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Family Traditions Showcase Child Development Chapter 3

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Types of Families

Family Traditions ShowcaseChild DevelopmentChapter 3Family Traditions ShowcaseWe will be having a Traditions Gallery Walk! DATE: Friday Sep 13th WRITE THIS DOWN! Bring in a family tradition to share with the class.item to displayfood to share (must bring enough for 36)picture to show one of your familys traditions. Type or write very neatly a brief description of your familys tradition in paragraph format. During the Family Traditions Showcase, you will view all your classmates displays and write down their family traditions on the paper provided. FamiliesWithin every cultureThere are familiesEach culture is differentSome include parents and childrenOthers include aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousinsFamilies areThe foundation on which human culture is builtFamiliesWhat are some of the physical needs that families meet?ClothingShelterHealthSafety

FamiliesBesides physical needs, what other needs do families meet for us? Social and emotional needsto love and be lovedTo give and receive helpLearning social skillsSharing taking turns, working together to achieve common goalsFamiliesWhat social skills do we learn from our families? Manners Sharing and taking turnsWorking together to achieve common goalsFamiliesDo families meet intellectual goals too? Strong families doFamily is a childs first teacherLanguage, numbers, colorsDoes the strength and support of the family impact how a child does in school? Absolutelycan have a direct relationship to the success of a child

FamiliesFamilies teach children how to live in societyBasicsShare everythingDont hit peoplePlay fair

FamiliesHow do families go about teaching these values? Through exampleThrough communicationExplaining rules and why we have themThrough religious training

FamiliesFamilies teach about their societys unique way of lifeArtMusicCookingFoodsViews about work and playHolidaysLanguage

FamiliesWhat are the different family structures?Nuclear FamilySingle-Parent FamilyBlended FamilyExtended Family FamiliesWhat is a nuclear family? Includes mother, father and at least one childTwo parents to help raise the child

FamiliesWhat is a blended family?Formed when a single parent marries another person, who may or may not have childrenstep-parents

FamiliesWhat is a single-parent family? Either a mother or father and at least one childAbsent parent may have died, left after divorce, parents never married

Extended FamilyWhat is an extended family? Includes parent or parents, at least one child, and relatives other than the parents who live with themFor exampleMom, dad, child and grandma or grandpaMom, dad, child, aunt or uncle

FamiliesHow does a child join a family? Usually born into a familySometimes through legal guardianAdoptionAn adopted child has the same rights as any biological child

FamiliesHow do they match foster children with adoptive parents? In the pastraceEthnic or religious backgroundphysical characteristicsNowadaysEmphasis is on finding a good home, not physical characteristicsFamiliesSome children join a family as a foster child.Can be anyoneMay have come from troubled familySometimes becomes part of adopted family or rejoins original family

Bree is a typical 9 year old girl. She lives with Mr. and Mrs. Mason, her foster parents. When Bree was 7,her biological parents werent able to care for her, so they allowed her to be adopted. Bree lived with several families before she came to stay with the Masons. Many families who want to adopt are looking for a baby, and sometimes it is more difficult for an older child to be adopted. Moving from family to family and home to home has been hard for Bree. Sometimes she has to change schools and make new friends. Bree has lived with the Masons for a year now, and they are seeking to formally adopt her. Nothing would make her happier. Do you know anyone who has foster parents? What were his or her experiences like? How are they similar and different from your own? Lets playWhat type of family is this? Blended FamilyThe Bradys

Blended FamilyThe Kardashians

Nuclear (Adopted) FamilyThe Cullens

Extended FamilyFresh Prince of Bel Air

Extended FamilyFull House

Blended FamilyThe Simmons

Nuclear (Adopted) Family

Brad and AngelinaNuclear* FamilyRosie ODonnell & Kelly Carpenter

Single Parent FamilySheryl Crow

Nuclear FamilyJay-Z and Beyonce (and Baby)

Nuclear FamilyBen Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Single-Parent FamilyDenise Richards

Blended FamilyHeidi Klum and Seal

Nuclear* FamilyElton John and David Furnish

Nuclear FamilyTim McGraw and Faith Hill

Single Parent FamilySandra Bullock

Nuclear FamilyTom Cruise and Katie Holmes

FamiliesSome that didnt live happily ever afterBlended FamilyJenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey

Nuclear Family (originally)The Hogans

FamiliesAll families go through a life cycle with six stagesBeginning StageCouple works to establish a home and their marriageParental Stage 1Expanding stageCouple prepares for and adjusts to parenthood

FamiliesParental Stage 2Developing stageAs children grow, parents work to meet their changing needs and help them develop independenceParental Stage 3Launching stageChildren leave home and support themselvesParents adapt to life on their ownFamiliesMiddle ageCouple renews their relationshipPrepares for retirementIf children have left home, they are empty nestersRetirementCouple stops full-time workAdjusts to having more free timeTrends Affecting FamiliesAll families are affected by the trends in society around themSome trends support familiesSome add pressure to families

MobilityWhat is mobility? Many adults move from where they were raisedNo family aroundMust rely on themselves, neighbors, close friends

Aging PopulationHow has the aging population affected families? People live longerPeople care for their children and their parentsGrandparents sometimes help raise the children

Economic ChangesWhat economic struggles are affecting families? Many families struggle to make ends meetMoney is often the reason that both parents workMany families are smallerHave first child later in marriageDemand for child careAll day, before and after school care

Workplace ChangesHow has the workplace changed over the years? Many companies employ fewer peopleTypes of jobs available are shiftingManufacturing has declinedHealth and technology have grownLayoffs are commonOften affects both income and insuranceNeed to always learn new skillsMany people work outside their home

TechnologyHow has technology changed families? Makes life easier and more complicatedNeed to make sure kids are safe onlineTechnology can isolate people from one anotherSilent Generation

FamiliesWhich trends do you think affect families the most?MobilityAging populationEconomic changesWorkplace changestechnology

Which family type and trend? The Michelsons family includes a father, a mother, and one child from the mothers previous marriage. Both parents work from offices in the family home.Family Type?Blended FamilyTrend?Workplace ChangesWhich family type and trend? Pete Washburn won custody of his two children when he and his wife divorced. He works two jobs to earn extra money.Family Type?Single Parent FamilyTrend?Economic ChangesWhich family type and trend? Alberto and Anamarie Nunez have two children. They have moved three times over a 20 year period.Family Type?Nuclear FamilyTrend?MobilityWhich family type and trend? The Iversons married when they were 20 and have three children. Recently, they brought Erik Iversons mother to live with them because she is no longer able to care for herself.Family Type?Extended FamilyTrend?Aging populationWhich family type and trend? Sue Watsom is raising her daughter on her own. She and her daughter had to move to another town so she could keep her job.Family Type?Single Parent FamilyTrend?MobilityFamiliesFamily life can be stressful! Who can you lean on for support? Friends RelativesCoworkersWhat if you need professional help? CounselorDoctorReligious leader

FamiliesWhat does a strong family feel like? AcceptedLoved/cared forSense of belongingSupportNurturingProtectionSecurity

FamiliesWhat things do strong families do to keep close? Spend time togetherShare responsibilitiesWork together to resolve differencesListen to each other with an open mindAllow everyone to express opinions and share feelingsFamiliesWhat are traditions? Things that a family may do together more than onceExamples:Family movie or game nightMaking Christmas cookies or tamalesSummer vacationEating dinner together each night

FamiliesThree types of traditionsCelebration TraditionsActivities formed around special occasionsBirthdaysHolidays

FamiliesFamily TraditionsSpecial activities created to fit a familys lifestyleVacationsFamily meetingsPatterned Family InteractionsCentered on daily lifeDinner timeBed time routinesFamiliesWhy are traditions so important? They create a sense of Togetherness AppreciationContinuitylittle things that make a big differenceCreate lasting memoriesFamiliesHow do we build strong families?Forming TraditionsSharing ValuesHandling Family Conflict appropriately Meeting Childrens NeedsIt is important to meet the needs of childrenWhat happens to children whose needs are not met?Lag behind other children in their overall developmentSuffer from deprivationIs deprivation the same as poverty? No! Meeting Childrens NeedsWhat physical needs do children have? FoodClothingShelterHealthDoctor visitsSafetyCar seatsMeeting Childrens NeedsWhat emotional and social needs do children have? Need for nurturingLove (hug, kiss, smile)SupportConcern and caringOpportunities for enrichmentProvide a safe environment for children to explor