Event based Enterprise Service Bus

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Event based Enterprise Service Bus. Kasun Indrasiri 128213M Supervised by: Dr. Srinath Perera Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarna. Introduction. Increasing adaptation of Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) for Enterprise Applications. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Event based Enterprise Service Bus

Event based Enterprise Service BusKasun Indrasiri128213M

Supervised by:Dr. Srinath Perera Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarna

IntroductionIncreasing adaptation of Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) for Enterprise Applications.Enterprise Service Bus(ESB) becomes the de facto integration solution for most of the Enterprise Integration problems. Complex Event Processing(CEP) engines also becoming increasingly popular - high demand for real time processing of moving data.This research project is an effort to implement A light weight Enterprise Service Bus(ESB) based on the Even Stream Processing Architecture. Research ContextService Oriented Architecture (SOA)A style of software architecture that is modular, distributed and loosely coupled.Componentization The main driver of SOABusiness Functionalities are implemented in different Business ComponentsBusiness Components provide their functionality to its consumers as a Service with the well-defined service interfaces.

Research ContextEnterprise Service Bus (ESB)An ESB is a middleware solution that enables interoperability among heterogeneous environments using a service-oriented model.Stateless and Seamless IntegrationStandard Protocols SOAP, REST, JSON etc.Transports HTTP/S, JMS, TCP etc.

Source : http://graegert.com/programming/no-soa-criticism-somewhereResearch ContextComplex Even Processing (CEP)Real-time processing of an avalanche of moving dataCEP Engine : Evaluates the queries provided from a given user and match those queries against continuous event streams and trigger an event when the conditions mentioned in the queries are satisfied.CEP in action Reacting to data collected from weather sensors, battlefield control, traffic control etc.

Siddhi A CEP EngineA high performance CEP Engine.Ability of processing huge flood of events that may go well over one hundred thousand events per second with a near-zero latency. [1]

Siddhi A CEP EngineFaster than Esper [1]

Research Problem and ObjectivesImplementation of a light weight ESB based on Event Streaming ArchitectureBest of both worlds : ESB and CEPObjectives:Event Streaming Architecture for an ESBMediation Logic based on a Query Language (such as Siddhi)Use high performance non-blocking IO (Java NIO) for HTTP transports

Proposed ApproachImplementing an ESB based on top of a CEP engine (Siddhi)

Proposed ApproachMediation EngineBased on Siddhi-CoreMediation LogicA new query language for Siddhi.Non Blocking Transport Listeners and Senders (HTTP/S)

Scope and ConstrainsAn ESB caters huge amount of integration requirementsA lightweight ESB with predefine set of requirementsPass-Thru : ESB purely acts as the bridge between client and serverContent Based RoutingNon blocking HTTP/SBasic Message Types SOAP/RESTStateless

References[1] S. Suhothayan, Isuru Loku Narangoda C. Subash, K. Gajasinghe, Srinath Perera, Vishaka Nanayakkara, "Siddhi: A Second Look at Complex Event Processing," in GCE '11, New York, 2011. [2] L. Garces-Erice, Building an Enterprise Service Bus for Real-Time SOA: A Messaging Middleware Stack. 33rd Annual IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference, 2009.[3] Payam Nabhani, Amir Massoud Bidgoli, Intelligent Conceptual Message Routing in Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). International Conference on Convergence and Hybrid Information Technology, Washington, DC. 2008.


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