and tablets. Duringplanning and research we used Youtube extensively to watch music videos when we were studying music video theory and when we were looking for genre conventions and influential videos. 18. During production we needed a quick and easy way tocommunicate, and to send each other links, files, andpictures, so we created a Facebook group for this purpose. 19. We used the social networking site Twitter to ask Katy Perry for permission to use her song- 20. During shooting we used two different cameras to film our video- For when we shoot out of the studio we used a Mini DV camera Canon Legria HV40, this was useful as we could easily carry it toour locations like the park. 21. We also used a used HD Camera, the Canon XF305. Itwas great to be using more advanced equipment forthings like extreme close-ups and also to be able toreview our footage straight away as it was a digitalcamera. 22. During editing we used Adobe Premier Pro to cut ourmusic video together and add music and any aftereffects or transitions, I have experience with it fromour AS Media coursework so I found it easy to use. 23. Tocreate our Digi-Pak we used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, we had a photoshoot in a studio and used a Canon 600D to take the photographs, we then edited them in Photoshop and then created the Digi-Pak using Illustrator. 24. Duringmy evaluation, I used MicrosoftPowerPoint to present my evaluation questionsin a slide show. I uploaded our music video to YouTube and usedthe link to embed it into my blog and takescreenshots for the evaluation. For the directors commentary side of theevaluation we again used the HD camera in thetelevision studio and also green screen to showfootage of our music video behind us as weevaluated and discussed our video.