February 2012 Updates: Alma’s creative adventures!

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  • February 2012 Updates:

    Almas creative adventures!

  • Alma tried a wide range of materials and techniques this month: crayons, markers, pencils, chalk and even fed the crocodile with small pencils (her idea).

  • Alma enjoyed making lines and dots with chalk, and wiping everything up, as well!

  • Building and colouring with the crayon blocksDrawing with markersDrawing with Mix em markers

  • Working hard on a complex art masterpiece in mixed media

  • Another masterpiece in the making...

  • Alma is very meticulous about putting the lids backStamping and stickers are very popular

  • We worked on some rubbing togetherHere are some of the finished artworks

  • In our next presentation:

    Time to put on some fancy gear and head out to socialize!



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