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faculty - members of the University of South Florida faculty are listed below in alphabetical order. The listing includes name, current rank

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  • All members of the University of South Florida faculty are listed below in alphabeticalorder. The listing includes name, current rank and field, first year of continuousappointment to any position in the institution, degrees, and institution and year ofterminal degree. (A semicolon between degrees indicates different institutions.)[*Charter faculty]

    AANGEENBRUG, ROBERT, Professor (Geography), 1989B.S.; M.S., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1965

    ABBOTT, DARCY A., Associate in Research (Community & Family Health), 1993B.S.; M.S.W., Mary Wood College, 1984

    ABEL, NAOMI A., Assistant Professor (Surgery), 1994B.S.; M.D., Medical College of Georgia, 1987

    ACKERMANN, JOHN R., Professor (Surgery), 1983M.B., C.H.B., M.D., University of Cape Town, South Africa, 1965

    ACOSTA, MELVYN M., Instructor (Internal Medicine), 1997B.S.,M.D., Ponce School of Medicine, 1991

    ADAIR, W. LEE, JR., Professor (Biochemistry), 1975Sc.B.; Ph.D., Georgetown University, 1972

    ADEIGBOLA, MARIA R., Assistant Professor (Childhood Education), 1992B.A.; M.A., Ph. D., University of South Florida, 1995

    ADNANE, JALILA, Assistant Professor (Biochemistry), 1997B.S., M.S., Ph.D, University of Nice, School of Medicine (France), 1992

    AGRAWAL, DEEPAK K., Assistant Professor (Medical Microbiology), 1995B.S.; Ph. D., Purdue University, 1987

    AHERN, VINCENT, Visiting Coordinator (University Galleries), 1995B.S.; B.A., M.F.A., University of South Florida, 1982

    AKIN, CHRISTOPHER, Assistant in (COBA Computer Center), 1997A.A.,B.A., University of South Florida, 1996

    AL-ARIAN, SAMI A., Associate Professor (Computer Science & Engineering), 1986B.S.; M.S., Ph.D., North Carolina State University, 1985

    ALBERTS, W. MICHAEL, Professor (Internal Medicine), 1983B.A.; M.D., University of Illinois, 1977

    ALBRECHT, TERRANCE L., Professor (Community & Family Health), 1991B.A., M.A., M.L.I.R., Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1978

    ALBRINK, MICHAEL H., Assistant Professor (Surgery), 1989B.S.; M.D, Ohio State University, 1978

    ALDEN, SUSAN L., Assistant Professor (Surgery), 1994B.A.; M.D., Eastern Virginia Medical School, 1985

    ALEINIKOV, ANDREI B., Postdoctorate Fellow (CMR-ENG), 1996B.S.,Ph.D, Institute of Semiconductor Physics (Ukraine), 1983

    ALEXOPOULOS, GOLFO C, Assistant Professor (History), 1996B.S. M.A. Ph.D University Of Chicago, 1996

    ALESSANDRINI, JOANN G., Faculty Administrator (Engineering), 1985B.A., Notre Dame, 1981

    ALLEN, NANCY M., Assistant University Librarian (Sarasota Library), 1992B.A.; M.S., Atlanta University, 1978

    ALLEN, TAMMY D., Assistant Professor (Psychology), 1996B.A., Ph.D, University of Tennessee, 1996

    ALLEN, VALERIE H. G., Assistant Professor (English), 1993B.A., Ph.D., Trinity College, Ireland, 1989

    ALTHAUSEN, JR., JOHN D., Assistant Professor (Geography), 1994B.S.; M.S., Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 1994

    ALTUS, PHILIP, Professor (Internal Medicine), 1976A.B.; M.D., State University of New York, Upstate Medical Center, 1971

    ALWAY, STEPHEN E., Associate Professor (Anatomy), 1995B.S.; M.S., Ph.D., McMaster University, 1985

    AMEN, MICHAEL J., Associate Dean-Associate Professor (Arts and Sciences),1982B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., University of Geneva, 1976

    AMIN, JAHANSHAH, Assistant Professor (Pharmacology & Therapeutics), 1995B.S., Ph.D., University of Miami, 1989

    AMUSO, JEAN, Program Director and Lecturer (Social Work-Mental Health Law& Policy), 1994B.A.; M.S.W., Florida State University, 1994

    ANDERSON, BURT E., Assistant Professor (Medical Micobiology & Immunology),1994B.S.; Ph.D., Georgia State University, 1988

    ANDERSON, DONNA J., Associate Professor (Psychological and Social Foun-dations), 1987B.A.; M.A., Ed.S., Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1984

    ANDERSON, EUGENE C., Professor (Psychology & Sociology Foundation),1964B.S., M.A., Ph.D, University of Michigan, 1964

    ANDERSON, JEFFREY A., Assistant Professor (Childhood Education), 1996A.A., B.A., M.A., Ph.D, University of South Florida, 1992

    ANDERSON, MELVIN W., Associate Dean (Engineering) - Professor (CivilEngineering and Mechanics), 1969B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Carnegie - Mellon University, 1967, P.E.

    ANDERSON, NANCY A., Associate Professor (Childhood Education), 1985B.S.; M. Ed., Ed. D., University of Southern Mississippi, 1982

    ANDERSON ROBERT L., Associate Dean (Business Administration) - Professor(Marketing), 1971B.S., M.S., Ph.D., North Texas State University, 1971

    ANDERSON, WILLIAM M., Associate Professor (Internal Medicine), 1992B.A.; M.S.; M.D., Eastern Virginia Medical School, 1978

    ANDREWS, ANTHONY P., Professor (Social Sciences), New College, 1981B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1980

    ANDROLEWICZ, MATTHEW J., Assistant Professor (Biochemistry), 1995B.S.; Ph.D., University of California at Riverside, 1991

    ANGROSINO, MICHAEL V., JR., Professor (Anthropology), 1972B.A.; Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 1972


    ANTON, ANA I., Assistant Professor (Bus. Ad-Info. Syst./Decision), 1997B.S., M.S., Ph.D, Georgia Technical School of Computing, 1997

    ANTON, JOHN P., Professor (Philosophy), 1982B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University, 1954

    ANTONIA, SCOTT J., Assistant Professor (Internal Medicine), 1994B.S., Ph.D., M.D., University of Connecticut, 1989

    APPLEGATE, JANE H., Professor (Deans of C-Education), 1997B.S., M.S., Ph.D, Ohio State University, 1978

    ARBOR, SUSAN A., Assistant in (Public Health), 1995A.A., B.S., M.S.W., M.P.A., Florida State University, 1995

    ARCHER, KEVIN, Assistant Professor (Geography), 1991B.A., M.A.; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1990

    ARENDASH, GARY W., Professor (Biology), 1981B.S.; Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco, 1978

    ARGIRY, MAGDALENE, Faculty Administrator (College of Public Health - DeansOffice), 1985B.A., M.A., Kent State University, 1971

    ARMSTRONG, ROBERTA M., Coordinator (Academic Support & Achievement),1987B.A., M.A., University of South Florida, 1987

    ARNADE, CHARLES W., Distinguished Professor (Government & InternationalAffairs), 1961A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of Florida, 1955

    ARNOLD, ERIC J., Associate Professor (Marketing), 1994B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1982

    ARNOLD, JANE F., Instructor (Anesthesiology) 1996B.S., M.D., University of Miami School of Medicine, 1991

    ARRIETA, MARTHA I, Assistant Professor (Public Health), 1996M.D. M.P.H. , University of South Florida, 1990

    ARRINGTON, JOHN A., Associate Professor (Radiology), 1991B.S., M.D., University of South Florida, 1983

    ARSENAULT, KATHLEEN H., University Librarian (University Libraries), St.Petersburg Campus, 1982B.A., M.S.L.S., Simmons College, 1973

    ARSENAULT, RAYMOND O., Professor (History), St. Petersburg Campus, 1980B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., Brandeis University, 1980

    ASHLEY, CANDI D, Assistant Professor (Physical Education), 1996B.B.A., M.S., Ph.D., University Of Alabama, 1995

    ASHMAWY, ALAA K., Assistant Professor (Civil Engineering and Mechanics),1997B.S., M.S.C.E., Ph.D, Purdue University, 1990

    ATHAN, STEPHAN, Research Associate In (Center for Micro-Electronics), 1995B.S.E.E., University of South Florida, 1980

    AUSTIN, MARIE A., Faculty Administrator (Academic Advising-Tracking), 1998M.S., Syracuse University, 1997

    AUSTIN, RICHARD A., Assistant Professor (Secondary Education), 1990B.S.; M.E.D., Ph.D., University of Florida, 1983

    BABIONE, LOIS, Assistant In Research (Pediatrics), 1980B.S., M.S., Florida State University, 1975

    BACOATS, GERALD G., Program Director and Instructor (Florida ComprehensiveSystem of Personnel Development), St. Petersburg Campus, 1995M.Ed.; Ed.D., University of South Florida, 1993

    BADEY, THOMAS J., Assistant Professor (Government & International Affairs),1997B.S., M.S., Ph.D, University of Heidelberg, 1993

    BAER, ROBERTA D., Associate Professor (Anthropology), 1984B.A.; M.A.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1984

    BAGLEY, DANIEL S., III, Associate Professor (Mass Communications), 1979B.S.; M.B.A.; Ph.D., University of Tennessee, 1977

    BAGUI, TAPAN K., Research Associate (Biochemistry), 1997Ph.D, Jadavpur University (Calcutta, India), 1997

    BAHR, RUTH H., Assistant Professor (Communication Sciences and Disorders),1995

    BAHNA, SAMI L., Professor (Pediatrics), St. Petersburg Campus, 1992M.D.; Ph.d., Alexandria University, 1970

    BAI, WENLONG, Assistant Professor (Pathology), 1997B.S., Ph.D, University of Texas at Houston, 1992

    BAKER, CAROL L., Research (Diagnostic & Learning Resources System), 1984B.A.; M.S.W., Florida State University, 1973

    BAKER, GREGORY R., V.P. Office Research (Center for Molecular Design andRecognition), 1989B.S., Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1989

    BALDUCCI, LODOVICO, Professor (Internal Medicine), 1993M.D., Cathloic University, Roma, 1968

    BALFOUR, ALAN, Associate Professor (Management), St. Petersburg Campus,1980B.A.; M.L.I.R.; J.D.; Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1975

    BALIS, JOHN U., Professor (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine), 1978M.D., National University of Athens, Medical School, Greece, 1957

    BALSERA, ALICIA F., Associate Directror-Instructor (Academic Computing),1986B.S. Che.; M.S. Che., University of South Florida, 1986

    BALTES, MICHAEL R., Assistant in Research (Center for Urban TransportationResearch), 1992B.A., M.P.A., University of South Florida, 1992

    BANDYK, DENNIS P., Professor (Surgery), 1991B.S.E., M.S.E., M.D., University of Michigan School of Medicine, 1975

    BANDYOPADHYAY, GAUTAM K., Research Associate in (Internal Medicine),1994B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., University of Calcutta, 1982


    BANERJI, MADHABI, Assistant Professor (Educational Measurement andResearch ), 1995B.Sc.; B.Ed.; M.Ed.; Ph. D., University of South Florida, 1990

    BANES, RUTH A., Associate Professor (Humanities & American Studies), 1979B.A., Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 1978

    BANOOB, SAMIR N., Professor (Health Policy & Government), 1983M.D., D.M., D.P.H., Dr.P.H., Alexandria University, Egypt, 1979

    BARAM, UZI I., Assistant Professor (New College ofSoc Science), 1997B.A., M.A, Ph.D, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1996

    BARBER, MICHAEL J., Professor (Biochemistry), 1983B.Sc., M.Sc.; Ph.D., University of Sussex, 1975

    BARKHOLZ, GERALD R., Program Director-Associate Professor (EducationalStudent Advising), 1968B.S., M.Ed.; Ed.D., University of Florida, 1976

    BARKSDALE-LADD, MARY A., Associate Professor (Childhood Education), 1994B.A., M.Ed.,; Ed.D., Virginia Tech University, 1988

    BARLOW-RADEMEYER, IVAN K., Assistant Professor (Anesthesiology), 1995B.S., M.B., M.D., University of South Florida, 1991

    BARNESS, LEWIS A., Professor (Pediatrics), 1972A.B., M.D., Harvard Medical School, 1944 M.A. Hon.

    BARRETT, ANDREW J., Assistant Dean-Instructor (Engineering), 1982B.A.; M.A.; Ed.D., University of Florida, 1976

    BARRIONUEVO, MARCELO J., Visiting Instructor (Obstretrics and Gynecology),1995M.D., University of Buenos Aires, 1987

    BARRIOS, MAURA, Coordinator (IAL-Latin AM Init), 1990B.A., Utah State University, 1976

    BARRON, ANN, Associate Professor (Secondary Education), 1991B.S., M.A., Ed.D., University of Central Florida, 1991

    BARTLETT, SUE ANNE, Lecturer (Economics), 1994B.S., M.A., University of South Florida, 1993

    BARTON, MICHELLE E., Assistant Professor (Psychology) New College, 1993B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., Emory University, 1993

    BARTSCH, INGRID, Assistant Professor (Women's Studies), 1994B.Sc., M.Sc.; Ph.D., University of Maine, 1991

    BARYLSKI, ROBERT V., Research Associate Professor, (Government & Inter-national Affairs), Sarasota Campus, 1979B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard, 1972

    BASSETT, JAMES D., Assistant Professor (Social Work-Tuition Fund), 1996B.A., M.S.W., Ph.D, Smith College, 1996

    BASTA, LOFTY L., Professor (Internal Medicine), 1993M.B., B.Ch., Ain Shams, Cairo, 1955

    BATSCHE, CATHERINE J., Associate Professor (Academic Affairs Provost),1992B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., Illinois State University, 1980

    BATSCHE, GEORGE M., Jr., Professor (Psychological and Social Foundations),1989B.A.; M.A., Ed.D., Ball State University, 1978

    BATTAGLIN, JEANNETTE, Faculty Administrator (Community & Family Health),1993B.S.; M.A.; New York University, 1983

    BATTANE, GARY R., Lecturer (Law and Mental Health), 1986B.A.; M.A., University of Detroit, 1977

    BATTIN, BARBARA A., Faculty Administrator (Community & Family Health), 1997B.S.N., Florida State University, 1984

    BAUER, GORDON B., Associate Professor (Business Administration-GraduateStudies) New College, 1991B.A., M.A.; M.S.; Ph.D., University of Hawaii, 1986

    BAUER, URSULA E., Assistant Professor (Public Health), 1997B.S., M.P.S., M.P.H., Ph.D, Yale University, 1995

    BAUM, ROSALIE A., Associate Professor (English), 1987A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D., University of Detroit, 1976

    BAUMGARTEN, STEVEN A., Professor (Marketing), 1976B.I.E.; M.S., Ph.D., Purdue University, 1971

    BAUTISTA-MYERS, LILIAN R., Faculty Administrator (Education), 1992B.A.; M.S.; Ed D. Oklahoma State University, 1978

    BAXTER, DOROTHY E., Associate in Research (Suncoast Geroltology Center),1992B.S.; M.P.H., University of South Florida, 1991

    BEACH, DOROTHY R., Instructor (Counseling Center for Human Development),1972B.A., M.A.; Ed.D., Nova University, 1975

    BEASLEY, BOB L., Associate Professor (Physical Education), 1970B.S., M.Ed.; Ph.D., Florida State University, 1968

    BECKER, JEANNE L., Assistant Professor (Obstetrics and Gynecology), 1990B.S., Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1986

    BECKER, MARION A., Associate Professor (Community Mental Health Ser-vices), 1997R.N., M.A., Ph.D, University of Wisconsin, 1992

    BECKIE, THERESA M., Assistant Professor (Nursing), 1994B.S.N.; M.N., Ph.D., University of Alberta, 1994

    BECKMAN, RICHARD L., Assistant Professor (Visual Arts), 1991B.A., B.F.A., M.A., M.F.A., University of New Mexico, 1990

    BEENHAKKER, ARIE, Distnguished Professor (Finance), 1973Ph.D.; Ph.D., Purdue University, 1964

    BEGGS, JAMES, Visiting Assistant Professor (Surgery), 1995B.S.; M.D., Uiversity of Florida, 1988

    BEHNKE, ROY H., Professor (Internal Medicine), 1972A.B.; M.D., Indiana University School of Medicine, 1946

    BELGRAD, DANIEL, Assistant Professor (Humanities & American Studies), 1995B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., Yale University, 1994

    BELL, ELIZABETH E., Assistant Professor (Communication), 1993B.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas, 1983

    BELL, JAMES A., Professor-Acting Program Director (Philosophy), 1974A.B.; M.A., Ph.D., Boston University, 1969

    BELL, SUSAN S., Professor (Biology), 1979B.A.; M.S.; Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 1979

    BELLANTE, DONALD M., Professor (Economics), 1985B.S.; M.B.A.; Ph.D., Florida State University, 1971

    BELOHLAVEK, JOHN M., Chairperson-Professor (History), 1970B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Nebraska, 1970

    BELSOLE, ROBERT J., Professor (Surgery), 1991B.S.,; M.D., New York Medical College, 1969

    BELT, JACK W., Associate Professor (Theatre), 1966B.A.; M.F.A.; J.D., University of Florida, 1967

    BENADUSI, GIOVANNA, Associate Professor (History), 1988Ph.D., Syracuse University, 1988

    BENKERT, CINDY M., Associate in (Academic Affairs), 1997B.S., Rider University, 1995

    BENJAMIN, WILLIAM F., Professor (Educational Leadership and Higher Educa-tion), 1968B.A., M.A., Ph.D., George Peabody College, 1961

    BENNETT, CAROL K., Assistant Program Director and Instructor (Social Work),1991B.A., M.S.W., University of South Florida, 1985

    BENNETT, ERIC S., Assistant Professor (Physiology and BioPhysics), 1997B.S., M.S., Ph.D, University of Rochester, 1992

    BENOIT, RAYMOND R., Assistant in (OB/GYN), 1997B.S., Northeastern University, 1978

    BENSON, KAARON, Assistant Professor (Pathology & Laboratory Medicine),1989B.S.; M.D., Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1983

    BENSON, ROBERT F., Lecturer (Chemistry), 1990B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D., University of Arkansas, 1978

    BENTLEY, MARY ANN M., Lecturer (Theatre), 1976B.A., University of South Florida, 1962

    BENTON, J. EDWIN, Associate Professor (Government and InternationalAffairs), 1979B.A., M.A.; Ph.D., Florida State University, 1978

    BENTON, THELMA D., Faculty Administrator (Academic Support & Achievement),1969B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D., Florida State University, 1981

    BERCU, BARRY B., Professor (Pediatrics), 1984B.S., M.D., University of Maryland, 1969

    BERGEN, GARY A., Assistant Professor (Internal Medicine), 1993B.S., M.D., University of South Florida, 1989

    BERGER, NEAL H., Program Director/Instructor (Institute for At-Risk Infants/Institute for Instructional Research & Practice), 1985B.A.; M.S.; Ph.D., Florida State University, 1984

    BERGGREN, DOUGLAS C., Professor (Humanities), New College, 1975B.A.; M.A.; M.A., Ph.D., Yale University, 1959

    BERMAN, CLAUDIA G., Associate Professor (Radiology), 1989B.A., Ed., Eastern Washington University, 1975

    BERMAN, LEE R., Assistant in (OB/GYN), 1997A.S., B.A., Framingham State College, 1978

    BERNARD, JOSHUA M., Assistant Professor (Surgery), 1993B.A.; M.D., New York College, 1988

    BERNARD,THOMAS E., Professor (Environmental & Occupational Health), 1989B.S., M.S.; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1975

    BERNDT, DONALD J., Instructor (Information Systems and Decision Sciences),1995B.S.; M.S.; P. Phil., Stern School of Business, 1993

    BERNSTEIN, RICHARD A., Instructor (Academic Programs) Lakeland Campus,1984B.A., M.A., University of South Florida

    BESLEY, SCOTT, Associate Professor (Finance), 1982B.S., M.B.A., D.B.A., Florida State University, 1977

    BESS, LILLY P., Instructor (Communication Sciences & Disorders), 1996B.S., M.A., New York University, 1976

    BESTERFIELD, GLEN H., Associate Professor (Mechanical Engineering), 1988B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1989

    BETZER, PETER, Professor - Chairperson (Marine Science), St. PetersburgCampus, 1971B.A.; Ph.D., University of Rhode Island, 1971

    BEULIG, ALFRED, JR., Professor (Natural Sciences), New College, 1975B.S., M.S.; Ph.D., City University of New York, 1974

    BEZON, JOAN F., Assistant Professor (Nursing), 1986B.S.N.; M.S.N.; Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1992

    BHETHANABOTLA, VENKAT R., Associate Professor (Chemical Engineering),1987B. Tech.; M.S., Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 1987

    BICKEL, PATRICIA J., Faculty Administrator (V.P. for Health Sciences), 1997B.S., M.B.A., University of Tampa, 1995

    BIERSDORF, WILLIAM R., Professor (Ophthalmology), 1978B.S., M.S.; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1954

    BINFORD, JESSE S., JR., Professor (Chemistry), 1961B.A., M.A.; Ph.D., University of Utah, 1955

    BIRD, ELIZABETH Visiting Professor (Anthropology), 1996B.A., M.A. Ma. Ph.D., University Of Strathclyde, 1980

    BIRKIN, STANLEY J., Professor (Information Systems & Decision Sciences),1969B.S.C., M.S.C.; Ph.D., University of Alabama, 1969

    BIVER, JR., CARL J., Instructor (Chemical Engineering), 1995B.S., M.S.; Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1986

    BLACK, JOHN J., Professor (Mass Communications), St. Petersburg Campus,1993A.B.; M.S.; M.S.; Ph.D., University of Missouri, 1974

    BLAIR, RAYMOND C., Professor (College of Public Health - Deans), 1976B.A., M.P.H., Ph.D, University of South Florida, 1980


    BLAKE, NORMAN J., Professor (Marine Science), St. Petersburg Campus, 1972B.S.; M.S., Ph.D., University of Rhode Island, 1972

    BLAKE-RATHER, PATRICIA E., Instructor (Communication Sciences & Disor-ders), 1994M.S., University of South Florida, 1976

    BLANCK, GEORGE, Associate Professor (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology),1990B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University, 1983

    BLAND, ROSE L., Associate University Librarian (Health Sciences Library), 1992B.S., M.L.S., University of South Florida, 1992

    BLANK, WILLIAM E., Professor-Chairperson (Adult and Vocational Education),1976B.S., M.S.; Ph.D., Florida State University, 1976

    BLANTON, JAMES E., Associate Professor (Information Systems and DecisionSciences), 1985B.S.; M.B.A., Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1987

    BLASS, ROSANNE J, Visiting Professor (Childhood Education), 1995B.S.; M.S., Ph.D., University of Tennessee at Knoxville, 1975

    BLECHMAN, WILBUR J, Research Professor (Public Health), 1996B.S., M.D., Medical College Of Virginia, 1957

    BLEVINS, KIMBERLY A., Visiting Coordinator (Community and Family Health),1995B.S., M.P.H., University South Florida, 1995

    BLOCH, SYLVAN C., Professor (Physics), 1963B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Florida State University, 1962

    BLOUNT, WILLIAM R., Professor-Chairperson (Criminology), 1968B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., George Peabody College, 1969

    BOARDMAN, LYNN A., Assistant Professor (Obstretrics and Gynecology), 1995B.S.; M.D., University of Alabama, 1991

    BOAZ, TIMOTHY L., Associate Professor (Community Mental Health Services),1989B.A., M.S.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1986

    BOCHNER, ARTHUR P., Chairperson and Professor (Communication), 1984B.S.; M.A.; Ph.D., Bowling Green State University, 1971

    BOGNAR, BRYAN A., Assistant Professor (Internal Medicine), 1993B.S.; M.D., Indiana University, 1989

    BOJARSKI, LINDA S., Assistant in (FMHI-Deans), 1997A.A., B.S., M.S., Florida Institute of Technology, 1996

    BOLTEN, STEVEN E., Professor (Finance), 1978B.S.; M.B.A., Ph.D., New York University, 1969

    BONDI, JOSEPH C., JR., Professor (Educational Leadership), 1966B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Florida, 1968

    BOOTH, JACKIE, L., Assistant Program Director and Instructor (Center forEconomic Education), 1991M.A., M.S., Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1980

    BOOTHBY, LOUISE H., Assistant Professor (Childhood Education) SarasotaCampus, 1993B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Florida State University, 1989

    BOOTH-JONES, MARGARET, Assistant Professor (Psychiatry), 1997B.S., M.S., Ph.D, University of South Florida, 1995

    BOOTHROYD, ROGER A., Research Associate (FMHI Deans Office), 1996B.S., M.S., Ph.D., State University Of New York, 1990

    BORMAN, KATHRYN M., Professor (Anthropology), 1993B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1976

    BORMAN, WALTER C., Professor (Psychology), 1990A.B.; Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1972

    BOSEK, VOYTEK, Assistant Professor (Anesthesiology), 1986M.D., University of Prague, 1966

    BOSTOW, DARREL E., Professor (Psychological and Social Foundations), 1970B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, 1970

    BOUCEK, ROBERT J., Professor (Pediatrics), 1993B.S.; M.S., M.D., Tulane University, 1969

    BORCHERT, CAROL A., Assistant Librarian (General-University Library), 1997B.A., M.L.S., University of Kentucky, 1991

    BOULWARE, DAVID C., Associate in (Pediatrics), 1997B.A., M.B.A., M.H.S., M.Sc., University of Central Florida, 1995

    BOWER, RICHARD J., Associate Professor (Surgery), 1991B.A.; M. D., University of Virginia, Charlotteville, 1969

    BOWERS, LOUIS E., Distinguished Professor (Physical Education), 1967B.S.; M.A.; Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1964

    BOWERS, RICHARD T., Associate Dean and Professor (Business Administra-tion), 1963B.S., M.S., Ed.D., George Peabody College, 1961

    BOWIE, JULIUS R., Assistant Professor (Anesthesiology), 1989B.S.; M.d., Medical College of Georgia, 1983

    BOWYER, KEVIN W., Professor (Computer Science and Engineering), 1984B.S.; Ph.D., Duke University, 1980

    BOYCE, HENRY W., JR., Professor (Internal Medicine), 1975B.S.; M.S.; M.D., Bowman Gray School of Medicine, 1955

    BRADLEY JR., JOHN W., Associate in (CUTR-ENG), 1995B.A., M.P.A., University of South Florida, 1995

    BRADLEY, KATHY L., Instructor (Psychological & Social Foundations), 1996B.A.A.S., M.Ed., Ed.S., Leigh University, 1988

    BRADY, PATRICK G., Professor (Internal Medicine), 1978A.B.; M.D., New Jersey College of Medicine, 1968

    BRAIN, DAVID K., Assistant Professor (Sociology) New College, 1991B.A. Ph.D., Harvard University, 1984

    BRAKEALL, LINDA G., Instructor, Librarian (General University Library), 1996B.A., M.L.S., J.D., College Of William And Mary, 1990

    BRAMAN, ROBERT S., Professor (Chemistry), 1967B.S.; Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1966

    BRANDON, KAREN O., Assistant Professor (Psychology), 1997B.A., Ph.D, Indiana University, 1994

    BRANDON, THOMAS H., Associate Professor (Deans Office of Arts & Sciences),1997A.B., M.S., Ph.D, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1990

    BRANNICK, MICHAEL T., Associate Professor (Psychology), 1986B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Bowling Green State University, 1986

    BRASS, ROBERT W., Faculty Administrator (Deans Office- Business), 1997A.A., B.A., University of South Florida, 1970

    BRAUN, BONNIE A., Assistant Professor (Special Education), 1997B.S., M.A., Ph.D, University of South Florida, 1989

    BRAY, LLOYD, Coordinator (School of Music), 1977B.A.; M.A., University of North Carolina, 1968

    BREIT, FRANK D., Associate Professor (Education), 1968B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D, University of Texas, 1968

    BREM, STEVEN S., Professor (Surgery), 1995B.A.; M.D., Harvard University Medical School, 1972

    BREWER, PRISCILLA J., Associate Professor (Humanities & American Studies),1987,B.A.; M.A., M.A., Ph.D., Brown University, 1987

    BRIDGES, WINSTON T., JR., Associate Dean-Associate Professor (Psycho-logical and Social Foundations Education), St. Petersburg Campus, 1970B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., University of Florida, 1975

    BRINDLEY, ROGER N., Assistant Professor (Childhood Education), 1996B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., University Of Georgia, 1996

    BRINKMANN, ROBERT, Associate Professor (Geography), 1990B.S.; M.S., Ph.D., University of Wisconson, Milwaukee, 1989

    BRISCOE, DIANE B., Coordinator and Instructor (Educational Student Advising),1985B.M.Ed.; M.M.Ed., Ed.S., Ph.D., Florida State University, 1982

    BRISCOE, RICHARD V., Coordinator and Assistant Professor (Child & FamilyStudies) St. Petersburg Campus, 1984B.S.; M.S., Ph.D., Florida State University, 1983

    BROER, LAWRENCE R., Professor (English), 1965B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Bowling Green State University, 1968

    BROMLEY, MAX L., Associate Director (Criminology) 198Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University, 1992

    BROOKS, MARY C., Assistant Director and Instructor (Florida Policy ExchangeCenter), 1994B.S., Pennsylvania State University,1983

    BROOKS, J. RENEE, Assistant Professor (Biology) 1996M.S., Ph.D., University Of Washington, 1993

    BROOKS, STUART M., Professor-Chairperson (Environmental & OccupationalHealth), 1986B.S., M.D., University of Cincinnati, 1962

    BROSCH, GARY L., Director (Center for Urban Transportaiotn & Research), 1988B.S.; M.S., Florida State University, 1973

    BROWN, CHARLES H., Professor (Epidemiology & Biostatistics), 1990B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1981

    BROWN, DAVID A., Assistant in (COBA Computer Center), 1994 B.S., University of Central Florida,

    BROWN, KAREN F., Assistant Professor (Mass Communications), 1985B.A.; M.S.; Ph.D., University of Tennessee, 1982

    BROWN, VANESSA G., Counselor, Advisor and Instructor (Academic Support andAchievement), 1995B.S., Valdosta State University, 1987

    BROWNLEE, HARRISON J., Professor-Chairperson (Family Medicine), 1983B.A.; M.D., SUNY Upstate Medical Center, 1976

    BRUCE, RITA G., Associate Dean-Associate Professor (Public Health), 1970B.S., M.S., Ed.D., West Virginia University, 1965

    BRUGGER, WALTER I., Associate in (Computer Science & Engineering), 1987B.S.; B.E.T., University of South Florida, 1986

    BRULOTTE, GAETAN, Professor (Languages), 1987B.A., B.A., M.A.; Ph.D., Universite de Paris VII, 1978

    BRYAN, JOANNE C., Associate In (Engineering Research), 1974B.A.; M.A., University of Georgia, 1968

    BRYANT, ALMA J., Associate Professor-Associate Chairperson (English), 1972B.S., M.A.; Ed.S., Ed.D., University of Florida, 1976

    BRYANT, CAROL A., Assistant Professor (Community & Family Health), 1989B.A., M.A., M.S., Ph.D., University of Kentucky, 1984

    BRYANT, JUDITH B., Associate Professor (Psychology), 1981B.A.; Ph.D.,University of Minnesota, 1981

    BRYANT, MARGARET W., Instructor (Anatomy), 1980B.S.; M.S., Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1973

    BUCKLE, KENNETH A., Associate Professor (Electrical Engineering), 1984B.E.E.; M.S.; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1984

    BUDD, STEPHEN R., Faculty Administrator (Deans Office-Business), 1997B.S., M.B.A., University of South Florida, 1994

    BUENTO, RUSSELL J., Instructor (Sociology), 1995B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Purdue University, 1992

    BUFFINGTON, RICHARD G., Faculty Administrator (Dean's Office - Engineer-ing), 1984B.A., M.B.A., University of South Florida, 1978

    BUKANTZ, SAMUEL C., Research Professor (Internal Medicine), 1974B.S.; M.D., New York University College of Medicine, 1934

    BULMASH, SAMUEL B., Associate Professor (Finance), 1985B.A.; M.B.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1981

    BURDASH, NICHOLAS, Professor (Anesthesiology), 1991B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1969

    BURKE, MERILYN S., Department Head and Associate University Librarian(University Libraries), 1990B.S.; M.L.S., Syracuse University, 1970

    BURNAMAN, TIMOTHY P., Associate Professor (Dance), 1997BURNS, CANDACE M., Associate Professor (Dean's Office - Nursing), 1977

    B.S.N.; M.S., Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1980


    BURNS, PATRICIA A., Professor (Deans Office-College of Nursing), 1997R.N., B.S.N., M.S., Ph.D, State University of New York at Buffalo, 1988

    BURRIS, MARK W., Research Assistant In (Center for Urban TransportationResearch), 1995B.Eng.;M.Sc.E., University of New Brunswick, 1995

    BURTON, CARMEN S., Counselor/Advisor and Instructor (Dean's Office Arts &Sciences) 1979B.S.; M.A., Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1984

    BURTON, LILLIE M., Instructor (Child & Family Studies), 1993BURTON, VALERIE L., Clinical Assistant Professor (Pediatrics), 1995

    B.A.; Ph. D., University of Oklahoma, 1988BUSANSKY, SHELDON, Visiting Instructor and Faculty Administrator (Industrial

    Management & Systems Engineering and Technology Reinvestment), 1991B.A.; J.D., Harvard Law School, 1958

    BUSICO, DIANE F., Assistant Professor (Bus. Ad-Info Syst/Decisin), 1997B.S., M.B., Ph.D, Kent State University, 1994

    BUSOT, J. CARLOS, Professor (Chemical Engineering), 1970B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Florida, 1970

    BYRNE, ROBERT H., JR., Graduate Research Professor (Marine Science), St.Petersburg Campus, 1977B.S.; M.S.; M.A.; Ph.D., University of Rhode Island, 1974

    BYRNES, PATRICIA G., Visiting Assistant In (Business Administration), 1996A.A., B.A., M.B.A., University of South Florida, 1994

    CAFLISCH, JACOB C., III, Associate Professor (Languages), 1970A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Indiana University, 1974

    CAHILL, DAVID W., Professor (Surgery), 1983B.A., M.D., University of Virginia, 1976

    CAHILL, RICHARD A., Associate Professor (Pediatrics), 1997B.S., M.D., University of California at Los Angeles, 1967

    CAHILL, SPENCER E., Associate Professor (Bachelor of IndependentStudies),1996B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University Of California, 1982

    CAHOON, W. LES, Faculty Administrator (Engineering Reseach), 1993B.S. Ph.D., The Queen's University of Belfast, Ireland, 1971

    CAIN, DELORES J., Lecturer (Law and Mental Health), 1995B.A.; M.S.W., Florida State University, 1985

    CALANDRA, DENIS, Professor - Chairperson (Theatre), 1978B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Nebraska, 1970

    CALDERON, EDUARDO G., Research Assistant Professor (Internal Medicine),1996M.D., San Agustin National University, 1987

    CALLAHAN, ANITA L., Associate Professor (Industrial & Management SystemEngineering), 1989B.S.; M.S., Ph.D., Stanford University, 1989

    CALLAHAN, CHARLENE M., Associate Professor (Social Sciences), NewCollege, 1975B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1975

    CALLAN, JOSEPH P., Visiting Instructor (Social Work), 1995B.A.; M.S.; M.S.W., University of South Florida, 1985

    CALVERT, ROBERT R., Lecturer (Law & Mental Health), 1997B.A., M.S.W., University of Calgary, 1971

    CAMERON, DON F., Associate Professor (Anatomy), 1986B.A.; M.S., Ph.D., Medical University of South Carolina, 1977

    CAMP, PAUL E., JR., University Librarian (University Libraries), 1972B.A.; M.S.L.S., Florida State University, 1972

    CAMPBELL, CHARI A., Associate Professor (Psychological & Social Founda-tions),1994B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Florida, 1985

    CAMPBELL, DORIS W., Professor (Deans Office) 1995B.S.N., M.A., Ph.D., University Of Texas At Austin, 1987

    CAMPBELL, JOHN SCOTT, Instructor (Division of Languages), 1989A.B.; Ph.D., Brown University, 1979

    CAMPBELL, KYLE N., Research Associate (Architecture and Florida Center ofCommunity Design), 1995B.S., University of South Florida, 1993

    CAMPBELL, ROBERT D., Visiting Eminent Scholar (Architecture),1996B.A., M.S., M. Arch., Harvard, 1967

    CAMPBELL, SCOTT W., Associate Professor (Chemical Engineering), 1986B.E.; M.S., Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1986

    CAMPOE, JOSE A. Assistant in (Academic Computing), 1994B.S., University of Texas, 1990

    CAMPOS, ALFONSO, Associate Professor (Pediatrics), 1982M.D., Greater National University of San Marcos, 1974

    CANE, ROY D., Professor (Anesthesiology), 1990M.B.B.Ch., University of Witwatersrand School of Medicine, 1969

    CANNONS, ANDREW C., Assistant Professor (Biology), 1987B.Tech., Ph.D., University of Bradford, 1982

    CANO, CARLOS J., Associate Professor (Languages), 1970B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., Indiana University, 1973

    CANO, NORMA, Instructor (Undergraduate Studies-SP SV), 1993B.A., University of Puerto Rico, 1977

    CANTOR, ALAN B., Associate Professor (Pediatrics), 1994B.S.; M.A.; Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 1972

    CAPOBIANCO, SUSAN Z., Instructor (Pediatrics), 1997B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D, University of South Florida, 1997

    CAPSAS, CLEON W., Professor (Languages), 1970B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 1964

    CARD, GEORGE R., Faculty Administrator (Engineering), 1994B.S.; M.S., University of South Florida, 1970

    CARDER, KENDALL L., Professor (Marine Science), St. Petersburg Campus,1969B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Oregon State University, 1970

    CAREY, JAMES, O., Visiting Assistant Professor (Library & Information Sci-ences), 1994B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., Florida State University, 1976

    CAREY, LARRY C., Chairperson-Professor (Surgery), 1990B.S., M.D., The Ohio State University, 1959

    CAREY, LOU M., Professor (Educational Measurement and Research), 1980B.S., M.A.; Ph.D., Florida State University, 1976

    CARGILL, CAROL J., Professor (Languages), 1977B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., Georgetown University, 1974

    CARLACCI, LOUIS, Assistant Professor (Chemistry), 1993B.S., Ph.D., State University of New York, 1988

    CARLSON, MARJORIE W., Instructor (Social Work), 1997B.A., M.S.W., Ohio State University, 1965

    CARNAHAN, ROBERT P., Professor (Engineer Research-DR WADE), 1980B.C.E., M.S.S.E., Ph.D, Clemson University, 1973

    CARNES, JOHN W., Research Assistant Professor (Family Medicine), 1985B.A.; M.S.; Ph.D., Indiana State University, 1979

    CARPENTER, JOYCE E., Visiting Instructor (Social Work), 1995B.S.; M.S.W., University of South Florida, 1983

    CARPENTER, WILLIAM C., Professor (Civil Engineering and Mechanics) 1976B.S.C.E., Ph.D., North Carolina State University, 1966, P.E.

    CARR, DAVID R., Associate Professor (History), St. Petersburg Campus, 1971B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Nebraska, 1971

    CARR, PATRICIA I., Visiting Instructor (Communication Sciences & Disorders),1996B.A., M.Ed., Northeastern University, 1979

    CARRASCO, MAGDALENA E., Associate Professor - Chairperson (Humanities),New College, 1977B.A.; M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale University, 1980

    CARRERA, LEEANN M., Visiting Instructor (Communiction Science and Disor-ders), 1995B.S., Dallas Baptist University, 1987

    CARROCCIO, DENNIS F., Visiting Associate In (Florida Mental Health Institute),1996B.A., Florida State University, 1966

    CARTLIDGE, JACK E., Associate Professor (Humanities), New College, 1975B.A.; M.A., University of Alabama, 1949

    CARVER, JANE D., Research Associate Professor (Pediatrics), 1981B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1992

    CASARIO, DOMINIC, Assistant In (Distance & Technology Mediated Learning),1995,B.A., University Of South Florida, 1991

    CASERTANO, MARK A., Program Director (Educational Research Center for ChildDevelopment), 1995B.A., M.S.; Ph.D., Virginia Tech, 1992

    CASTOR, ELIZABETH "BETTY" B., University President, 1993B.A.; M.Ed., University of Miami, 1968

    CASTRO, AWILDA, Visiting Instructor (Social Work-Tuition Fund), 1996B.A., M.S.W., University Of Michigan, 1974

    CATALANO, GLENN, Assistant Professor (Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine),1993B.S., M.D., University of South Florida, 1988

    CATTANI, JACQUELINE A., Professor (Environmental & Occupational Health),1997Ph.D., University of California - Berkley, 1984

    CAVANAGH, DENIS, Professor (Obstetrics and Gynecology), 1977M.B., Ch.B., University of Glasgow, Scotland, 1952

    CAVENDISH, JAMES C., Assistant in (Sociology), 1997B.A., M.A., Ph.D, University of Notre Dame, 1997

    CAWKWELL, GAIL D., Assistant Professor (Pediatrics), St. Petersburg Campus,1994B.S.; M.D., McGill University, 1988

    CEBULSKI, JAMES C., Counselor/Advisor and Instructor (Academic Support andAchievement), 1982B.S.Ed., M.A., Kent State University, 1967

    CHAMPION, TEMPII B., Assistant Professor (Communication Sciences &Disorders), 1997B.S., M.A., Ph.D, University of Massachusetts, 1994

    CHANDLER, DEBRA J., Assistant Professor (Psychology & Sociology Founda-tion), 1997B.A., M.A., Ph.D, UCLA, 1997

    CHANG, ROBERT S.F., Professor (Physics), 1985B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., Cornell University, 1976

    CHAPPELL, MICHAELE F., Assistant Professor (Secondary Education), 1990B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D., Florida State University, 1991

    CHARLES, FRANCOIS C., Clinical Instructor (Anesthesiology), 1994M.D., American University of the Carribean, 1986

    CHASON, WALTER M.. Assistant In (Education-Dean's Office and Institute forInstructional Research & Practices), 1993B.S., M.A., University of South Florida, 1990

    CHEN, FENG-I, Associate in Research (Marine Science) St. Petersburg Campus,1991B.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of Washington, 1981

    CHEN, LI-TSUN, Professor (Anatomy), 1980B.Sc.; Ph.D., University of Alberta, Canada, 1986

    CHENEY, PAUL H., Chairperson-Professor (Information Systems and DecisionSciences), 1990B.S.B.; M.P.A.; Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1977

    CHENG, JIN Q., Assistant Professor (Pathology), 1997Ph.D, M.D., Beijing Capital Medical Center, 1995

    CHERVENICK, PAUL A., Professor (Internal Medicine), 1993B.S., M.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1961

    CHEZ, RONALD A., Professor (Obstetrics and Gynecology), 1989A.B.; M.D., Cornell University Medical College, 1957

    CHILDS, KAREN E., Visiting Assistant In (Child & Family Studies), 1996B.A., M.A., University Of South Florida, 1986

    CHIOU, YUN LEEI, Professor (Electrical Engineering), 1984B.S.E.E.; M.S.E.E.; M.S.; Ph.D.E.E., Purdue University, 1969


    CHIRIKOS, THOMAS N., JR., Professor (Health Policy & Government), 1985B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1967

    CHOI, JUNGSUNG, Assistant Professor, (Rediology), 1994B.S., M.S.; M.D., State University of New York, 1988

    CHOUDHRY, UMESH, Clinical Assitant Professor (Internal Medicine), 1995B.Sc.; M.B.B.S., University College of Medical Sciences at New Delhi, India,1987

    CHRISTENSEN, KENNETH J., Assistant Professor (Computer Science andEngineering), 1995B.S.; M.S., Ph. D., North Carolina State University, 1991

    CHRISTIE, JOAN M., Clinical Associate Professor (Anesthesiology), 1990B.S., B.E., M.D., Dalhousie University, Halifas, 1979

    CHU, XUEHAO, Assistant In Research (Center for Urban Transprotation Re-search), 1993B.S.; Ph.D., University of California, 1993

    CHURTON, MICHAEL W., Program Director - Professor (Special Education), 1993B.S.; M.Ed.; Ed.D., University of Southern Mississippi, 1979

    CIMINO, CYNTHIA, Research Associate Professor (Psychology), 1989B.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of Florida, 1988

    CINTRON, GUILLERMO B., Clinical Professor (Internal Medicine), 1983B.S.; M.D., Loyola School of Medicine, Chicago, 1967

    CIRESI, RITA L., Assistant Professor (English) 1996B.A., M.A., M,F.A., Penn State University, 1988

    CISSNA, KENNETH N., Professor (Communication), 1979B.A.; M.S.; Ph.D., University of Denver, 1975

    CLARK, BLAIR W., Visiting Instructor (Accounting) 1995A.B., J.D., M.B.A., Columbia University, 1967

    CLARK, COLLEEN, Visiting Assistant Professor (Community Mental Health),1995B.A.;M.A., Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1983

    CLARK, HEWITT B., Professor (Child and Family Studies), 1983B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1972

    CLARK, ROBERT A., Chairperson-Professor (Radiology), 1986A.B.; M.D., University of Cincinnati Medical College, 1973

    CLARK, WILLIAM E., Professor (Dean's Office-Arts & Sciences and Mathemat-ics), 1970B.A.; Ph.D., Tulane University, 1964

    CLARK-ALEXANDER, BARBARA, Research Associate (Public Health), 1989B.S., M.P.H., University of South Florida, 1989

    CLARKE, BARBARA K., Professor (Reading Education), Sarasota Campus, 1977B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., Florida State University, 1977

    CLARKE, LAURENCE P., Research Professor (Radiology), 1984B.Sc., M.Sc.; Ph.D., National University of Ireland, 1978

    CLELAND, FRANCIS A., Research Assistant in (Center for Urban Transportation& Research), 1994B.A., M.B.A., Rice University, 1987

    CLEMENTS, WILLIAM R., Instructor (Communication Sciences & Disorders),1997B.A., M.S., Florida State University, 1994

    CLINGMAN, JOY M., Associate Professor (Psychology), St. Petersburg Campus,1970B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Florida State University, 1971

    CLOER, JUDY L., Assistant in (Internal Medicine), 1997A.A., B.A., M.S.W., University of South Florida, 1997

    COBB - ROBERTS, DEIRDRE L., Assistant Professor (Psychology & SociologyFoundation), 1997A.B., M.A., Ph.D, University of Illinois - Urbana Champagne, 1998

    COBLE, PAULA G., Assistant Professor (Marine Science), 1992B.A.; M.S.; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1990

    COCHRAN, JOHN K., Associate Professor (Criminology), 1994B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Florida, 1987

    COCHRANE, BRUCE J., Associate Professor (Biology), 1981B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., Indiana University, 1979

    COE, RICHARD D., Associate Professor (Economics), New College, 1984A.B.; M.A., J.D., Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1979

    COFFIN, SUSAN B., Assistant In Research (Obstetrics & Gynecology), 1993B.S., Northern Illinois University, 1968

    COGAN, JANICE B., Lecturer (Law & Mental Health), 1997B.A., Lee College, 1986

    COHEN, CYNTHIA F., Professor (Management), 1982B.B.A., M.B.A.; Ph.D., Georgia State University, 1980

    COHEN, DONNA, Professor and Chairperson (Aging & Mental Health), 1992B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1975

    COHEN, MURRAY E., Associate Professor (Information Systems and DecisionSciences), 1983B.A.; M.A.S., Ph.D., Georgia State University, 1976

    COKER, JOHN W., Associate Dean (Fine Arts) - Associate Professor (Fine ArtsEvents), 1969B.S., M.M., College Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, 1956

    COLE, NANCY B., Professor (Theatre), 1976A.B.; M.F.A., State University of Iowa, 1964

    COLE, RICHARD D. Assistant Research Scholar/Scientist (Marine Sciences) St.Petersburg Campus, 1989B.S., Florida Institute of Technology, 1983

    COLE, ROGER W., Program Director-Professor (Languages), 1969B.A., M.A.; Ph.D., Auburn University, 1968

    COLIE, DENNIS G., Visiting Lecturer (Finance), 1992B.A., M.B.A., Sul Ross State, 1976

    COLLINS, CYNTHIA S., Counselor/Advisor and Instructor (Academic Advising),St. Petersburg Campus, 1983B.A., M.A., University of South Florida, 1990

    COLLINS, PASCHAL J., Assistant Professor (English), 1969B.S., M.A.; Ph.D., University of Florida, 1978

    COLLINS, ROSANN W., Assistant Professor (Information Systems & DecisionSciences), 1992B.A., M.L.S.; Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1993

    CONNIFF, MICHAEL L., Professor (IAC-Latin American INIT), 1997B.A., M.A., Ph.D, Stanford University, 1976

    CONRAD, THERESA M., Research Associate in (Adult & Vocational Education),1994B.A., University of Central Florida, 1994

    CONTEH-MORGAN, EARL, Associate Professor (Government and InternationalAffairs), 1985B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1984

    COOK, LOIS E., Assistant in (Business Administration Computer Center), 1991B.A., University of Florida, 1967

    COOKE, STEVEN A., Assistant Professor (Graduate Architecture Program), 1990M.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1981

    COOKRO, DENNIS V., Research Professor (Public Health) 1996COOPER, CLARA B., Professor (Humanities & American Studies), 1969

    B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Florida State University, 1969COOPER, MAURA C., Assistant Professor (Pediatrics), 1997

    A.B., M.D., Cornell University Medical College, 1987COOPER, ROBIN D., Faculty Administrator (Academic Support), Sarasota

    Campus, 1994B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Southern Illinois Univeristy, 1982

    COOVERT, MICHAEL D., Associate Professor (Psychology), 1985B.A.; M.S.; Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1985

    COPPOLA, DOMENICO, Assistant Professor, (Pathology and Laboratory Medi-cine), 1995B.A.; M.D., University of Naples, Italy, 1983

    COREIL, M. JEANNINE, Professor (Community & Famils Health), 1987B.S.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Kentucky, 1972

    COSTELLO, DAVID K., Research Associate (Marine Science), 1994B.S., M.S., University of South Florida, 1988

    COSTELLO, GERALD E., Academic Administrator (Surgery), 1987B.S.; M.Ed.; Ed.D., Temple University, 1975

    COULTER, MARTHA L., Associate Professor (Community & Family Health andChild Health Policy), 1985B.A.; M.S.W.; M.P.H.; D.P.H., University of North Carolina, 1984

    COUNTS, TILDEN M., JR., Associate Professor (Mass Communications), 1980B.A., M.A.; Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 1972

    COWELL, BRUCE C., Professor (Biology), 1967B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University, 1963

    COX, CHARLES E., Professor, (Cancer Education Surgery), 1983B.A., M.D., University of Utah School of Medicine, 1975

    COX, SUSAN J., Assistant Professor (Business Admin. Accounting), 1997B.A., M.A.C.C., Florida State University, 1982

    CRADDOCK, CLARK, Faculty Administrator (Institution for Biomolecular Sci-ence), 1997B.S., Ph.D, Rutgers University, 1994

    CRANE, DAVID A., Eminent Scholar (Architecture-Graduate ArchitectureProgram), 1986B.S., B.Arch.; M.C.P., Harvard University, 1952

    CRANE, ROGER A., Professor (Mechnical Engineering), 1974B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D., Auburn University, 1973

    CRANSTON-GINGRAS, ANN M., Associate Professor (Special Education), 1987B.A.; M.S.; Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1987

    CRAWFORD, FIONA C., Research Assistant Professor (Suncoast GerontologyCenter- Psychiatry), 1992B.A., Ph.D., University of London, 1994

    CRAWFORD, HOLLY, Assistant Professor (Library & Info. Sciences-Tuition),1997B.A., M.S., Ph.D, University of Illinois, 1997

    CRESS, JR., WILLIAM D., Research Assistant Professor (Biochemistry), 1995B.S.; Ph.D., Michigan State, 1991

    CRIPE, MICHAEL M., Assistant in (Law & Mental Health), 1996A.S., Corning Community College, 1977

    CRITTENDEN, DEMETRUS, Assistant in (CUTR-ENG), 1996B.S., Alabama State University, 1979

    CROOK, EUGENE J, Courtesy Professor (BIS-SUS Faculty) 1995CROTHERS, JOHN L., Research Associate (Deans Office) , 1996

    B.S., University of Maryland, 1969CRUMMETT-SANDOVA, MARIA, Instructor (Business Admin. Deans), 1998

    B.A., M.A., Ph.D, New School For Research, 1985CRUSE, C. WAYNE, Associate Professor (Surgery), 1979

    B.S.; M.D., University of Louisville, 1972CRUZ, BARBARA C., Assistant Professor (Secondary Education), 1991

    B.S., M.S. Ed., Ed.D., Florida International University, 1990CRUZ, JR., JOSUE, Profsessor (Education-Scatt Research Program), 1995

    B.A.; M.S., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1973CUADRADO, MARY, Assistant Professor (Criminology), 1997

    B.A., M.P.A., M.P.H., Ph.D, The City University of New York, 1989CULLISON, LARRY R., Professor (Music Education), 1981

    B.M.E.; M.M.; M.F.A., University of Iowa, 1973CUNNINGHAM, VIRGINIA P., University Librarian (University Libraries), 1976

    B.A.; M.A.L.S., University of South Florida 1976CUOMO, GLENN R., Associate Professor (Humanities), New College, 1982

    B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1982CURRAN, JOHN S., Dean (College of Medicine) - Professor (Pediatrics), 1972

    A.B.; M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1966CURTIS MICHAEL, Chairperson and Professor (Psychological & Social Founda-

    tions), 1993B.S.; M.A.; Ph.D., University of Texas, 1974

    CUTHBERTSON, DAVID D., Assistant In (Pediatrics), 1993B.S.; M.S., University of Michigan, 1991


    CZYZEWSKI, PAUL V., Associate Professor (Secondary Education), 1974B.S., M.S., Indiana University, 1966

    D'EMILIO, JAMES P., Assistant Professor (Humanities & American Studies), 1988B.A.; Ph.D., University of London, 1989

    DACHS, LEA A., Visiting Research Associate (Public Health) 1996B.S., M.S., Doctorate, Florida State University, 1985

    DAGNE, GETACHEW A., Research Assistant Professor (Epidemiology-Biostatistic) 1996B.S.C., M.S.C., Ph.D., University Of California, 1991

    DAJANI, NAGWA E., Research Assistant in (Pediatrics), St. Petersburg Campus,1992M.B., M.D., Cairo University, Egypt, 1985

    DALTON, WILLIAM S., Professor (Internal Medicine) 1996B.A., Ph.D., M.D., Indiana University, 1980

    DALY, JOHN L., Coordinator - Associate Professor (Government & InternationalAffairs), 1986B.A., M.P.A., Ph.D., Indiana University, 1987

    DANESE, STEPHEN P., Visiting Assistant Professor (Accounting), 1995B.S.; M.B.A.; Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1979

    DANFORTH, DEBRA A., Visiting Instructor (Nursing) 1996B.S., M.S., University Of South Florida, 1995

    DANIEL, PATRICIA L., Assistant Professor (Secondary Education) 1996B.A., M.Ed., Ph,D., University Of Oklahoma, 1991

    DAO, MY LIEN, Associate Professor (Biology), 1986B.S.; Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, 1978

    DARDENNE, ROBERT W., Associate Professor (Mass Communications) St.Petersburg Campus, 1991B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1990

    DARLING, RICHARD W., Associate Professor (Mathematics), 1986B.A.; M.Sc.; Ph.D., Warwick University, 1982

    DAS, TAPAS K., Assistant Professor (Industrial & Management SystemsEngineering), 1992B.S.; M.E.: M.S.; Ph.D., Texas A & M University, 1989

    DAVIS, DARRELL L., Professor (Physiology & Biophysics) 1971B.S., M.A., Ph.D., St. Louis University, 1956

    DAVIS, JAMES W., Associate Professor (Surgery), 1997B.A., M.D., University of Iowa School of Medicine, 1981

    DAVIS, JEFFERSON C., JR., Chairperson - Professor (Chemistry), 1965B.S., M.S.; Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1959

    DAVIS, MACK, III, Faculty Aministrator (Academic Support & Achievement), 1977B.A., M.A., University of South Florida, 1974

    DAVIS, MARYANN, Professor (Secondary Education), 1995B.A., M.A., Ph.D, University of South Florida, 1977

    DAVIS, NANCY E., Research Associate (Dean's Office-Education). 1995B.S., Florida State University, 1964

    DAVIS, RICHARD A., JR., Graduate Research Professor (Geology), 1973B.S.; M.A.; Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1964

    DAVIS-JOHN, KRISTEN, Counselor/Advisor and Instructor, (Student AffairsCounseling Center), 1990B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1990

    DAVISON, GRIA B., Assistant In (Psychological & Social Foundation) 1996M.S.W., B.S.W., Louisiana State University, 1982

    DAWES, CLINTON J., Graduate Research Professor (Biology), 1964B.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 1961

    DAY-GOOD, NOORBIBI, Professor (Pediatrics), St. Petersburg Campus, 1985B.S., M.S., Ph.D., McGill University, 1967

    DEANS, STANLEY R., Professor (Physics), 1967B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, 1967

    DEATS, SARA M., Distinguished Professor (English), 1970Ph.D, UCLA, 1970

    DE BALDO, ANN C., Professor (Environmental and Occupational Health), 1980B.A., Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1980

    DEBORD, WARREN A., Associate Professor (Marketing), 1969B.S., M.B.A., Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1969

    DE BRIGARD, TOMAS E., Assistant Professor (Pediatrics), 1997M.D., University of Cartagena (Columbia), 1980

    DE CONTI, RONALD C., Professor (Internal Medicine), 1993B.S., M.D., Yale University, 1959

    DECHANT, DELL, Instructor(Religious Studies), 1995B.A., M.A, University of South Florida, 1986

    DEDRICK, ROBERT F., Assistant Professor (Educational Measurement &Research), 1990B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1988

    DEFANT, MARC J., Professor (Dean's Office-Geology), 1983B.S., B.S., M.S.; Ph.D., Florida State University, 1985

    DEGENS, HANS, Research Associate (Anatomy), 1997M.S., Ph.D, Catholic University Nijmegn, 1993

    DE LA FUENTE, ALEJANDRO, Assistant Professor (History), 1995Ph.D, University of Pittsburgh, 1996

    DEMBO, RICHARD, Professor (Criminology), 1981B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., New York University, 1970

    DEME, LASZLO, Professor (History), New College, 1975M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University, 1969

    DEMSKI, LEO S., Professor and Chairperson (New College Foundation & NaturalSciences) New College, 1991B.S. Ph.D., University of Rochester, 1969

    DENNIS, DAVID M. SR., Professor (Accounting), 1972A.B.; M.B.A.; Ph.D., University of Missouri, 1972, C.P.A.

    DEPERCZEL, MARIA Y., Visiting Assistant Professor (Psychology) 1990DERASARI, MANJUL., Clinical Assistant Professor (Anesthesiology), 1991

    B.S., M.B., M.S., B.J. Medical College, 1980DESALVO, JOSEPH S., Professor (Economics), 1983

    B.A., M.A.; Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1968

    DESAUTELS, PEGGY J., Visiting Research Associate (Deans Office) St.Petersburg Campus, 1996B.A., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Washington University, 1995

    DEVINE, JAMES F., Assistant Professor (Civil Engineering & Mechanics), 1965B.S., M.S.; Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1991

    DIAMOND, DAVID M., Associate Professor (Psychology), 1997Ph.D, University of California, 1988

    DIAMOND, FRANK B., JR., Clinical Professor (Pediatrics), 1988B.A.; M.D., Pennsylvania State University, Hersey, 1974

    DIAMOND, THERESA M., Research Associate (Pediatrics) 1996B.A., M.S., Sarah Lawrence College, 1996

    DIAZ, ANTONIO P., Clinical Instructor (Pathology), 1994B.S., M.D., University of South Florida, 1990

    DIAZ, JOSE I., Assistant Professor (Pathology), 1991M.D., Autonoma University School of Medicine, 1982

    DICKERSON, DEBORAH H., Lecturer (Law & Mental Health), 1994B.A., University of Central Florida, 1977

    DICKERSON, DONNA L., Dean and Professor (Graduate School and MassCommunications), 1977B.A., M.A.; Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, 1977

    DICKSON, TERESITA T., Assistant in (College of Education), 1997B.A., M.A. , Michigan State University, 1987

    DIEHL, SYLVIA F., Instructor (Communication Sciences & Disorders), 1988M.S., ED.S., Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1991

    DIETERLE, DWIGHT A., Associate In (Marine Science) St. Petersburg Campus,1984B.S.; M.S., San Jose State University, 1979

    DIETRICH, RICHARD F., Professor (English), 1968A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D., Florida State University, 1965

    DIETZ, JOHN R., Professor (Physiology & Biophysics), 1982B.S., M.D., University of Nebraska, 1979

    DIMINO, ANDREA, Associate Professor (Humanities), New College, 1986B.A.; M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale University, 1980

    DINWOODIE, WILLIAM R., Associate Professor (Internal Medicine), 1978A.B., M.D., Indiana University School of Medicine, 1972

    DI PALMA, CAROLYN, Assistant Professor (Biochemistry) 1996R.N., C.C.P., C.E.N., B.A., M.P.H., Ph.D., University Of Hawaii, 1995

    DISS, NANCY M., Instructor (Communication Sciences & Disorders), 1990B.S., M.A., Ball State University, 1980

    DIXON-GRIFFIN, CHARLOTTE, Assistant Professor (Rehabilitation Counseling)1994B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, 1994

    DJEU, JULIE Y., DinstinguishedProfessor (Biochemistry), 1984B.A.; Ph.D., George Washington University, 1973

    DJEU, NICHOLAS I., Graduate Research Professor (Physics), 1983B.S.; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1969

    DOANE, CHRISTOPHER P., Professor (Music Education), 1982B.M.E.; M.M.; Ph.D., Ohio State University, 198l

    DODSON, ANTHONY L., Assistant Professor (Government and InternationalAffairs), 1995B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., University of Nebraska, 1995

    DOELLING, DONNA L., University Librarian (Health Sciences Library), 1990B.A.; M.S.I.S., Louisiana State University, 1987

    DOENECKE, JUSTUS, Professor (Social Sciences), New College, 1975A.B.; M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University, 1966

    DOERR, PAMELA A., Counselor/Advisor and Instructor (Academic Advising),Sarasota Campus, 1993B.A.; M.A., University of South Florida, 1992

    DOHERTY, JOHN J., Faculty Administrator (Sponsored Research), 1997A.S., B.S., M.S., Lesley College, 1993

    DOHERTY, MARGARET M., University Librarian (University Libraries), 1987B.A.; M.S.; M.L.S., Indiana University, 1984

    DOLLARD, NORIN, Assistant in (FMHI Child & Family Studies), 1997B.S., M.S., State University of New York at Albany, 1990

    DONALDSON, PAMELA L., Visiting Assistant Professor (Nursing) 1996B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University Of South Florida, 1996

    DONNELLY, JOSEPH, Research Assistant In (Marine Science Program), St.Petersburg Campus, 1985B.S., University of West Florida, 1979

    DONOVAN, JEFFREY C., Assistant Scholar/Scientist (Marine Science), 1987B.S., University of Florida, 1985

    DOONE, PATRICK L., Faculty Administrator (Special Education), 1989M, University of South Florida, 1987

    DORN, SHERMAN J., Assistant Professor (Psychological & Social Foundation)1996B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University Of Pennsylvania, 1992

    DOSAL, PAUL J., Assistant Professor (History), 1995D, Tulane University, 1987

    DOUPNIK, CRAIG A., Assistant Professor (Physiology & Biophysics), 1997B.S., M.S., Ph.D, University of Cincinnati, 1993

    DOW, MICHAEL G., Associate Professor (Community Mental Health), 1985B.S.; M.S., Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 1983

    DOWNS, BERNARD F., Associate Professor (Communication), 1970B.A., B.F.A.; M.A., Northwestern University, 1970

    DOWNS, JOHN B., Professor-Chairperson (Anesthesiology), 1988B.S.; M.D., University of Florida, 1969

    DOYLE, LARRY J., Professor (Marine Science), St. Petersburg Campus, 1972B.A., M.A.; Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1973

    DRAKE, JANET G., Visiting Instructor (Obstetrics) 1996A.A., B.S., M.D., University Of Florida, 1992

    DRAKE, MOLLY A., Associate In (Secondary Education), 1993B.A., M.Ed., University of South Florida, 1985

    DRELLER, GERALD, Counselor-Advisor and Instructor (Academic Advising) St.Petersburg Campus, 1994B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1994


    DRENNON, GAY H., Assistant Professor (College of Ed. FDLRS), 1997B.A., M.F.A., Ph.D, Florida State University, 1991

    DREW, ROBERT S., Visiting Assistant Professor (Communication) 1995B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University Of Pennsylvania, 1994

    DRWINGA, HELEN L., Research Assistant Professor (Pediatrics), 1995B.S.; M.S., Ph. D., University of Texas, 1980

    DUCETT, DEBORAH M., Visiting Instructor (Social Work-Tuition Fund) 1996B.S., M.S., Syracuse University, 1982

    DUCHNOWSKI, ALBERT J., Professor (Child & Family Studies, Special Educa-tion and Institute for At Risk Infants), 1985B.S.; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, 1969

    DUMMELDINGER, MARK, Instructor (Information Systems & Decision Sci-ences), 1989B.S., M.S.., University of Florida, 1989

    DUNGAN, CHRISTOPHER W., Professor (Accounting), Sarasota Campus, 1982B.S., M.B.A.; Ph.D.; J.D., University of Louisville, 1976, C.P.A.

    DUNLAP, GLEN G., Professor (Child & Family Studies), 1988B.A., Ph.D., University of California, 1981

    DUNLEAVY, LAWRENCE P., Clinical Assistant Professor (Electrical Engineering)B.S.E.E.; M.S.E.E., Ph.D., University of Michigan 1988

    DUNNE, PETER B., Associate Professor (Neurology), 1992A.B.; M.D., Columbia University College of Physicians, 1960

    DUPLASS, JAMES A., Professor (Secondary Education), 1991B.S., M.Ed., Ph.D., St. Louis University, 1974

    DUPREE, LARRY W., Associate in (Aging & Mental Health), 1981B.A., M.A., Ph.D, Memphis State University, 1980

    DWORNIK, JULIAN J., Associate Professor (Anatomy), 1970B.A.; M.Sc., Ph.D., University of Manitoba, Canada, 1969

    EADDY, ROSCOE S., Lecturer (Law & Mental Health), 1997A.A., B.S., Florida State University, 1969

    EAKER, ALAN B., JR., Professor (Visual Arts), 1969B.A., M.A., University of California, Berkeley, 1969

    ECHELBERGER, WAYNE F., Chairperson-Professor (Civil Engineering andMechanics), 1989B.S.C.E.; M.S.E., M.P.H., Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1964

    ECHEVARRIA, KATHERINE H., Instructor (Dean's Office-Nursing), 1985B.S.N., M.S., University of South Florida, 1984

    EDIDIN, ARON Z., Associate Professor (Humanities) New College, 1989B.A.; Ph.D., Princeton University, 1981

    EDWARDS, SAMUEL, Research Assistant Professor (Biology), 1989B.A., B.A.; M.S.; Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1984

    EDWARDS, YVETTE M., Counselor/Advisor and Instructor (Academic Affairs),Sarasota Campus, 1995B.S., B.S.W, M.A., University of South Florida, 1991

    EICHLER, DUANE C., Professor (Biochemistry), 1977B.A.; Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles, 1972

    EICHLER, SUSAN, Visiting Instructor (Law & Mental Health), 1994B.P.S.; M.P.A., University of South Florida, 1987

    EICHNER, CAROLYN J., Assistant Professor (Womens Studies Program), 1997B.S., M.A., Ph.D, UCLA, 1996

    EILERS, FREDERICK I., Associate Professor (Biology), 1967B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1968

    EINSTEIN, ALBERT B., Professor (Internal Medicine), 1993B.A.; M.D., Cornell University, 1967

    EISENBERG, ERIC, Professor (Communication), 1993B.A.; M.A., M.A., Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1982

    EISON, JAMES A., Professor (CTR for Teaching Enhancement), 1990B.A., Ph.D, University of Tennessee, 1979

    EL-RADY, JOHNNY E., Instructor (Biology), 1997B.S., Ph.D, University of Southern Mississippi, 1996

    ELFENBIN, DIANE S., Clinical Assistant Professor (Pediatrics), 1990B.A., M.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1970

    ELFENBEIN, GERALD J., Professor (Internal Medicine), 1989A.B.; M.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1970

    ELLENBURG, LAURA D., Faculty Administrator (Conferences & InstitutionalAdministration), 1984B.A., M.S.; Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1985

    ELLERY, PETER J., Assistant Professor (Physical Education) 1996B.Ed., M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1991

    ELLIOTT, CATHERINE S., Associate Professor (Economics) New College, 1989A.A.; B.S.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1982

    ELLIS, CAROLYN S., Professor (Communication), 1981B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., State University of New York at Stonybrook, 1981

    ELMEER, DIANE H., Lecturer (Visual Arts), 1977B.S.; M.F.A., University of South Florida, 1976

    EMENER, WILLIAM G., JR., Graduate Research Professor (RehabilitationCounseling), 1980B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1971

    EMIL, BARBARA K., Assistant Professor (Education Outreach-Deans), 1997B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D, Southern Illinois University, 1979

    EMMANUEL, PATRICIA J., Assistant Professor (Pediatrics), 1989B.S.; M.D., University of Florida, 1986

    ENDICOTT, JAMES N., Professor (Surgery), 1975A.B.; M.D., Indiana University School of Medicine, 1967

    ENGLEMAN, ROBERT W., Associate Professor - Director (Pediatrics and Lab forComparative Biology), St. Petersburg Campus, 1986B.S.; D.V.M.; Ph.D., Oklahoma State University, 1985

    ENGLE, TERRY J., Professor (Accounting), 1983B.S., M.S.; Ph.D., University of Missouri, 1983

    ENGLISH, DAVID C., Professor (Special Education) 1996ENO-HEINEMAN, MARYELLE, Assistant in (FMHI Child & Family Studies), 1997

    B.A., M.D, University of South Florida, 1997EPANCHIN, BETTY C., Professor (Special Education), 1988

    B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D., Duke University, 1975

    EPPS, JAMES B., Assistant Professor (Psychology), 1993B.S.; Ph.D., Temple University, 1992

    ERICKSON, GRACE P., Assistant Professor (Nursing) 1997M.S.N., M.P.H., Ed.S., College Of William & Mary, 1988

    ESCOBAR-MOLANO, MARTHA, Assistant Professor (Computer Science &Engineer), 1996B.S., M.S., Ph.D, University of Southern California, 1996

    ESFORMES, MARIA, Associate Professor (Languages), 1982B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., University of Colorado, 1977

    ESSIG, FREDERICK B., Associate Professor (Biology), Program Director(Botanical Gardens), 1975A.B.; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1975

    EVANS, JAMES P., Faculty Administrator (Executive Master Public Health), 1997B.S., M.P.H., University of South Florida, 1996

    EVANS, LINDA S., Lecturer (Counseling Center Human Relations) 1995B.S., Ed.M., Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1983

    EVANS, MARY E., Visiting Professor (Nursing) 1996RN., B.S., M.S.N., Ph.D., State University Of New York,1976

    EVANS, TIMOTHY D., Instructor (Psychological & Social Foundations), 1990B.A., B.S., M.S.; Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1984

    EXTERMANN, MARTINE, Instructor (Internal Medicine), 1997M.D., University of Geneva, 1986

    FABRI, PETER J., Associate Dean-Professor (Surgery), 1986B.A.; M.D., Loyola University, 1973

    FABRY, FRANCIS J., Professor (English), 1964A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas, 1964

    FACTOR, REGIS A., Professor (Governmental & International Affairs), St.Petersburg Campus, 1971B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, 1974

    FAGER, CHARLES J., Professor (Visual Arts), 1963B.A.; M.F.A., University of Kansas, 1963

    FALATO, BRIAN J., Visiting Faculty Administrator (General-University Library)1981B.A., Loyola University, 1979

    FANNING, JANE J., Clinical Assistant Professor (Nursing), 1993B.S.; M.S., Boston University, 1970

    FANNING, KENT A., Assistant Chair - Professor (Marine Science), St. PetersburgCampus, 1973B.S.; Ph.D., University of Rhode Island, 1973

    FASCHING, DARRELL J.,Chairperson-Professor (Religious Studies), 1982B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., Syracuse University, 1978

    FAUCETTE, NELL, Associate Professor (Physical Education), 1991B.S., M.A. Ed.D., University of Georgia, 1984

    FAWCETT, CHRISTINE S., Visiting Instructor (Nursing), 1994B.S.N.; M.S., Rutgers University, 1974

    FEENEY, JAMES W., Academic Administrator (Provost's Office), New College,1984B.A., Goddard College, 1964

    FELICIANO, LILLYBETH, Research Assistant in (Internal Medicine), 1994B.S.; Ph.D., Ponce School of Medicine, Puerto Rico, 1994

    FELICIANO-BUTLER, JOSE A., Instructor (Languages), 1991B.A., M.A., University of South Florida, 1987

    FELLOWS, JAMES A., Professor (Accounting), St. Petersburg Campus, 1982B.A.; B.S.; M.A.; M.S.; Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1977, C.P.A.

    FENSKE, NEIL A., Clinical Professor (Internal Medicine), 1977B.A.; M.D., St. Louis University School of Medicine, 1973

    FENTRISS, RICHARD A., Instructor (Information Systems & Decision Sciences),1993B.S., M.B.A., University of South Florida, 1993

    FEREKIDES, CHRISTOS S., Assistant Professor (Electrical Engineering), 1992B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1991

    FERNANDEZ, CAROL, Instructor (Communication Sciences & Disorders), 1989B.A.; M.A., Ed.S., University of South Florida, 1986

    FERNANDEZ, MARY, Associate in (Children's Center), 1990B.A.; M.A., University of South Florida, 1978

    FERNANDEZ, MELANIE C., Instructor (Childhood Education), 1997B.A., M.D, University of South Florida, 1996

    FERNANDEZ, ROBERT C., Research Associate Professor (Psychiatry &Behavioral Medicine), 1977M.D., University of Tennessee, 1969

    FERNANDEZ, SUSAN J., Visiting Instructor (Dean's Office-History), 1995B.A., M.A.; Ph.D., University of Florida , 1987

    FERRANDINO, JOSEPH J., Instructor (Rehabilitation Counseling), 1996B.A., M.A., Ph.D, State University of New York at Buffalo, 1977

    FERRANTE, JEANNE M., Assistant Professor (Family Medicine) 1994B.S., M.D., Jefferson Medical College, 1987

    FERREIRA, GLORIA C., Joint Associate Professor (Biomolecular Science &Biochemistry), 1991License in Environmental Engineering; Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1986

    FERRO, JOLENEA, Professor (Child & Family Studies), 1990B.A., M.A.; Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1990

    FERRON, JOHN M., Assistant Professor (Educational Measures and Research),1994B.A., B.A., M.Ed.; Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1993

    FEYTEN, CARINE M., Associate Professor (Secondary Education), 1987B.A.;M.A.; Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1988

    FIELDS, KAREN K., Associate Professor (Internal Medicine), 1989B.A., M.D., Ohio State University, 1981

    FIELDS, LYNETTE J., Visiting Assistant Professor (Educational Leadership &Higher Education) 1996

    FIGG, ROBERT M., III, Associate Professor (English), 1965B.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 1965

    FILER, JANET L., Faculty Administrator (Disability Service Tracking), 1997B.A., M.S., Ph.D, West Virginia University, 1988


    FINELLI, PATRICK M., Associate Professor (Theatre), 1976B.A., M.A., M.B.A.; Ph.D., University of California, 1991

    FINKELSTEIN, MARCIA A., Professor (Psychology), 1981B.A.; M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D., Columbia University, 1981

    FIORE, SILVIA R., Professor (English), 1969B.Ed., M.A.; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1970,

    FIORICA, JAMES V., Associate Professor (Obstetrics and Gynecology), 1987B.A.; M.D., Tufts College of Medicine, 1982

    FIRESTONE, GREGORY E., Visiting Assistant Professor (Public Health-Media-tion Institute), 1989B.S.; M.A., Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1978

    FISCHER, KIRSTEN, Assistant Professor (History), 1994D, Duke University, 1989

    FISS, CYNTHIA, Associate Professor (Visual Arts) 1996B.F.A., M.F.A., Cal Arts, 1993

    FITZGERALD, KEITH A., Assistant Professor (Political Science) New College,1994B.A.; Ph.D., Indiana University, 1987

    FITZHUGH-WALKER, PAULETTE, Coordinator and Instructor (EducationalStudent Advising), 1990B.S.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, 1980

    FITZPATRICK, DAVID F., Associate Professor (Pharmacology & Theraputics),1972B.S., M.A.; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, 1969

    FLAITZ, JEFFRA J., Assistant Professor (Language), 1992B.A.,; M.Ed., Ph.D., State University of New York, Buffalo, 1986

    FLANNERY, MICHAEL T., Associate Professor (Internal Medicine), 1991B.A., M.D., University of South Florida, 1988

    FLATEBY, TERESA L., Faculty Administrator (Evaluation and Testing), 1986B.A.; M.Ed., Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1982

    FLEEGE, PAMELA D., Assistant Professor (Childhood Education), 1993B.A.; M.Ed.; Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1990

    FLEETING, MARK R., Assistant In (Cutr-Eng) 1992B.A., University Of South Florida, 1992

    FLEURY, KATHERINE S., Academic Administrator (Education) 1985FLIKKEMA, PAUL G., Assistant Professor (Electrical Engineering), 1993

    B.S.; M.S., Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1992FLOWER, BENJAMIN P., Assistant Professor (Marine Science Program), 1997

    B.S., Ph.D, UCSB, 1993FLOYD, JOSEPH M., Associate University Librarian (University Libraries), 1979

    B.A., M.A.L.S., University of South Florida, 1984FLYNN, ROBERT W., Professor (Physics), 1968

    B.S.; S.M., Sc.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1968FOLLMAN, JOHN C., Professor (Psychological and Social Foundations), 1966

    B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., Indiana University, 1969FONTANET, HECTOR L., Clinical Assistant Professor (Internal Medicine), 1991

    B.A.; M.D., Puerto Rico School of Medicine, 1982FORD, CAROLYN S., Instructor (Communication Sciences & Disorders), 1993

    B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1976FORD, EDWARD J., JR., Associate Professor (Economics), 1971

    B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., Boston College, 1971FOSTER, SUSAN, Assistant In (Institute for At-Risk Infants), 1988

    B.A., M.A., University of South Florida, 1987FOULIS, PHILIP R., Associate Professor (Pathology), 1986

    B.S.; M.D., McMaster University School of Medicine, 1975FOUNTAIN, JUANITA C., Instructor (Childhood Education), St. Petersburg

    Campus, 1989B.S.; M.Ed., Ph.D., University of Florida, 1986

    FOUNTAIN, MICHAEL W., Faculty Administrator (Deans Office of Business),1997B.S., M.S., Ph.D, M.B.A., Auburn University, 1982

    FOURAKER, BRADLEY D., Assistant Professor (Opthalmology), 1992M.D., University of Florida, 1983

    FORTHOFER, MELINDA S., Assistant Professor (Community & Family Health),1996B.A., Ph.D, University of Michigan, 1996

    FOWLER, ROBERT L., JR., Professor (Psychology), St. Petersburg Campus,1969B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Tennessee, 1963

    FOX, LISE K., Visiting Research Associate Professor (Child and Family Studies),1993B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Florida State University, 1989

    FOX, MICHAEL R., Assistant Professor (Psychology & Behavioral Science), 1997M.D., University of Iowa, 1967

    FRANCIS, BILL B., Assistant Professor (Business Administration & Finance),1997B.A., M.A., Ph.D, University of Toronto (Canada), 1991

    FRANCIS, ELAINE E., Assistant Professor (Nursing), 1995B.S.n., M.N., Ph.D., University of Florida, 1994

    FRANK, ILENE B., University Librarian (University Libraries), 1974B.S.D.; A.M.L.S., M.F.A., University of South Florida, 1987

    FRANKEL, CONRAD D., Visiting Instructor (Theatre), 1994B.A., M.F.A., University of Wisconsin, 1975

    FRANKLIN, DONITA L., Assistant In (Child Development Center), 1993B.S., Indiana State University, 1993

    FRANQUES, JOHN T., Assistant Professor (Civil Engineering and Mechanics),1971B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1971 P.E.

    FRASER, ELIZABETH A., Assistant Professor (Visual Arts), 1994B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., Yale University, 1993

    FRASER, KAREN M., Lecturer (Visual Arts), 1994B.S., M.A., University of South Florida, 1996

    FREDERICK, JANET E., Instructor (Library & Information Sciences), 1997B.A., M.S., University of Illinois, 1981

    FREEBERG, CARRIE L., Assistant in (Child Development Center), 1994FREEDMAN, LISA, Faculty Administrator (Community & Family Health), 1997

    B.A., M.P.H., University of South Florida, 1996FREEMAN, THOMAS B., Associate Professor (Surgery), 1988

    S.B.; M.D., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 1981FRENCH, PETER A., Professor (Philosophy), 1994

    B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., University of Miami, 1971FRIAS, JAIME L., Chairperson-Professor (Pediatrics), 1991

    B.S., M.D., Concepcion University, Chile, 1959*FRIEDL, FRANK E., Professor (Biology), 1960

    B.A., Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1958FRIEDLAND, JAY, Assistant Professor (Radiology), 1992

    B.S., M.S.; M.D., University of Florida, 1987FRIEDLANDER, EDWARD J., Program Director and Professor (Mass Commu-

    nications), 1995B.S.; M.A.; Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado, 1973

    FRIEDMAN, HERMAN, Graduate Research Professor Professor-Chairperson(Medical Microbiology & Immunology), 1978A.B., M.A.; Ph.D., Hahnemann Medical College, 1957

    FRIEDMAN, JENNIFER, Associate Professor (Sociology), 1988B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D, Northwestern University, 1988

    FRIEDMAN, ROBERT M., Professor-Chairperson (Child & Family Studies-FMHI),1981B.A.; M.S., Ph.D., Florida State University, 1970

    FRIES, DAVID P., Research Assistant In (Marine Science), 1995B.S., University of Pittsburg, 1985

    FROELICH, RALPH O., Associate Professor (Music Arts), 1974B.S., Juilliard School of Music, 1958

    FROWNFELTER, CYNTHIA, Assistant Professor (Business Admin-Accounting),1997B.S., M.S., Ph.D, Drexell University, 1991

    FRYE, BARBARA J., Assistant Professor (Childhood Education), 1995B.A.; Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1990

    FU, EUGENE S., Assistant Professor (Anesthesiology), 1992B.A., M.D., Yale University, 1987

    FUDGE, WILLIAM G., JR., Associate Professor (Mass Communications), 1972B.A.; M.S.; Ph.D., Florida State University, 1975

    FUSTUKJIAN, SAMUEL Y., Faculty Administrator (University Libraries), 1980B.A.; M.S.L.S.; M.A., SUNY, Oswego, 1980

    FUTCH, JANA S., University Librarian (University Libraries), 1979B.A., M.L.S., Florida State University, 1977

    FUTRAN, NEAL D., Assistant Professor (Surgery), 1993B.A., D.M.D.; M.D., State University of New York, 1987

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    GAGGI, SILVIO L., Professor-Chairperson (Humanities & American Studies), 1972B.A., M.A.; Ph.D., Ohio University, 1972

    GAILE, CORRINNE L., Assistant Professor (Visual Arts), 1991B.A.; M.F.A., Maryland Institute, 1991

    GAINES, JEANNIE, Assistant Professor (Management), St. Petersburg Campus,1985B.S.N., M.S.N.; Ph.D., University of Florida, 1984

    GALPERIN, BORIS, Associate Professor (Marine Science), 1989M.S.; Ph.D., Technion, Israel, 1982

    GANGULY, ARUNABHA, Professor (Internal Medicine), 1981I.S.; M.B.B.S., Medical College, Calcutta, India, 1961

    GANGULY, RAMA, Professor (Internal Medicine), 1981B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Calcutta University, 1964

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    GARCIA, SANDRA A., Professor (Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences), 1974B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1971

    GARCIA, SONJA W., Associate Librarian, 1964B.S.; M.A., University of South Florida, 1977

    GARCIA-RUBIO, LUIS H., Professor (Chemical Engineering), 1983M.E., Ph.D., McMaster University, 1980

    GARDNER, DANIEL L., Instructor (Adult & Vocational Education) 1990B.A., M.Ed.; Ed.D., Florida Atlantic University, 1979

    GAREY, JAMES R., Assistant Professor (Biology), 1997B.A., M.A., Ph.D, University of Texas, 1995

    GARIN, EDUARDO H., Professor (Pediatrics), 1989M.D., University of Chile, 1970

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    B.E.E.; M.S.E.E., Sc.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1963GARTH, REBA A., Coordinator (Academic Support & Achievement) 1990

    B.S., MA., Ed., Western Carolina University, 1983GAUGER, LISA L., Coordinator (Neurology), 1987

    B.A., University of North Carolina, 1980GEAREN, JANICE M., Assistant In (Institute for Instructional Research &

    Practices), 1989GEIGER, O. GLENN, Professor (Psychological and Social Foundations), 1969

    B.A.; Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 1968GEIGER, SHARON T., Academic Advisor (Honors Program) 1979

    A.A., B.A., University of South Florida, 1984GEORGGI, NEVINE L., Research Assistant In (Cutr-Eng) 1994,

    B.Sc., Cairo University, 1984GESTEN, ELLIS L., Professor (Psychology), 1980

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    International Affairs), 1984B.A.; Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, 1983


    GIBBS, WILLIAM J., Faculty Administrator, Florida Institute of Oceanography,1997B.A., M.A., University of South Florida, 1972

    GIERON-KORTHALS, MARIA A., Professor (Pediatrics), 1981M.D., Medical School, Warsaw, Poland, 1971

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    GILCHRIST, SANDRA L., Professor (Natural Sciences), New College, 1983B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D., Florida State University, 1982

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    GIORDANO, JEFFREY A., Associate Professor (Social Work) Sarasota Campus,1984B.S., M.S.W.; Ph.D., Georgia State University, 1983

    GIOVINCO-BARBAS, JOETTE, Assistant Professor (Internal Medicine), 1997M.D., , 1986

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    GONZALEZ, EDUARDO C., Assistant Professor (Family Medicine), 1994B.S., M.D., University of South Florida, 1991

    GONZALEZ, LOIS D., Assistant Professor (Nursing), 1995B.S.N., M.N; Ph.D., University of South Florida, 1988

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    GORDON, MARCIA, Research Assistant Porfessor (Pharmacology & Theraputics),1992B.S., Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1985

    GORDON, ROBIN T., Assistant Professor (Theatre), 1997B.A., M.F.A., UCLA, 1983

    GOREN, LILLY J., Visiting Instructor (Government & International Affairs) 1996A.B., M.A., Boston College, 1991

    GORZKA, PATRICIA A., Dean-Assistant Professor (Nursing), 1988B.S.N.; M.S., State University of New York at Buffalo, 1973

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    GOULD, STANLEY F., Associate Professor (Obstetrics/Gynecology), 1992B.S.; Ph.D., M.D., Wayne State University, 1975

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    GRAHAM, CAROL A., Assistant in Research (Public Health), 1994B.S., M.S., Florida State University, 1983

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    GRAHAM, SANDRA J., Instructor (Communication Sciences & Disorders), 1994B.S.; M.S.; University of South Florida, 1985

    GRAVEN, STANLEY N., Professor (Pediatrics and Community & Family Health),1984B.S.; M.D., University of Iowa, 1956

    GRAVES, AMY, Associate Professor (Epidemiologh and Biostatistics), 1996B.A.; M.P.H.; Ph. D., University of Washington, 1988

    GRAY, JIM S., JR., Associate University Librarian (University Libraries), 1980B.A.; M.L.S.; M.B.A., University of South Florida, 1983

    GRAY, KENDALL M., Assistant Professor (Biology), 1994B.A.; Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1994

    GREASER, AARON W., Assistant in (Education Student Advising), 1990B.S., Fairmont State College, 1983

    GREAVES, F. LANDON, Director (University Libraries), St. Petersburg Campus,1994B.S., M.S.; Ph.D., Florida State University, 1974

    GREEK, CECIL E., Associate Professor (Criminology), St. Petersburg Campus,1989B.A.; M.A., Ph.D., New School, New York, 1983

    GREELY, TERESA M., Instructor (Marine Science High Technology & Research)1995B.S., M.S., University Of South Florida, 1994

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    GREEN, FANNIE V., Assistant Professor (Theatre), 1997B.A., M.F.A., New York University, 1987

    GREEN, SARA E., Assistant Professor (Sociology), 1994B.A., B.A., M.A.; Ph.D., Tulane University, 1994

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    GREEN WEISHAUPT, CAROLE A., Associate Professor (Economics), 1982B.A., M.A., Ph. D., University of Illinois, 1982

    GREENBAUM, PAUL E., Resaerch Associate Professor Professor (Psychologyand Child & Family Studies), 1987B.A.; M.S.; Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1977

    GREENBAUM, SUSAN D., Chairperson-Associate Professor (Anthropology),1981B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1980

    GREENBERG, HARVEY M., Associate Professor (Radiology), 1986S.B.; M.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1972

    GREENE, CHRISTINA R., Assistant Professor (History-Tuition Funding), 1997B.A., M.A., Ph.D, Duke University, 1996

    GREENE, GEOFFREY S., Assistant Professor (Internal Medicine), 1994B.A., M.D., University of South Florida, 1986

    GREENE, JOHN N., Assistant Professor (Internal Medicine), 1991B.S., M.S., M.D., University of South Florida, 1986

    GREENFIELD, GEORGE D., Professor (Radiology), 1989A.B.; M.D., State University of Utrecht, 1956

    GREGORY, S. JOAN, Associate Professor (Nursing), 1977B.S., M.S.; Ph.D., University of Florida, 1977

    GREGORY, VICKI L., Associate Professor (Library Sciences & Information), 1988A.B., M.A., M.L.S.; Ph.D., Rutgers University, 1987

    GRENDYS JR., EDWARD C., Professor (Obstetrics), 1996M.D., Northwestern University, 1987

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    GRIFFIS, VICKI, B., Instructor (Marketing), 1989B.A., M.B.A., University of South Florida, 1989

    GRIFFITH, PRISCILLA L., Associate Professor (Childhood Education), 1988B.S., M.Ed; Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 1986

    GRIGG, VERNON H., Lecturer (Economics), Sarasota Campus, 1981B.Com., B.A., M.A.; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1954

    GRIGGS, SARA T., Research Assistant In (Pediatrics), 1978B.S., Medical College of