Existing Kosciuszko Bridge. Project Location Kennedy Airport LaGuardia Airport BROOKLYN QUEENS MANHATTAN Van Wyck Expwy Gowanus Expwy Brooklyn Queens

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  • Existing Kosciuszko Bridge

  • Project Location

  • View towards Brooklyn

  • View towards Queens

  • Need for the Project - StructuralFatigue Cracking on Structural Steel

  • Need for the Project - StructuralDeterioration on Structural Steel

  • Need for the Project - StructuralLocal Failures on Concrete Roadway

  • Non-Standard Roadway Grades on ApproachesNeed for the Project - Safety

  • Need for the Project - SafetyNon-Standard Sight Distance on Main Span

  • Need for the Project - OperationsSevere Congestion throughout the day

    *Critical link in NYCs transportation network*Common problem fatigue cracking of structural steel cross beams on approaches*Another common problem severe corrosion and section loss on outside roadway stringers beneath failed and leaking expansion joints*Local deck failure or punch throughs on Queens Approach*Non-standard roadway grades Existing over 4% on Brooklyn Approach / standard should be 3% maximum for an interstate highway*Non-standard vertical stopping sight distance on the Main Span (existing -312-0) falls well short of the current interstate highway standard (607-0). Also includes narrow lane widths (10-10) on Main Span of bridge, Non-standard shoulder widths on Main Span (6) & Approaches (2-0) which results in an accident rate as much as 6 times the New York state average for similar facilities.

    *Severe traffic congestion throughout much of the day (LOS E and F) on BQE, Ramps and Meeker Avenue. Conditions projected to worsen in future with slower average speeds and longer delays.