Evidence of editing and constructing toc images

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<ul><li> 1. Table Of Contents Edited Images Construction By Evie Theodore </li></ul> <p> 2. Editing the models hair 3. Step 1 I noticed that after I had removed the background from the image the models hair looked different with random loose strands sticking out. When I removed them I also saw that the models hair now looked frizzy and the background was still in between strands of hair. To fix this first I used the lasso tool to select the worst parts of the hair which seemed to be the ends. 4. Step 2 I then changed the brightness and contrast of the hair to make the parts of the background between the hair merge and fade into the hair 5. Step 3 Then using the blur tool (see Figure 1)I made sure that the ends of the hair were faded, less frizzy and not showing any of the background. Figure 1 6. Step 4 After placing the image in a suitable place I then created a new layer which I named dip dye I then used the paintbrush tool to paint the tips of the models hair and then red and then the colour purple for a streak of the models bun Then I reduced the opacity (Figure 2) of the paint to make it blend in with the hair and appear natural Finally I experimented with the colours on the Hue and Saturation option (See Figure 3) in the Adjustment Layer section, until I was happy with the colours chosen Figure 2 Figure 3 7. Outcome The use of the dyed hair alows a wider representation of the target audience, For example young teenage women that are apart of a punk group and listen to that genre of music with died hair is being represented by the model. 8. Removing Red-Eye 9. Step 1 Creating another layer and then selecting the red eye tool I was able to remove the redness and restore the models original eye colour. Before After Figure 4 10. Pixilating the image 11. Step 1 After using the lasso tool around the hand of the model I went to the Filter options and selected Pixelate and Fragment. Figure 5 12. Outcome The image is no more polite and viewer/ audience friendly. However the pixilation implies explicit content, but this is acceptable based on the age range of my target audience. </p>