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Fall 2012 Tornado Times - Mount Carmel Area School · PDF fileFall 2012 Tornado Times ... Alexa Schmidt . Tornado PrideTornado Pride ... gram designed to reward students who do the

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Mount Carmel Area School District

School News and Feature Stories

Fall 2012

Tornado Times

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Cover Photo By: Alyssa Bielski

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Cover Photo: Alyssa Bielski


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Tornado PrideTornado PrideTornado PrideTornado Pride The Mount Carmel Area School District has adopted a new program in hopes of starting this school year on a positive note. The School Wide Positive Behavioral Supports, or SWPBS is a pro-gram designed to reward students who do the right thing every day and to encourage students who might not be doing the right thing to hop on the p ositive bandwagon. SWPBS is tailor-made for each school that adopts it. At MCA, the head of the high school team is Miss Lisa Harner

The head of the elementary team is Mrs. Amanda Stepanaski. Core team members came up with a creative acronym which can apply to any situation students may face through-out the school day, and even through-out their lives, Tornado PRIDE. P.R.I.D.E serves as a reminder of the expected behav-iors. The P stands for be prepared, R for be respectful, I for show integrity, D stands for dedication and E for effort. Core team member Mrs. Szierdinski commented, Do I think it s going to work? Abso-lutely! It s going to be positive and fun! Consistency is a key factor of the SWPBS. From now on, all classrooms will have the same rules to avoid confusion, and to help our school run smoothly To kick start the program, both students and teachers took time out of their day to be reminded of what is expected in school. Study hall, bathroom, lunch, hallway, and classroom behavior procedures were reviewed in-depth. Now the rules are clear and students with consistent good behavior are being rewarded for hav-ing tornado PRIDE with a tornado ticket. Tornado tickets can be turned in during all three lunches then a random number is assigned. When there are ten names in a row on the Tor-nado Pride chart, those ten students are awarded a prize. On the contrary, the students who aren t following rules will be retrained. If everyone cooperates, it is going to be beneficial for everyone in the school. MCHS is really counting on the upperclassmen to be the positive example for the younger students. Remember: It s your job to remind everyone here that Mount Carmel Area is a great place to be, have pride! ~Marisa Montgomery

Mr. Timothy McConnell is the new Alternative Education teacher here at Mount Carmel Area. Be-fore getting a full time job Mr. McConnell substitute taught last year at schools in the surrounding area. His hobbies are running, fishing, hiking and enjoys being outdoors. He comes from a large family with two sisters, and three brothers! A fan of Sir Winston Chur-chill, he lives by the quote, Those who fail to learn from his-tory are doomed to repeat it.

2012-2013 New Staff

Ms. Joanne Risso, is a new ESL and English teacher for MCA. Ms. Risso, is formally a reading teacher at North-western Academy, Tri-Valley school district, Line Mountain school district, and also spent time teaching at Ma-langa Primary school in Kenya, Africa. Her hobbies include quilting, cooking, reading, writing, photography and crafts. Ms. Risso is Australian and last fall became a published author for her childrens picture book Over the Sea. Her favorite quote is Make the most of what you have.


L-R.Elizabeth Geise, Nicole Long, Joanne Risso, Tim McConnell and Erin Mazer

Ms. Elizabeth Geise, second grade teacher, is a graduate of Tri-Valley high school with a Bachelors degree from Bloomsburg University. Ms. Geise has previously taught every grade but third at Mount Carmel as a substitute teacher! She enjoys reading, going to the movies, getting together with friends, family and going to concerts. She is very excited to be back at MCA, with her very own classroom.

Miss Erin Mazer is a first grade teacher at the elementary building. A Graduate from our school in 2006, she went on to get her teaching degree from Bloomsburg University. For the past two years, she has been an aide and substitute at MCA prior to being hired as a full-time teacher. Her in-terests include making crafts, shopping, spending time with family, friends, and her dog Walter.

Mrs. Rachel Ulsh is the new elementary music teacher. She is a 2009 graduate of Susquehanna University and previously has taught at Midd-West Elementary and Sha-mokin Area High School. She is an EMT and has a daughter named Nova; she also di-rects the high school musical at Shamokin and thoroughly enjoys being a music teacher. Her hobbies include teaching pri-vate music lessons and kayaking and her favorite quote is Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from the heavens to the soul.

Ms. Nicole Long a graduate of Leba-non Valley College. She holds a Bache-lor of Science degree in Mathematics and enjoys gardening, reading, baking, spending time with friends, family and her cat, Stella. Ms. Long says she is very excited to be here at MCA. One of her favorite quotes is The difference between impossible and the possible lies in a persons determination.

Mrs. Rachel Ulsh

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Literature: Affix One or more letters occurring as a bound form attached to the beginning, end, or base of a word and serving to produce a derivative word or an inflectional form (e.g., a prefix or suffix). Connotation The range of associations that a word or phrase suggests in addition to its dictionary meaning. Defense of a Claim Support provided to mark an assertion as reasonable. Implicit Though unexpressed in the actual text, meaning that may be understood by the reader; implied. Monologue An extended speech spoken by one speaker, either to others or as if alone. Motif A recurring subject, theme, or idea in a literary work. Satire A literary approach that ridicules or examines human vice or weakness. Soliloquy A dramatic speech, revealing inner thoughts and feelings, spoken aloud by one character while alone on the stage. Algebra: Absolute value A numbers distance from zero on a numberline. Positive and negative. Binomial A polynomial with two unlike terms. Median A measure of central tendency that is the middle value in an ordered set of data. Slope - The rate of change in x and y coordinates of a line. Unit Rate A rate in which the second quantity of the ration is 1 Range The measure of dispersion that is between the greatest and least value. Substitution The replacement of a term or variable in an equation. Variable- a letter or symbol used to represent a value. Biology: Biology The scientific study of life. Adhesion The intermolecular attraction between unlike molecules. Capillary action results from the adhe-sive properties of water and the molecules that make up plant cells. Cellular Respiration A complex set of chemical reactions involving an energy transformation where po-tential chemical energy in the bonds of food molecules is released and partially captured in the bonds of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules. Cohesion The intermolecular attraction between like molecules. Surface tension results from the cohe-sive properties of water. Hypothesis A proposed, scientifically testable explanation for an observed phenomenon. Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) A biological macromolecule that encodes the genetic information for living

organisms and is capable of selfreplication

and the synthesis of ribonucleic acid (RNA). Lipids A group of organic compounds composed mostly of carbon and hydrogen including a proportion-ately smaller amount of oxygen; are insoluble in water, serve as a source of stored energy, and are a component of cell mem-branes. Macromolecule A polymer with a high molecular mass. Within organisms there are four main groups: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids.

Keystone Algebra Exam December 3rd & 4th, 2012: All Grade 11 and underclassmen who have previously completed the course May 13th-24th, 2013: All students currently enrolled in Algebra 1 Keystone Literature Exam December 5th and 6th, 2012: All Grade 11 and underclassmen who have previously completed this course May 13th-24th, 2013: All students currently enrolled in English 10 Keystone Biology Exam January 9th-23rd, 2013: All Grade 11 and underclassmen who have previously completed this course May 13th-24th, 2013: All students currently enrolled in Biology 1 PSSA Writing March 11th-15: Grades 5 and 8 PSSA Math and Reading April 8th-19th: Grades 3 through 8 PSSA Science April 22nd-26th: Grades 4 and 8

Junior High Pride

September: Emilee Barnhardt-7th

Carl Darrup-8th

October: Nicole Varano-7th

Christine Kleman-8th

HS School Board Merit Award September:

Ashley DAndrea-12th October:

MaryRose Latorre 12th

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September: Vinny Candelora

October: Alexandria Danilowicz

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September: Nicole Purcel

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