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<ul><li> 1. Evaluation of preliminary task<br />For our preliminary task we had to film and edit a trailer for a soap/drama. In groups we came up with an idea and began to film. The preliminary task helped us as we gained experience with using the cameras and editing software. My trailer was for a school based soap Nangreave Road. <br />One aspect of this trailer that I liked was the story line idea that we came up with, I believe that it was easy to follow and easy for the audience to relate too. We also made sure that the genre was popular by researching other programmes, such as Waterloo Road. <br />Another way in which i thought this trailer was effective, was how we placed the disequilibrium at the start, to draw the reader in. We then went on to show the reasons for this problem. <br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Ways in which the trailer could be improved<br />It was edited very quickly as I had run out of time to do it properly, as I wanted to move on to my final piece. This shows in the trailer as I didn't include any branding or information on when the programme is to air. <br />Parts of the filming were also low quality as we didn't take things like echos and bad light into consideration. <br />For example in this shot the sound is really poor as it was a really echoic area and it is hard to here what the characters are saying. <br />Another thing that could be improved is the continuity, for example when we filmed this section we didnt think about what it would look like skipping from the shot above to this one. <br /></p>