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  • The FBA Lions had another momen-tous season in 2014, coasting to an im-pressive 20-7 record. They were pretty much unstoppable on their home turf. At one point in the season the Lions were in the top 150 teams in Florida, and they defeated one of the top 50 teams in the state, Gibbs High School. The Lions were able to keep it together in key district games and completed the season undefeated within the dis-trict. Lorenzo Doobie Jenkins led the team in points per game with a stag-gering 13.4. Freshman Ryan Chlebek has been all the talk at FBA and many believe he may be the future of FBA basketball. He has had 90 points over the course of the regular season.

    The Lions started off strong in the playoffs with an absolute beatdown against ECS. FBA managed to hold the Sentinels to a single point in the second quarter and 8 in the third.

    The Lions road to the state title con-tinued after a commanding 55-34 vic-tory against the Canterbury Cougars on the road. The Lions coasted past the cougars with a stellar first quarter performance holding the Cougars to a mere three points. The Lions have played lights out in the second quar-ter in the playoffs; scoring 23 points in both of the two games and only allow-ing an average of six points.

    The FBA Lions are back to back dis-trict champs and FBA is proud to call them our own.

    March 4, 2014Students pursue many different activities.

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    Quarter 3, Edition 3, 2014

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    The Lions Varsity Boys Basketball Team

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    The Lions returned to the Regional championship confident, thinking that this year was going to be the year they made it to the state semifinals. But first, they would have to get past the Shorecrest Prep Chargers who had an astounding 8-1 record when they were on the road. The Lions had only been defeated twice in their 11 home games. The first quarter got off to a slow start but the Lions seemed to be able to control the Chargers offensive attack by holding them to seven points. The second quarter seemed to shift the momentum. The Chargers scored more than double the points they had in the first quarter. At halftime the Lions had a slight lead, 24-22. The game had been living up to the hype, and it was just the beginning. The third quarter was completely dominated by Shore-Crest, scoring a staggering 29 points while holding FBA to just 13. The score was 51-37 and the game appeared to be all but over until, the Lions had an inspired 4th quarter run, matching the 29 points that the Chargers scored in the 3rd quarter. But, it was too little too late. When the final alarm rang out, the Shorecrest Preparatory Chargers were Region Champions winning 72-66. This was a disappointing loss, but by no means a disappointing season. The FBA Lions were Regional Finalists for two years in a row. This may be the end of the road for the Lions Basketball team this year, but this isnt the last time you will hear the Lions roar.

    Its all about J-Term

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    Fine ArtsConnection

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  • The Academy NewsPress March 4, 2014Page Number 2

    The Difference...

    Creative Non-Fiction Writing J TermThis year had many interesting J-Term options to choose from. One of these J-terms was Creative Non Fiction Writ-ing, which was taught by Mrs. Lopez. This J-term was of-fered for a half day, both in the morning and the afternoon. Students were able to write about topics given to them by Mrs. Lopez. They were able to expand their creative writing skills,while writing about topics that interested them. Stu-dents wrote things such as narratives, personal memoirs, and short essays. The students were also able to go to Starbucks and Vineyards Park, where they were able to write about the people and experiences they encountered. Throughout the class, the students learned how to increase their writing abilities, while writing about experiences that were important to them.

    Service Through the CommunityThis year offered as a full day J- term, was Service through the Community. It was taught by Mr. Rosen and the students were able to do various things to better their community around them. They traveled to places such as Immokalee, and Saint Matthews House in Naples. While at these places they were able to help out wherever they were needed. The students were able to experience how life would be if they werent so fortunate. This J-term not only taught the students how community service can help those around you, but also how the simplest favor can brighten a persons day.

    History Through FilmMovies are a great way to understand our past from an inter-esting perspective. Movies have been around for a hundred plus years, and with each year there are movies that represent and address what is going on in the world at that moment. This J-term class offered the opportunity to explore histori-cal events through the eyes of film. Students watched films of historical significance and then examined how Hollywood may have changed events, whether to add interest or to slant the viewers perspective. The films that were watched in-cluded events relating to the space race, slavery, Lincolns assassination, prisoners of war and World War 2, early pio-neer days, the 70s, discrimination and racism, and genocide.

    J-term MilitaryThe military class was one of hard knocks. The classes did some of the things that the actual military does, including drill and ceremony, map reading, rope climbing, and a rope-bridge! On certain days we did PT or Physical Training. We had to do two PT tests. We had to do so many push-ups and

    sit-ups in one minute, and had a timed mile. Kids who got the most push-ups and sit-ups, and ran the fastest mile, aced that test. The second day they doubled it, two miles and 2 min-utes of the other 2 portions of the test. At the end of that day everyone felt victorious, yet extremely tired. The class even took a field trip to the special operations center or spec-ops center by the airport. We got to see some top secret things and also blew up a bomb! The coolest thing had to have been posing on the armored car. Before we left the sergeant gave each of us a pin and congratulated us on coming and taking an interest in the military.

    J-term Video Production.This years class by far has been the best and most pro-ductive J-term class Ive ever had, says Coach Jansen. This year the class did quite a bit. They learned about the editing and filming sides of video production. The class had a crash course from Logan Hendrys step-dad, and he also helped out a couple of straggling groups trying to finish their final project. There was one day when the class went over to the green screen room and learned how to do some crazy things. Coach Jansen invested in a GoPro camera to use for action shots. This camera was placed on remote controlled cars, and even on Tyler Brecher, to film while crossing the One Rope Bridge for the military class. Over all, this class was able to benefit the school with some promotional videos and the students had a great time along the way.

    PinterestPinterest Class = Happiness for All Crafty People.During J-term students were given the opportunity to fulfill their DIY dreams. Mrs. Lines provided her students with two to three projects a day. These projects ranged from canvas art to mason jars, and crayon art to blankets. Students dis-played their painting skills on canvases that can be found in classrooms around the building. Mrs. Lopez and Mr. Rosen both have student-made canvases in their rooms. Students created designs on canvases and melted crayons into them using hair dryers. Matthew Rose was especially proud of the flower vase he created (this can be found on Mrs. Radcliffes desk). Students also created string art and covered mason jars in chalkboard paint. On one memorable occasion the circuit breakers blew and power was lost. Students finished the two-week class by making blankets for the Pregnancy Resource Center. There was never a dull moment in the Pinterest class!

    JInternshipsCommunity ServiceHands On LearningBlaine Nicholas, W James, Chandler Jones, Devon Powers


    J-Term consists of a two week period just after Christmas break where High School students return to school to experience learning in a different way then merely their normal classes. Students choose from a variety of options including internships, community service opportunities, and a variety of hands on classes.

  • The Academy NewsPress March 4, 2014Page Number 3

    JIf you ask the average student here at FBA about the month of January at school, J-term will probably be the first thing that comes to mind. J-term has become a very strong tradition for FBA, mostly because of the awesome opportunities the school provides for us, varying from a great books club to scuba diving lessons. But the best J-terms may actually belong to the juniors/seniors of First Baptist, the internships. The possibilities are endless for interning during J-term. I went out and interviewed three of our students and asked where they interned and how their experience was. The first student I interviewed was FBA junior W James. Q: Where did you intern over J-term?A: I interned at the comic book warehouse.Q: Wow, thats pretty cool! What were some of your jobs that you had to do there? A: I would take a few of the hundreds of comic books and organize them into sets because the value for them went up when they were in an organized set, and if I had an incomplete set I would put it back in the box.Q: Was this comic book store nearby? Or was it a bit of a drive to get there? A: Its in Naples, but a little ways away from FBA, and I believe it was in a storage facility on Airport Ro