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Construction of my Front CoverBy Evie TheodoreCreating my background

This is a graffiti wall I took a picture of. I like the colours and the design but the image of the silver surfer is a distraction, so I decided to take it out.Step 1

I used the lasso tool to select the image of the silver surfer.Step 2

I right clicked the image and selected the fill option then clicked content aware (See Figure 1)

Figure 1Outcome

I successfully removed the silver surfer image and am now left with the paint backdrop to use as a background to establish the scene on my front cover for a long shot.Removing the original backgroundStep 1

Using the magic wand tool ( Figure 2) I selected the background of the imageWhen I was finished selecting it I deleted it. Then I was able to place the model image over my backgroundFigure 2Outcome

Now I was able to create a new image using my new background and my model from the other image to create the long shot. These two images work well together as the wall creates an urban feel and the models pose seems as though they are leaning against the wall.Correcting Flash MistakesStep 1

Using the eye dropper tool I selected the same colour of black as the models clothing to make sure the correction of the lighter area the flash effected was not noticeable.Then I created a new layer and using the paint brush tool I painted over the effected flash area.

Figure 3Figure 2Step 2

I then decreased the opacity (See Figure 4) so that the colour of the paint was not too dark or noticeable against the models costume.Using the Blur tool( See Figure 5) I made sure that the paint carefully blended against the models costumeFigure 4Figure 5Outcome

The flash has been successfully removed from the image and the colours have been blended together so it is not visible that there has been a correction made.Creating my MastheadStep 1

I typed in my Mastheads name in black I then clicked the effects tool (See Figure 6) and began to change the Colour Overlay settings (See Figure 7). I tried to make the colour as close to silver as possible to give the illusion that the Masthead is made from destroyed metal.I added a Bevel and Emboss to make it seem bigger and more 3D. Also a black Stroke, Outer Glow and an Inner Glow. to make it stand out against the background. (See Figure 7)

Figure 6Figure 7Outcome

Now my Masthead appears to give the illusion of faded or damaged metal through the meaning of the name and the visual erosion and colour of the text. It also stands out better against the background colours. Editing my backgroundStep 1

I clicked on the fill/adjustment layer button (Figure 9)Then I selected the Curves button (Figure 8) to change where the light was directed on the background. It lightened the wall and made it brighter.

Figure 8Figure 9Outcome

The lightening and brightening of the wall has helped the construction of my front cover as the background was quite dark before and it clashed slightly with the models dark costume.Removing DistractionsStep 1

The grass growing against the wall is a distraction so I decided I should get rid of it to make the image neater. Using the same previous process I used the lasso tool to select the sections I wanted to get rid of.Then I clicked the fill option (see Figure 1)and selected content aware so that the space will not be empty, instead it will look similar to the rest of the background

Figure 1Outcome

The distracting grass has been successfully removed and replaced by an extended version of the wall. Now the audience will be able to see the models shoes more easily now and not become distracted.Creating LipstickBefore

Step 1I created a new layer and named it LipsThen I selected the shade of red that I wanted to use for the lipstick.I then went over the models lips and painted them

Step 2

I then reduced the opacity on the layer (Figure 4)Next I went to the layer adjustments and experimented with the colours on the hue and saturation option (Figure 10)

Figure 4Figure 10Outcome

Now the models red lipstick is able to bring some colour to the costume without being too bright or clashing with the prop of the electric guitar.