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  • 1. Get To The Pointe WorkShops Monthly Newsletter February 2010INSIDE THIS ISSUE:Character Contest 2Our move to The Pointe, 1205 E. Washington Street, Louisville, KY 40106 isdefinitely worthy of front page coverage. We are very excited to be able to offer Pics of the Month 3WorkShop accessibility to everyone. We will be on the first floor and there is awheelchair ramp adjacent to our front door. Many people are asking if we are Blog4keeping WorkShop like it is. The answer is yes. We are moving forward in time,just a little to be more green and more accessible. Here is a snapshot of what we Team building Tip 4will have at The Pointe:Coupon4The Studio - 1600 sq ft, kitchenette, casual seating and classroom seating withtables and chairs. We will also have the capability of seating 100 in theatre styleseating. We will have a small stage, audio system and skylights. In parts of thisroom you may feel as though you are on the set of a movie. Loft - this room will comfortably seat up to 20. This room will have beautifulhardwood floors, dock doors, some brick walls and plenty of windows. ???? No name yet - this room will be decorated with many kites. The sky is thelimit in this room. Seating comfortably up to 35, this room will have a kitchenette,comfortable furniture and many large windows. Do you have a name idea? The Louisville Room - this room will be seat up to 10 with comfortable seating,large windows and decorated with the highlights of Louisville and our stars. The Board Room - This smaller room will feature a table and chairs setting formeetings or break out sessions. We will have a central kitchen, 2 other break out rooms, business center, and wi-fi.All setting in a beautiful building called The Pointe. Can you find allthe Cupids?

2. February 2010 Quite possibly a relative of James Watt, who was a Scottish inventor and mechanical engineer whose improvements to the steam engine were fundamental to the changes brought by the Industrial Revolution. His invention initiated changes in generating and applying power, which transformed the world of work.James Watt had a WorkShop wherehe worked on many of his inventions. Turn On the Power of People and Ideas. Imagine a group of people who are excited and engaged, working together toward a common goal. Imagine a place where peo- ple are tapping into the power of their own creative thinking, sharing information and ideas, and applying this work to challenges. This is WorkShop, the creative workplace.Creative work is the work that grows your business, team or organization. Creative Work is a way of working that brings Congratulations to Brian Daly of Webster University together creative thinking, teamwork, shared http://www.webster.edu/louisville/index.shtml for submittingvision, and ownership to produce break- the winning name. Dr. Daly said, Mr. Watt was what we called through accomplishments. Invent your own my horse that we raised from a colt. His name was Watusi but we called him Mr. Watt. Mr. Watt grew up to become an Olympic solutions. jumper representing the United States in the Japanese Olympics in 1964. According to Dr. Daly, Mr. Watt was a great athlete and a Clint Ackerman submitted Lou Mination which was the remarkable horse. Mr. Watt signified greatness then and now. runner up. Ed Skarbek, TriZenter LLC submitted thename Watt with an Abbott and Costello theme. 3. February 2010 Teambuilding Fun at January 2010Chase BankSpina Bifida Association of KentuckyRita Ernst, Executive CoachHumanaAlliant PurchasingDivinity Fine CateringAnthemInsight CommunicationsChase BankUniversity of LouisvilleNAWIC 4. February 2010Is everyone paying attention to you during your meeting? Try this: Have everyone take out a piece of paper and put their name on it. Are you confused by all different types of Social Media? Tell them you will be reading them a story Well, here is a simple version. Twitter drives traffic to a par- and every time they hear right move the ticular event, site, announcement, blog, photo etc. Facebookpaper to the right, every time they hear left, is great to put photos of your business or product that peoplemove the paper to the left. can actually see. Linkedin is purely professional. PeopleMarch Madness is right around the connecting with people. Many employers are now looking at corner. There are many teams left in the a Linkedin profile prior to an interview. Please take time torunning for a chance to play. Mr. Wright keep yours updated regularly. Look for connections to theand his family, Mrs. Wright, Jimmy business you are interviewing with. Come prepared. Wright and Susie Wright are very excitedand were discussing the games at dinner.Check out our fan page: The oldest son, Tommy Wright, left forFacebook | WorkShop, the creative workplaceboot camp after he left school and will actually be back for the Final Four games. Mr. Wright asked Susie Wrightto pass the rolls and she said she left them in the kitchen. Just then the phonerang and Tommy Wright left to answerit. He rushed in and said Aunt Tillie left a package for them at their neighborshouse. So Tommy left to get the package and Mr. Wright left with him.. When Susie came back in with the rolls therewas no one left to eat the rolls so Susieand Mrs. Wright left to see what was inthe package. Whose name do you have?Build on what you know,discover what you dont! Full day Meeting SpacePlease present coupon for discount. One coupon per visit. Valid thru 03/31/10 28