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  • 1. Evaluation Sarah Hall Evaluation Sarah Hall
  • 2. In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? The genre I have chosen to do is indie pop which effects how conventional my video is. After researching many professional music videos, I am able to analyse whether or not my music video follows the conventions of the indie pop genre. Following the pop music video conventions I tell a story which helps to keep the audience interested. However this challenges the indie conventions along with the fact that my video has little dancing, which is often seen in many indie videos. My video does follow the conventions of both genres by including lots of colour and been upbeat and positive, both through the story and mise-en-scene. The story line also follows the indie conventions as it is not a realistic story line about things such as love, that you may find in the pop genre, it is about superheros which is different.
  • 3. Andrew Goodwin's Theory
    • I am going to use Andrew Goodwins theory to analyse my music video.
    • There are key points that outline this theory;
    • Relationship between the lyrics and visuals.
    • I do show a relationship between the visuals
    • and lyrics in many parts of my video. One
    • of the most obvious examples is through the
    • lyrics appearing on the screen. Also the idea
    • of super heros links to the title of the song,
    • the Fantastic Six. I also use the lyrics to tell
    • a story which creates the visuals.
  • 4.
    • Andrew Goodwins Theory- Genres are complex and diverse in terms of music video style.
    When looking at my genre it is difficult to distinguish what is and isn't diverse. The whole concept of the indie scene is to appear different and unique, yet the pop side of the genre does have many stereotypical aspects. Unlike many traditional pop videos there is no single icon, which is often present with artist such as Lady GaGa. This is less obvious in the indie genre which could show me following the conventions of that genre. I have broken conventions through not having many clips of artists singing the song, or dance routines. I have followed the conventions through the style, which is the video telling a story to make it more entertaining and appeal to my target audience more. Another factor which is possibly and essential factor for the indie pop genre is colour and the fun or quirky aspects, which I have tried to maintain. To break these conventions I could have used dark dull colours but this would have suggested other music genres such as Rock.
  • 5. Andrew Goodwins Theory- Record companies will demand close ups of the main artist of vocalist. My music video does include close up shots. However, against Andrew Goodwins theory is the fact that there are a variety that are of more than one artist. I do not feel that one artist is favoured through my video or has more close up shots. The close ups vary between actors and are of both males and females.
  • 6. Andrew Goodwins Theory- Voyeurism is in many music videos, often in the treatment of females . There is no element of voyeurism in my video. There are no romantic or emotional scenes in my video and the only relationships shown are friendship. All of the actors are treated the same and they are all wearing full clothing . This is different from many pop videos that are in the industry. Possibly going against stereotypes is the fact that the criminal in the story is a female, and that it is both males and females that maintain a heroic image. Andrew Goodwins Theory-There are likely to be internal reference, possibly to other music videos or film. Due to my story in the video containing super heros I am making an internal reference to other films or videos with super heros. Examples of this are The Hoosiers- Goodbye Mr A, which is a video I looked at through my research, and films such as Kick-Ass. With this I am attracting an audience that may link the two together and feel they may also like my music video. I am also making a reference to my ancillary products as the images are of clothing that the super heros wear on the video.
  • 7. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? The ancillary texts are shown here, the CD cover is the left and the poster at the right. They work well together through the colours and fonts. Also through the images, as the cape and eye mask are key features to the Super heros identity. In this way the products link in with the music video as the image shows what they wear. Although they do not give away any part of the video, and the images are not taken from the video, all of the products fit together. A key reason for this is the colour scheme which is maintained throughout the video and ancillary texts. The text is also unusual and fun which links in with the genre and video which have quirky aspects. The title of the song, Fantastic Six is also literally a visual effect on the video which links the products together. I also think it is effective that the products dont show any or the actors or actresses as it fits in with the secret identity or a superhero.
  • 8. What have you learned from your audience feedback? I have received feedback in many ways from my peers, who are a good representative of my target audience. This has been done through video and text as shown bellow. Gaining feedback is an important process that helps develop and improve products. I have gained feedback at each stage creating all three of my products, which as helped it look more proffesional, and appeal to my target audience more. From my feedback I have learned how well my products link in with the genre through the use of colour, and the quirky storyline and clothing. I have also improved my video in some areas to make it more interesting and less boring, after been advised though my feedback. My feedback suggested that my products linked in together well , and they all appealed to y target audience and the genre. I did however have negative feedback about the lack of editing and transitions, which I have later improved. My products could be more professional in some aspects, such as more structured filming and possibly more steady camera work in some areas.
  • 9. How did you use media technologies in construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? I have used a variety of media technologies to help me create my product. Through the stages or research I used sites such as youtube to watch videos that I could analyse to help me understand and get inspiration from a professional music video. Through my planning I have used technologies such as fireworks, which I continued to use in my construction stages, to create my ancillary products. I enjoy using this software as it gives me a lot of freedom in manipulating images, and I constantly expand my knowledge when I use it. I have also used websites such as, which has helped me experiment with different font styles that I could use for my products. This was an important process as it is an effective way of linking my product to the indie pop genre.
  • 10. I have used Mac computers to help me get feedback from peers to help me improve my products. Adding to this is Blogger, which has also helped me gain feedback. This has also how I have created my project and I have used it every step of the way, making it as essential part of my coursework A major part of my construction was the editing process of my video, which I did on pinnacle. This was great software to use as it gave me a variety of transitions and other ways I could edit my video such as changing the speed of the clips. I learnt a lot from using this programme and enjoyed experimenting with it, it also allowed me many different opportunities to make my video fit in with the genre. Pinnacle Blogger