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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Construction of Double Page SpreadBy Evie TheodoreDimensions of my Double Page Spread</p> <p>Removing Flash</p> <p>First I selected the same colour of black as the sunglasses using the eye dropper tool (See figure 1)Using the paintbrush (See figure 2) I then painted over the sunglasses, often changing the colours at different sections to match the sunglassesI then used the Blur tool to make sure that the paint faded and matched the sunglasses</p> <p>Step 1Figure 1Figure 2Step 2I reduced the opacity (see Figure 3) of the paint to make sure it was not too dark and noticeable against the sunglasses.Finally I used the Blur tool (see Figure 4) to make sure that the paint faded and matched the sunglasses.</p> <p>Figure 3Figure 4Outcome</p> <p>Now the flash has been removed it makes the image seem more professional and there is also no risk of distraction.Editing the models expressionStep 1</p> <p>First I created a new layer Then I used the eye dropper tool (See Figure 1) to identify an appropriate colour to match the model skin tone. I then changed the colour to make it slightly darker than the models skin tone so that it would stand out.Next I began to paint in frown lines over the old ones, to show the models anger.</p> <p>I noticed in the image the models expression is not as clear as it could be, so in order to show their emotions better I decided to edit the image.</p> <p>Figure 1Step 2I then slightly reduced the opacity (See Figure 3) of the paint so that it was not too dark against the models skinFinally I blurred in the paint to make sure that it was not noticeable to the audience that the image was edited.</p> <p>Figure 3</p> <p>Figure 4Outcome</p> <p>Now the viewer/ audience should be able to tell from the models enhanced facial expressions that she is angry from her creased forehead and lowered eyebrows.Creating LipstickStep 1Similarly to removing the flash, I carried out some of the same steps when creating the lipstickI created a new layer and named it LipsThen I selected the shade of red that I wanted to use for the lipstick.I then went over the models lips and painted them</p> <p>Step 2</p> <p>I then reduced the opacity on the layer (See Figure 3)Next I went to the layer adjustments and experimented with the colours on the hue and saturation option (See Figure 5)Figure 5Figure 3Outcome</p> <p>Now the image is consistent with the front cover. The lipstick also may represent femininity through the stereotype that women wear makeup.</p>