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    FAMILY VIOLENCE FLEXIBLE SUPPORT PACKAGES - GUIDELINES Flexible Support Packages (FSP) deliver a personalised and holistic response to victim/survivors of family violence to move out of crisis, stabilise and improve their safety, well-being and independence. Individualised packages of up to $10,000 are available to victim/survivors of family violence, with an average cost of $3000 - $5000. A $10,000 package will only be considered in extreme circumstances (e.g. RAMP risk, multiple dependents, etc.).

    TARGET GROUP AND ELIGIBILTY FSP are targeted to victim/survivors who are:

    Escaping and/or have recently experienced FV (past two years as a guide). Planning to leave an abusive situation or have the perpetrator removed from the home with appropriate

    legal sanctions in place. Priority will be given to victim/survivors who are:

    At highest risk of ongoing family violence. Will have their safety and security needs, and independent living goals reasonably be met through a FSP. Are experiencing significant financial hardship.

    Conditions of application:

    Referring case managers must provide regular and ongoing reviews of risk and safety plan, and provide case management support that will continue throughout the duration of the package.

    A FSP can only be submitted in conjunction with a current case management plan (no older than 3 months). Each request to be met with FSP funding must clearly link to goals and support needs highlighted in the victim/survivors case plan.

    A FSP must address the needs of children, including linking children to appropriate services, particularly therapeutic interventions.

    One FSP will be available for victim/survivors per case management support period. This does not preclude victim/survivors from receiving a subsequent package for future presentations, provided a new case management plan and rationale is provided outlining the victim/survivors change of circumstances.

    The intention of the FSP is to assist the victim/survivor to stabilise and improve their safety in a crisis or post crisis situation, and as such provide an opportunity to transform their life. FSP is not accessible to victim/survivors who wish to continue their domestic living arrangements with the perpetrator of abuse. If a victim/survivor returns to a living arrangement with the perpetrator, access to the FSP funding will cease.

    PACKAGE OUTCOMES A FSP is used to purchase goods and services that are clearly linked to the victim/survivors current case management plan and must meet the following outcome areas: A) Safety and Security

    Freedom from abuse and violence (e.g. security measures, personal safety devices). Suitable and stable housing (e.g. repairs, relocation costs, whitegoods and furnishing, utility costs). Payment for short term or emergency accommodation. Rental payment, bond payment, mortgage costs.

    B) Capabilities to Participate Participation in learning and education for adult (e.g. course fees, TAFE, books, equipment, etc). Participation in learning and education for children (e.g. kinder/childcare, school/education costs). Participation in workforce (e.g. travel costs, uniforms, tools, training). Financial security and independence (e.g. payment of debts). Legal and court costs.

    C) Health and Wellbeing Support for physical and mental health and wellbeing for adult and/or children (e.g. medical and

    pharmaceutical costs not covered by Medicare or PBS, disability aids and equipment). D) Connection to Culture and Community

    Support for social engagement, connection with culture and identity for adults and/or children (e.g. car repairs, driving lessons, travel card, participation in social /cultural / sporting activities)

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    Requests must consider the following: Must represent the most cost-effective, timely and appropriate response to meet the outcomes identified

    in the case management plan. FSP cannot be used to replace or duplicate supports that are available through other funding sources,

    including other Local, State and Commonwealth programs (e.g. Safe at Home, Private Rental Access Program brokerage, VOCAT, or Utility Relief Grant). If the victim/survivor has a utility debt, evidence must be provided to demonstrate that a Utility Relief Grant has been accessed prior to FSP application.

    If the victim/survivor has significant debts evidence is required to demonstrate that support has been provided by a financial counsellor. Please note, payment of debts will not be considered if they are not held in the victim/survivors name.

    A FSP cannot be used for the following purposes illegal activity, gambling, goods or services not identified in the support plan, and other free or low cost services readily available in the community.

    PAYMENT PROCESS It is the responsibility of the referring case manager to provide tax invoices for all approved requests. Tax invoices will not be accepted without the following information:

    Clearly stating it is a tax invoice (quotes, statements or sales orders will not be accepted) Victim/survivors name (and address if appropriate) Name of provider/company Company ABN Business address (PO box will not be accepted) Current contact number Email address Name of bank, BSB, and account number Reference for payee EFT

    **Please note, all payments can take up to 14 days from receipt of the invoice addressing the above criteria. The Salvation Army can distribute packages via the following payment methods:

    Payment of invoice via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Vouchers (Coles Myer, Coles Express Fuel, provider vouchers if applicable). Cheque can only be provided in extenuating circumstances. Please note that cheques will be phased out by

    Salvation Army in 2018. BPAY option is currently not available at The Salvation Army. As an alternative a FSP can be administered through an Agency Reimbursement Model whereby the referring case management agency purchases all approved FSP items and is then reimbursed by The Salvation Army for the total FSP amount spent. If you wish to use this payment method please call to discuss on 95367729. **Please note, victim/survivors cannot be reimbursed under any circumstances.

    APPLICATION PROCESS Please submit the completed application form, case plan, and any quotes/invoices via email to Subject line should read: FSP application Client Name The deadline for all new applications being submitted is close of business Friday. Applications are processed on Monday (excluding public holidays) and assessed by the panel by Wednesday. For RAMP clients please ensure subject line reads RAMP FSP application Client name. These are considered for approval daily. The FSP Coordinator will communicate with the referring Case Manager until all payments are confirmed.


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