Families Birmingham Solihull and Sutton Coldfield March April 2012

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Families Birmingham Solihull and Sutton Coldfield March April 2012


<ul><li><p>Birmingham and Solihull</p><p>JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2011 ISSUE #1</p><p>R</p><p>2008|2009</p><p>RUSSELL NURSERY SCHOOLChildren aged from 3 months to 5 years.</p><p>Ofsted Outstanding Qualied friendly staff.</p><p> Daily home cooking. Interactive Whiteboard/Table. CCTV cameras in every room.</p><p> Free Grant places available for 3+</p><p>Tel: 0121 777 4902130 Russell Rd, Hall Green, Bham B28 8SQ</p><p>621 Fox Hollies Road,Hall Green,Birmingham.B28 9DWTel: 0121 777 3778</p><p>Other sitesSmall World Nursery,975 Stratford Road,Hall Green,BirminghamB28 8BGTel: 0121 693 3071</p><p>2008|20092008|2009</p><p>HARBORNE-MS-BOOKKEEPING</p><p>Email: msbookkeeping@talktalk.net</p><p>Accounts Preparations,VAT Returns,Bookkeeping</p><p>&amp; Payroll ServicesTel: 0121 4282684 Mob: 07823550041</p><p>Stumped by science?</p><p>Supernanny to the rescue</p><p>Easter A to Z</p><p>2008|2009</p><p>RUSSELL NURSERY SCHOOLChildren aged from 3 months to 5 years.</p><p>Ofsted Outstanding Qualied friendly staff.</p><p> Daily home cooking. Interactive Whiteboard/Table. CCTV cameras in every room.</p><p> Free Grant places available for 3+</p><p>Tel: 0121 777 4902130 Russell Rd, Hall Green, Bham B28 8SQ</p><p>621 Fox Hollies Road,Hall Green,Birmingham.B28 9DWTel: 0121 777 3778</p><p>Other sitesSmall World Nursery,975 Stratford Road,Hall Green,BirminghamB28 8BGTel: 0121 693 3071</p><p>2008|20092008|2009</p><p>FREE</p><p>R</p><p>MARCH-APRIL 2012 ISSUE 8</p><p>www.familiesbirmingham.co.uk</p><p>HARBORNE-MS-BOOKKEEPING</p><p>Email: msbookkeeping@talktalk.net</p><p>Accounts Preparations,VAT Returns,Bookkeeping</p><p>&amp; Payroll ServicesTel: 0121 4282684 Mob: 07823550041</p><p>Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield</p><p>Stumped by science?</p><p>Supernanny to the rescue</p><p>Easter A to Z</p></li><li><p>www.familiesbirmingham.co.uk</p><p>34</p><p>5 </p><p>8</p><p>10</p><p>12 1416</p><p>News What mums really want! Clubs and classesStumped by science?Supernanny to the rescueEaster A to ZWhats on</p><p>Brain tumour research</p><p>In this Issue...5</p><p>8</p><p>10</p><p>14</p><p>2 Issue 8</p><p>Contents</p><p>Next Issue: Advertisers: book your space now for our May/June issue. Call 0758 352 6056or e-mail editor@familiesbirmingham.co.uk before Friday, April 6.</p><p>We take care preparing this magazine but the publisher and distributors cannot be held responsible for the claims of advertisers, nor for the accuracy of the contents nor its consequence.</p><p>Design: www.MattWaltonDesign.co.ukPrint: Warners Midlands PLC, Manor Lane, Bourne, Lincs. PE10 9PHCopyright Families Birmingham and Solihull, March 2012</p><p>Front page picture by photo artist Abby Wilkes. Abby won the West Midlands Master Photographer Award for her work with children three years in a row.She specialises in photographing children and families, creating art from lifes special moments. Contact Abby for more information:07966 867306. www.abbywilkes.com</p><p>, Editor, Families Birmingham &amp; SolihullWendy Flynn</p><p>rhiggs@littlekickers.co.uk</p><p>www.littlekickers.co.uk</p><p>Approved football training for kids aged 2 to 7 years</p><p>Local classes at a venue near you</p><p>Where learnings a ball</p><p>Classes in Solihull, Knowle, Hockley Heath &amp; Wythall</p><p>NOW BOOKING-Easter holiday football camps</p><p>For a free trial class or information about our football parties please call</p><p>0121 744 9730</p><p>Rugby-based, fun activity classes for </p><p>kids aged 3 to 5 years old.</p><p>Classes in Birmingham and </p><p>Solihull07807 297 511</p><p>www.rugbymonkeys.co.uk</p></li><li><p>www.familiesbirmingham.co.uk News www.familiesbirmingham.co.uk</p><p>Child rst day nursery</p><p>Childcare and a whole lot more Drop in anytime and see 3 months to 5 years</p><p>0121 788 8148 solihull@childrst.co.ukwww.childrst.co.uk Cooks Lane B37 6NZ</p><p>Issue 8 3 </p><p>MATHS </p><p>ENGLISH </p><p>LANGUAGES</p><p>VERBAL REASONING</p><p>SCIENCESNON-VERBAL REASONI</p><p>NG</p><p>11+ GCSEsTUITION</p><p>...we have dedication to education</p><p>TEL 0121 454 2858 | MOB 07543 668261 | www.a</p><p>cademicexcellence.org.uk</p><p>For more information please call 0121 454 2858 </p><p>or email </p><p>info@academicexcellence.org.uk </p><p>To find a class near you please call or email:</p><p>Childrens LivesHow life has changed for children! Many mums will remember growing up at a time when there was more freedom, more play, less technology and far less traffic. But how has life changed for children through the centuries?Take a family outing to the Childrens Lives exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery from March 23 for a fascinating glimpse into the lives of children past and present and their experiences of home, school and community.The exhibition features wonderful black and white documentary photography taken by Bill Brandt for Cadburys in the 1930s and 40s and campaign photography by Nick Hedges for the Shelter campaign in the 1970s. See scenes from Bournville, Sparkhill, Cannon Hill Park, Harborne and the Black Country. There are also paintings by artists including Gainsborough, Reynolds, Rossetti, and Picasso; artefacts, toys and film. The final room of the exhibition featuring children of today has been curated by pupils from Waverley School in Small Heath and Four Dwellings School in Quinton. Definitely worth a visit and runs until June. </p><p>Spring into action at the GardensAn annual family membership which allows free access to Birminghams Botanical Gardens all year round costs just 62 - and with the Gardens extending their family activities programme so children will never tire of visiting, this sounds like a great deal. </p><p>The decision to add to its regular Sunday afternoon family programme with new events at half term and school holidays comes in response to parents who want fun family outings that dont break the bank.</p><p>The 2012 activities programme includes many of the old favourites pond dipping, recycled musical instruments; and herb planting - as well as new workshops in African, Indian and rainforest crafts. </p><p>Activities cost 2 per child and if you pick up a family activity loyalty card after 4 visits, the fifth activity is free. </p><p>As well as craft activities, children will also enjoy Music in the Gardens at the bandstand. The music programme runs every Sunday and bank holidays from April to October. To download the Family Activity Programme or find out about membership:www.birminghambotanicalgardens.org.uk</p><p>Slainte (Cheers!)Have your shamrock at the ready for the annual Saint Patricks Day Parade taking take place in Birmingham on Sunday 11th March. Happy Saint Patricks Day to all our readers and may the luck of the Irish be with you.</p><p>Canny caninesCrufts dog show will be the place to be for canine pet-lovers as 22,000 dogs and 200 pedigree breeds take part in the show at the NEC on March 8-11. There are over 400 display stands; a dog activity ring where you can find out how to unleash your dogs potential, and a good citizen dog training programme. Under 8s free.</p></li><li><p>www.familiesbirmingham.co.uk</p><p>What mums really wantA family gatheringMothering Sunday was originally a day-off from Lent, when servants were allowed to travel home to see their mums, and have a slap-up dinner together. Traditional presents were flowers and cakes and you wont go too far wrong if you stick to tradition. What mum doesnt love having the family all around one table, with cake and flowers thrown in? But mums not making the feast, or doing the washing up oh no. Book her favourite restaurant or pub, or make the meal yourself - and make sure you wash up afterwards.</p><p>Time to herselfThis is one thing we mums often crave more than anything, so organise her some proper me time. Book her a spa day or indulge her hobby (yoga/writing/crafts/cookery) with a weekend course. If she doesnt get to see her closest friends enough, maybe you could secretly liaise with them and organise a weekend away? Youll be rolling in Brownie points after any of these.</p><p>Personalised works of artIf home is where your womans heart is, then a few personal touches to beautify it wont go far wrong. Book a portrait session for the whole family with a great local photographer (eg Abby Wilkes 07966 867306), or find a local service that turns an existing photo into a fantastic artwork. What woman could resist a framed print of her wedding day as a romantic gesture?</p><p>Something really uniqueWith a little planning ahead, you and the kids can present mum with a truly unique and handmade creation. Take the childrens fingerprints or hand or foot casts, and have them made into pictures, keepsakes or jewellery there are lots of places that do this now (eg Smallprint call Sarah on 07950 832 054). Alternatively, take the kids to a pottery painting shop (eg Paint a Pot at Notcutts Garden Centre) and have a great time making a personalised plate, mug or vase that mum will treasure forever. </p><p>Time with you, aloneChances are, since the kids came along, lifes been a little (or a lot) less romantic. Mothers Day is the perfect time to put this right, with a hotel reservation slipped inside the card and the grandparents on standby for next weekend. Happy days all round.</p><p>Whatever you decide, we hope every mum has a wonderful Mothers Day!.</p><p>Psst, dads want to know what mum really wants for Mothers Day? Here are some ideas to show her how much you care.</p><p>By Gabrielle Starkey</p><p>4 Issue 8</p><p>Mothers Day www.familiesbirmingham.co.uk</p><p>Day Nursery SchoolsQuality Pre-School Education and Care</p><p> Ages 3 months to 5 years Small group sizes Open 8.00am to 6.00pm Mature quali ed staff Home cooked meals Ofsted approved CCTV and Door-entry security Grant Funding processed Teachers specializing in Music, Dance &amp; French (subject to availability)</p><p>Day NurserySchoolsQuality</p><p>Pre-SchoolEducationand Care</p><p>106 Wake Green RoadMoseley, B13 9PZ.Tel: 0121-449-3673106 Wake Green Road</p><p>Moseley, B13 9PZ.Tel: 0121-449-3673</p><p>19 Woodland Road,North eld, B31 2HU.</p><p>Tel: 0121-475-841619 Woodland Road,North eld, B31 2HU.Tel: 0121-475-8416</p><p> Ages 3 months to 5 years Small group sizes Open 8.00am to 6.00pm Mature quali ed staff Home cooked meals Ofsted approved</p><p> CCTV and Door-entry security Grant Funding processed Teachers specializing in Music, Dance &amp; French (subject to availability)</p><p>Grasshoppers DayNurseries</p><p>Loving, caring and quality childcare in homelysettings</p><p>Erdington - 0121 384 8096Edgbaston - 0121 455 6026</p><p>Open 7.00am 6.15pmHarborne - 0121 427 5040</p><p>Open 7.30am 6.15pm</p></li><li><p>www.familiesbirmingham.co.uk</p><p>Issue 8 5 </p><p>Stagecoach</p><p>Theatre Arts</p><p>Stagecoach Edgbaston Saturday classes at Edgbaston High School for Girls for children and young people aged 4 to 18</p><p>Call: 01926 651159email: edgbaston@stagecoach.co.ukwww.stagecoach.co.uk/edgbaston</p><p>Stretch Your Childs Imagination In Three Directions At Once </p><p>The original, largest and still the best part-time performing arts schools in the world.</p><p>Nurturing and developing young peoples potential through dance, drama and singing.</p><p>SING! DANCE</p><p>! ACT NOW!</p><p>Clubs and Classeswww.familiesbirmingham.co.uk</p><p>Fans of little piplings love YogaBugs</p><p>Does your cheebie tune into Waybuloo and copy the little piplings yogo moves? Then he or she will love YogaBugs classes where they can enjoy some real live yogo action. YogaBugs founder Nell Lindsell was the yoga consultant to the hit TV show!At YogaBugs classes children are Superheroes who encounter a different adventure every week whether it is a Super Sonic Space Mission or an Underwater Mermaid Adventure. The yoga postures are incorporated into the story, and at the end of the class there is a relaxation session where children learn breathing techniques and visualisation. Michelle Best, the YogaBugs franchisee in Birmingham, says: Children love coming to our classes and having a Superhero adventure and there are lots of other benefits too. Yoga is a great physical exercise and it has been shown to have a calming effect on children, reducing their stress levels and increasing their concentration spans.Michelle holds classes for MegaBugs (3-5); MightyBugs (2-3) and MiniBugs (2 years) at the Rowheath Pavilion in Bournville on Friday mornings, and at the Layca Centre in Shirley on Monday mornings. A new class is also planned for Solihull from March, and more venues will be added soon. For more information call Michelle on 0845 863 0691. </p><p>Match of the dayClub Futsal is inviting Birmingham and Solihull football clubs or individual players to join them at the Ricoh Arena for the Coventry City V Doncaster game. The football fans will be taken on a tour of the stadium and take part in a parade around the pitch before the match kicks off, while some youngsters will get the chance to form a guard of honour as the players leave the tunnel.</p><p>Club Futsal is also organising a futsal tournament for ages 5-16 in Birmingham in July. Each team will play nine games of 6 minutes with trophies for the winners and runners up. For more information on either event, contact Paul Holmes, Club Futsal Director, on 077455 65745.</p><p>New classes for September in the Sutton Coldeld area</p><p>YB-MB-AD-090212.pdf 1 09/02/2012 10:06</p></li><li><p>www.familiesbirmingham.co.ukSummer Fun www.familiesbirmingham.co.ukClubs and Classes www.familiesbirmingham.co.uk</p><p>6 Issue 8</p><p>Guitar, Bass, Drum Lessons 7-19 years Vocal lessons for over 11s</p><p>2 Hour sessions including stage time.CRB cleared Staff, great fun.</p><p>RockSchool grades.</p><p>Tel: 0845 226 3318www.therockproject.com</p><p>Clubs &amp; Classes DIRECTORY To advertise here call 0758 352 6056</p><p>MUSIC</p><p>MUSIC</p><p>MUSIC</p><p>TIM TANDLER DRUM SCHOOL1-to-1 drum tuition, City Centre locationRock School grades 1-8. Ages 4 upwards. </p><p>Tel: 0121 503 5849www.timtandlerdrumschool.co.uk</p><p>B I R M I N G H A M</p><p>Tel: 0121 503 5849www.birminghamdrumschool.co.uk</p><p>1-to-1 drum tuition,City Centre location</p><p>Rock School grades 1-8.Ages 4 upwards. </p><p>PRE-SCHOOL MUSIC</p><p>Call 0121 711 4224 for nearest classwww.rhythmtime.net</p><p>Early learning through musicBaby, toddler and pre-school classes</p><p>Youth Theatre Group, Age 6+ Garretts Green Lane, Sheldon, B26 2SA </p><p>Telephone: 0121 722 3761 </p><p>MASQUERADE MUSICAL THEATRE </p><p>Ballet, Tap and Jazz age 2 +Branches in Yardley and Shirley </p><p>Telephone: 0121 744 1422 www.dubarrieschoolofdance.co.uk </p><p>DUBARRIE SCHOOL OF DANCE DANCE &amp; DRAMA</p><p>PYJAMA DRAMADrama for creative little people, 6 months -7 years</p><p>Sing, dance, pretend, play. Call Kate on 0800 542 0363</p><p>or e-mail: kate@pyjamadrama.com</p><p>www.solihullyoungdancers.co.uk</p><p>Solihull Young DancersBallet and Tap DancingClasses from age 2 +Tel: Kate on 07722 732678</p><p>www.masquerademusicaltheatre.co.uk</p><p>Explore your creativity!Does your child have a good imagination and do they love to write? Explore Learning, which recently opened a new maths and English centre in Kings Heath, launches its National Young Writers Award 2012 for year 3 upwards this April and May.</p><p>Last year children were asked to write an adventure story, and this year the plot thickens. As we go to press, details of the 2012 writing challenge have not yet been released, but log onto www.explorelearning.co.uk later this month and all will be revealed. Tutors from the Centre are offering free creative writing workshops and assemblies to schools to fire up childrens creative processes and get them in the mood for writing. </p><p>Explore Learning offers a variety of individually tailored courses in maths and English for ages 5-14, and an 11+ preparation course. The Centre has just launched Explore Writing, a unique creative writing course designed to inspire even the most reluctant of writers! Later this month it introduces Succeed i...</p></li></ul>