FBLA Bryan Thompson 4 th period. Why you should join FBLA  Have you ever thought about what you will do after high school?  What about what to do at

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<p>Warner Robins High School FBLA</p> <p>FBLABryan Thompson4th periodWarner Robins High School</p> <p>Why you should join FBLAHave you ever thought about what you will do after high school?What about what to do at a job interview?How are you going to get a job?What kind of job do you want?</p> <p>If you answered yes to any of these then FBLA is for you</p> <p>What were aboutWe learn about business in the sense of how it work and where you would fit into it.Learn how to prepare a job resume and how to be prepared for a job interviewMake new friends while you learn about all aspects of business</p> <p>TripsYou will have many opportunities to go on trips to many places. Such as Athens, Macon, and if you go to nationals it could be out of state </p> <p>What you will do on tripsYou will participate in competitions Such as Monopoly and group activitiesThere are three different levels of competitionsThere are individual, Team, and chapter </p> <p>Breakdown of competition levelsIndividuals- are competitions where you are on your own it will be you verses anyone else competing Team- are competitions where you are on a small team of people from your chapter and you work as a team to win the competitionChapter- are competitions where the entire school chapter competes to win the competitionFriends You will have plenty of time to make friends and socialize while in FBLA.You can make friends on trips or at the meetings </p> <p>What is expected of youYou will be required to come to come to FBLA meetings which are the first and third Thursday of every week They are at 7:15 in the morning or 2:50 after school</p> <p>CostIt costs $25 to join FBLA The cost covers the price of a t-shirt and national dues </p> <p>FBLAFBLA is important for you to be in if you have ever considered owning a business or want to work in a business related jobYou will learn about what it is like to work for or own a business Also you will learn about the hardships you could face in a business</p>