Feedback about first draft of school magazine

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Feedback about preliminary task for Media AS Coursework.


<ul><li> 1. Feedback Time...<br />What did the other students think of your first draft? <br /></li></ul> <p> 2. What they said about... The Overall Effect<br />The font used throughout is suitable and effective, but the masthead stands out from the picture too much, and should blend in more.<br />An overall good cover, but the bottom strip overpowers the rest of the front cover.<br />I really like the bottom part and stories, but the text could be made clearer. <br /> 3. What they said about... Choice and Manipulation of Images<br />Image is appropriate and works well as a cover story, although the picture could be of better quality. <br />Great picture for the cover story, but more pictures could be used to go with the other stories. <br />Front cover picture is very relevant, but images are needed on the bottom strap to go with the story about the media trip. <br /> 4. What they said about... The Range of Features to appeal to ages 11-18<br />The pricing it very suitable for students as it is affordable, but another story for the younger years could increase interest.<br />Theres loads of good features to attract all ages as well as an inspirational cover story for younger students to look up to. <br />I really like the fact it looks quite informal so its instantly recognisable that its aimed at students, but more pictures to go with the other stories may enhance them a bit more. <br /> 5. How does this information help us? <br />By receiving feedback from other students, this helps us to know what they like and dont like about our design. <br />This will help us to change what they dont like, and hopefully increase the target audiences interest levels.<br />It also helps us to know what they like and what appeals to them, so that we dont change this much as were sure they like it. <br /></p>