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Fahmy partnerships

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  • 1. The Strategic Content Alliance
    Partnership and Collaboration-Spring e-content programme meeting

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28 March 2011
The Strategic Content Alliance
Partnerships and Collaboration
Sarah Fahmy
Manager, Strategic Content Alliance
3. Collaboration- when it works
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28 March 2011
Courtesy of:
4. Collaboration- when it goes wrong
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28 March 2011
Courtesy of: Michael Cooke, CC BY NC SA
5. Digital Content -a new paradigm...partnerships
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28 March 2011
6. An Agora for public content
Project canvas- YouViewRace Online 2012: UK to become first nation where everyone can use the web
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28 March 2011
7. New policy and practice drivers...
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28 March 2011
The power of linked data as illustrated by the revamped BBC News website provides:

  • Links to outside news digital content

8. Ability to share linked digital content via the social web 9. Ability to partition and repackage for premium partners

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