Every child is a different kind of flower And all together ... monuments of India Sanchi Stupa India…

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  • What I learnt July 2013 Std II


    Subtraction with borrowing

    3 digit numbers

    Activity- Arranging the given flashcards in

    ascending or descending order.

    -Framing number stories (addition or subtraction)

    with the number cards given in pairs.


    Chapter 2 Hot soup( notebook, textbook exercises and oral discussion)

    Grammar-Collective nouns

    Common nouns (Educomp presentation)

    Proper nouns

    Singular and plural

    Every child is a different kind of flower And all together make this world

    a beautiful garden !

  • E.V.S

    Know more about mouse Know more about keyboard Lab activity Type your favourite poem in notepad

    Theory- Quiz, Role play

    Keeping healthy, Food we eat

    Activity- Identify the things by using your sense organs


    Chapter- Badal kaise bante hai? Counting in Hindi ( 1 20) Aaki matra waale shabd E ki matra wale shabd Bari E ki matra wale shabd Au ki matra wale shabd Kannada:

    Ch-10 Aksharaguruthisupadyaodu.

    Ch-8 Hanta 1, 2, 3


    Activity: Drawing pictures,word forming activity

  • Art .Drawing and practising different strokes Drawing a landscape using different strokes Drawing an Independence Day Scene Craft- Making origami paper cranes

    Making Gandhi Topi for Independence Day

    Kids are singing the full song of If I were a


    Notes for the same song and twinkle

    twinkle have been given for the keyboard

    500miles- song and notes

    Topic Card making activity

    - Students learn to make greeting cards - Drawing borders, Shading

    - Thank you Cards, Apology cards

    Topic- Honesty

  • G.K

    States and capitals of India

    Famous monuments of India

    Sanchi Stupa

    India Gate

    Mysore Palace


    Victoria Memorial



    Lotus Temple

    Red Fort


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