Families Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield May/June 2013

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Families Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield for May June 2012


<ul><li><p>JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2013 ISSUE 13</p><p>Tuition PlusHelping students achieve their true potential</p><p>Tel: 07592 556 452Email: info@tuition-plus.co.uk</p><p>www.tuition-plus.co.uk</p><p>Professional TutoringLiteracy &amp; Numeracy</p><p>for ages 5 to 11First lesson freeHarvest Fields Centre</p><p>Sutton Coldfield B75 5TJ</p><p>FREE</p><p>R</p><p>MAY-JUNE 2013 ISSUE 15</p><p>www.familiesbirmingham.co.uk</p><p>B A L L E T S C H O O L S</p><p>in Moseley &amp; Bournville Royal Academy of Dancing </p><p>syllabus Ages: 3-18 </p><p>Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield</p><p>In the Night Garden</p><p>SATs &amp; Eleven Plus</p><p>Why sugar is not so sweet!</p><p>Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton ColdfieldBirmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield</p><p>In the Night Garden</p><p>SATs &amp; Eleven Plus</p><p>Why sugar is not so sweet!</p><p>In the Night Garden</p><p>SATs &amp; Eleven Plus</p><p>Why sugar is not so sweet!</p><p>Tudor HousePreparati on for Grammar School</p><p>11 PlusAll children in year 3 and year 4 should apply</p><p>Tel: 0121 709 1200www.tudorhousetuiti on.co.uk</p></li><li><p>www.familiesbirmingham.co.uk</p><p>2 Issue 15</p><p>Tel: 0845 206 8658 </p><p>The Inspiring Tuition Service </p><p>Primary Plus </p><p>Albion Court 17-19 </p><p>Frederick Street </p><p>Jewellery Quarter B1 3HE </p><p>Primary Plus provides personal tuition for children of all ages in a </p><p>quiet, professional learning environment. We offer specialised </p><p>11+ preparation, general literacy and numeracy support and help </p><p>at Secondary School age. </p><p>Book a free trial session now to see how easy it is to provide your </p><p>child with inspiration, fantastic motivation and expert teaching. </p><p>Email: admin@primaryplus.org.uk </p><p>Website: www.primaryplus.org.uk </p><p>BIRMINGHAM 25 Jul-8 Aug </p><p>Cannon Hill Park</p><p>My daughter had the time of her life! The Daily Telegraph</p><p>Fantastic! We can defi nitely recommend itThe Sun</p><p>HURR</p><p>Y </p><p>OFFE</p><p>R EN</p><p>DS </p><p>30 Ju</p><p>ne</p><p>BOOK NOW WITH THIS COUPON AND</p><p>SAVE 5*</p><p>FOR 5 OFF ORDERS OVER 50 AND 5% OFF ORDERS UNDER 50</p><p>No booking fee online </p><p>NightGardenLive.comor call 0333 300 0016</p><p>Use Coupon:</p><p>FAM74</p><p>In the Night Garden &amp; Ragdoll Worldwide Limited 2007.* Subject to availability, terms and conditions apply, see NightGardenLive.com.</p><p>T0865-ItNGl-familyad-180x130-AW.indd 1 08/04/2013 10:14</p></li><li><p>www.familiesbirmingham.co.ukwww.familiesbirmingham.co.uk Contents</p><p>Next Issue: Advertisers: Book now for our July/August school summer holidays issueCall 0758 352 6056or e-mail editor@familiesbirmingham.co.ukbefore Wednesday July 3rd, 2013.</p><p>Hello and welcome to the May/June issue of Families magazine. Is your year 6 child in the throes of SATs revision or are you planning on a grammar school for your year 5 child. If so turn to our education pages for some timely advice about exam techniques and eleven plus tips.</p><p>On page 10, read the toxic truth about sugar in our childrens diets. You will be amazed by the amount of sugar in some everyday foods, including those we would assume are healthy! We tell you what to watch out for to avoid the sugar trap, and in our lifestyle feature read about encouraging your childs interest in healthy foods and the great outdoors by getting them to grow things.</p><p>As usual we bring you lots of whats on information and have some special offers for Families readers. Get half price tickets to the Baby Show at the NEC on May 17-19 (see entry on our Whats On pages for how to apply) and get reductions on tickets for In the Night Garden Live at Cannon Hill Park in July (find out how to apply on page 5). </p><p>Dont forget to log on to our website www.familiesbirmingham.co.uk; register for our E-zine and get all the latest whats on information for school holidays along with other great offers. </p><p>You can also follow us on twitter: @familiesbirm.</p><p>Families Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield, EditorWendy Flynn</p><p>Front page picture by photo artist Abby Wilkes. Abby won the West Midlands Master Photographer Award for her work with children three years in a row.She specialises in photographing children and families, creating art from lifes special moments. Contact Abby for more information:07966 867306. www.abbywilkes.com</p><p>Design: www.MattWaltonDesign.co.uk Print: Warners Midlands PLC, Manor Lane, Bourne, Lincs. PE10 9PH Copyright Families Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield,May 2013We take care preparing this magazine but the publisher and distributors cannot be held responsible for the claims of advertisers, nor for the accuracy of the contents nor its consequence.</p><p>In this Issue...4</p><p>8</p><p>14</p><p>16</p><p>News Clubs and classesWhy sugar is not so sweetChildrens partiesGardening with childrenSATs survivalEleven plusWhats on </p><p>4 8 </p><p>10</p><p>12</p><p>14</p><p>151618 </p><p>11 + TuitionIntensive courses for all children in</p><p>Year 5 in preparation for:King Edward Grammar Schools,Queen Marys Grammar School</p><p>Queen Marys High SchoolSutton Coldield Grammar School</p><p>All other Selective School examinationsTel: 0121 661 6330</p><p>www.advantage11plus.com</p><p>Issue 15 3 </p></li><li><p>Take part in a swashbuckling adventure at Thinktank from the May half-term right through the summer holidays. The Birmingham Science Museum has teamed up with Aardman Animations and plays host to The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists, based on the Academy Award-nominated movie. The exhibition brings together the sets and puppets from the film and encourages visitors to become part of The Pirate Captains crew. From dressing up in pirate finery to steering a galleon and playing a part in the movie using clever blue-screen technology, </p><p>there is a treasure trove of activities for all ages.Peter Lord, co-founder and Creative Director of Aardman Animations, said: People will have a chance to get up close to some of the fantastic models and sets that we made. Weve got Charles Darwins cabin, part of Blood Island, a huge pile of pirate treasure - and of course the magnificent Pirate Ship in all its glory! Have a look at it. Some rather dodgy Pirates must have done a cut and shut job on her because the bow end and the stern end dont match at all. And the figure-head clearly lost her head a long time </p><p>ago. Theres so much detail and comedy in all these sets. And then of course we will take the visitors behind the scenes to catch a glimpse of all the crafts involved in filmmaking everything from design to model making to animation. So as well as being a visual delight, I also hope the exhibition will inspire young animators to have a go themselves.The Exhibition opens to the public at Thinktank on May 23. </p><p>Thinktank plays hosts to Pirates!</p><p>Big Brum Buz is back!Catch the Big Brum Buz for a tour of the UKs second city and be proud to be a Brummie.The open-topped bus is back on the beat every weekend from now right through until the end of September, helping young Brummies to learn more about their city. The live guided tour takes families through the Jewellery Quarter, Broad Street, Edgbaston and the East Side of Birmingham, taking in the sights en route. Big Brum Buz stops on the corner of Colmore Row and Waterloo Street and Victoria Square next to the Council House. Family Ticket: 20. The bus can also be booked for educational school tours. Learn some fascinating facts about your home town, like why Birmingham was known as the city of a thousand trades in Victorian times. Learn about the citys heritage from chocolate, custard, cars, whistles and bangles, to science, medicine, education and art. (For information on tailor-made school tours contact 0121 427 2555, or mobile 078051 15998, or e-mail enquiries@birmingham-tours.co.uk)</p><p>Potter around the Marvellous Medicine TrailPotter around the Childrens Marvellous Medicine Trail at </p><p>Birminghams Botanical Gardens and discover the magic of plants. There are no mandrakes and you dont need </p><p>ear-muffs, but you will discover magic cures for a range of illnesses including travel sickness and coughs.</p><p>The Marvellous Medicine Trail, on throughout May, is one of a series of monthly trails designed to create a fun way for children to explore the gardens. In June, families can follow the Brilliant Butterfly trail, visiting the newly-reopened Butterfly House with its colourful and exotic tropical butterflies.You can also turn explorer and pick up a Family Backpack for an engaging visit to the gardens. The backpacks come with activity sheets (and an answer sheet for mum and dad!), as well as clipboards and colouring pencils for the children. Depending on the activity, the backpacks also come equipped with binoculars, tape measure, and magnifying glasses for a fun day out. www.birminghambotanicalgardens.org.uk</p><p>This is a happy, professional and caring group in which the individual child matters most.</p><p>Please call to ask for full details and to book your childs free </p><p>taster session.</p><p>High quality dance, drama and singing classes for children </p><p>5-14 in Sutton Coldfield. Regular shows in which all </p><p>members take part(Bugsy Malone coming up watch out </p><p>for those splurge guns!)</p><p>www.bigarenadrama.com</p><p>0121 427 3770 077389 52062mike@bigarenadrama.com</p><p> Children love receiving their own letters! </p><p> Just 10 for a one month trial!* </p><p>*2-2.50 p/w thereafter www.littlelettercompany.co.uk </p><p>0845 838 2499 (free from most BT landlines) </p><p>The Little Letter Company posts </p><p>weekly craft kits to children aged 3-6, addressed to them </p><p>in colourful envelopes. </p><p>Children love receiving their own letters! </p><p>No more trudging into town to buy two googly eyes and a pipe cleaner, each pack </p><p>contains everything you need! </p><p>4 Issue 15</p><p>News www.familiesbirmingham.co.uk</p></li><li><p>A magical summer treat is in store for little ones as In The Night Garden Live comes to Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham.Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and friends from the BAFTA winning TV show, are brought to life on stage using full-size costumes, magical puppets, enchanting music and breath-taking projections.The show takes place in its own all-weather inflatable showdome in the park which children will love and it makes for a </p><p>wonderful summer day out. Picnic in the park, then visit the show dome for a day they will remember for years to come. You can even book tickets for the children to meet up with their favourite characters after the show.For more info, or to book tickets go to www.NightGardenlive.com or call the box office on 0333 300 0023. For special offer for Families Readers quote FAM 74 when booking. See page 2.</p><p>Meet Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy</p><p>Are you an Alpha Mum?Are you an Alpha Mum who strives to have it all? According to a YouGov Sixth Sense report, nearly one in ten British mothers can be classified as Alpha Mums.You are an Alpha Mum if:You have an above average drive to succeed in every aspect of your life and are career focused. You say: my work is a career not just a jobYou are significantly more likely than other mums to watch what you eat, exercise regularly and to say I make sure I always look good You socialise more than most and have enough money to spend on your own leisure pursuits You have great expectations of your children. They attend at least one, but more than likely 3, out of school activities, and if your children are in secondary school you expect them to do school work in their free time.If you dont recognise yourself in all of the above, fear not. You are part of the not-so-perfect ninety per cent of the parent population. On the same note, three cheers to down-to-earth TV presenter and home guru Kirstie Allsopp for candidly acknowledging that behind each Alpha Mum with the have-it-all lifestyle is an army of unseen back-up staff who do the ironing, clean the house, mind the children and sort out the </p><p>domestic practicalities. It was time someone busted the Superwoman myth! </p><p>Tuition For Grammar School11 + weekends Evenings</p><p> Holiday courses Mock ExamsFor children in year 3, year 4 and year 5.</p><p>Centres throughout The West Midlands</p><p>www.tuition11plus.com</p><p>Issue 15 5 </p><p>Newswww.familiesbirmingham.co.uk</p></li><li><p>www.familiesbirmingham.co.uk</p><p>6 Issue 15</p><p>Welsh steam train visits BrumSir Haydn, a steam train built in 1878 for use in the slate quarries, will be one of the guest engines on show at the Tyseley Loco Works Open Day this June.The Sir Hayden was rescued in 1951 by the Talyllywn Railway Preservation Society who bought it for 25, and since then it has spent several decades in service along the Mid Wales route from Twywn to Nant Gwernol, Gwynedd. This year it is on a tour of the UK and it stops off in Brum for the popular family fun days at Tyseley Loco Works (June 22 and 23).Admittance is free to children under 15. They can enjoy free shuttle rides, see trains in steam, watch turntable demonstrations, and visit the refreshment stalls. Adult tickets cost 10 and can be purchased on the day. Entry to the Works from 10am with last admission at 4pm, and the event closes at 5pm. For further information www.vintagetrains.co.uk</p><p>Pens at the ready! This years National Young Writers Award will be judged by best-selling author Cressida Cowell, writer of the How To Train Your Dragon series which inspired the DreamWorks movie. The prize is a family trip to Disneyland Paris and 500 worth of books for the winners school!Children aged five to 14 are invited to write a 500 word short story on this years theme Around the World. The competition is organised by Explore Learning and is open for entries until Monday, June 3. It is free to enter via www.explorelearning.co.uk/youngwriters</p><p>Heather Garrick from Explore Learning says: Having Cressida on board is a fantastic coup. She is a brilliant author and illustrator who will inspire lots of children to give writing a try. Many children have a gift for writing and its so important to nurture this from an early age to build up confidence, have fun and develop their imagination! Explore Learning have centres in Harborne, Kings Heath, Yardley, Shirley, and Sutton Coldfield. As part of the National Writing Award, they will be running free workshops with local libraries, schools and community groups to inspire childrens love of writing and encourage them to get involved. Heather adds: We judge all our entries on their creative approach, ingenuity and use of descriptive language taking into account their ages. Last year thousands of children from all over the UK entered and this year we hope to attract even more with Cressida on board.For more information about ExploreLearning tuition and the competition visit: www.explorelearning.co.uk/youngwriters</p><p>Cressida Cowell judges National Young Writers Award</p><p>Dora The Explorer Live! Join Nickleodeons Dora the Explorer as she embarks on a live musical adventure at the Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, on July 5-7.Dora, everyones favourite explorer, has lost her teddy bear Osito, and the search is on to retrieve him! With the help of the audience, Map, Backpack, Boots, Diego and their courageous friends, Dora uses her map-reading, counting, musical and language skills to successfully pass through the number pyramid and the mixed-up jungle to reach the City of Lost Toys.But watch out - you never know what that sneaky fox Swiper might be up to along the way! Dora the Explorer fans will delight in this two act, song and dance spectacular that invites them to think, sing and play along. To book tickets visit nickjr.c...</p></li></ul>