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  • 1. KUDAWONDERFUL VIEW Evaluation

2. In what ways does your media productuse, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?To keep my DVD cover with existing conventions it includes aBBFC certificate rating, a barcode and the DVD logo. Frommy research I used the idea of making the whole cover oneimage. I think this works well as it keeps the design simple.Also the image I have used is a still from the pop promo.When researching DVD coversthey were all simple and carriedthrough one colour. To apply this tomy DVD cover I used only one boldcolour and kept everything else thesame. To make sure it kept wellwith the picture and didnt look tooharsh against it I grabbed a colourfrom the main image to use for mytext. 3. cont. To make my pop promo look professional I have used a range of shot types, switching between wide, mid and close shots. In my research I liked the tracking shots used. I used this in my own pop promo at the beginning and end. I also noticed that the pace of the video is affected by the pace of the song. I applied this to my pop promo by changing shots or location when the music changes. I wanted to keep my disc design simple but stand out. Using the colour I had chosen helped link it to the other section s of my digipack.To keep my magazine advertisement with currentconventions I have included things such as the iTuneslogo, testimonials from popular magazines within theindustry and a release date. I noticed when researchingthat information is mainly at the bottom or top of the pageand that the image is the main selling point of the page.Therefore using the same image as the DVD cover helpspromote the product and allows audiences to easilyrecognise the product. 4. How effective is the combination ofyour main product and ancillary texts? Continuity is important in My pop promo is simple and doesnt have a advertising media products. To complex plot to it. The audience have tomake the pack recognisable to work out the motives for the actions they are audiences I have carried over seeing so do not develop a personal bondsimilar designs from my DVD with the character. To follow this sense of cover to my magazine mystery and unknown the image I have used advertisement. I have used the for both my advertisement and DVD cover same fonts, colours and are of a side view not actually showing any images. This means that real distinctions of the character. audiences can become more quickly and easily aware of the product. This same colour is which I then used for my disc. 5. What have you learnt from youraudience feedback? In the process of designing my digipack I changed my whole idea and design for both my DVD cover and magazine advertisement. 6. cont. My two pieces didnt link enough and it was thought that the audience would get confused that the advertisement wasnt linked to the product it was meant to be presenting to the audience. When receiving audience feedback for my first design it was thought that the design wasnt clear. I decided that the image I had taken the silhouette from for my DVD cover was the image I wanted to use for my advertisement. As I preferred the use of this image I decided to go back and put this into the design for my DVD cover. From my final audience feedback I learnt that a simpler design is more effective and that including images makes the designs look more professional and appealing. My audience feedback also agreed with my use of colour that I had added as I felt it would stand out better against other designs. 7. How did you use media technologies inthe construction and research, planningand evaluation stages? My blog was an easy way to This was my first introduction to record my progress. I had Final Cut Pro or even filming any trouble with uploading some footage. I learnt from my theorypictures and videos but that I needed to be able to shoot overcame these problems. wide, mid and close shots so I can easily switch between them when sequencing my pop promo. I feel I have done this in my pop In creating my pop promo I promo to make it look used the software Final Cut professional. Pro. I filmed my footage on a HD digital camera and this was then uploaded to an Apple Mac. Ready to be edited in Final Cut Pro 8. cont.I had briefly used Photoshop last yearfor my magazine coursework but this Most of my development of my year I was able to learn a lot more digipack was done on the Apple about editing images and making the Mac.s. in college. I also had product look more professional. After access to Photoshop on other remembering the basics I was able to computers in college and on my carry out new skills such as changing own laptop.the opacity of pictures and learningmore how to use the layers moreefficiently.I found it easier to use Photoshop on the Macs. as they hadbigger screens allowing me to see more detail. I found theproblem in switching what device I used was that when Iinserted the iTunes logo onto my advertisement it would notappear on the Mac. version. I also had trouble with the text onthe back of my DVD cover as this changed position when I putit onto the Mac. To overcome this I just made two copies of mywork so both would appear the same.