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The Elon Fellows Programs www.elon.edu/fellows Premier academic & scholarship opportunities for exceptionally motivated students

Fellows 2012

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Fellows 2012

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The Elon Fellows Programs


Premier academic & scholarship opportunities for exceptionally motivated students•

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The Elon Fellows Programs are tailor-made for a student

like you. You value mentoring relationships, an expansive

global perspective and meaningful service experiences. And

you need an academic environment that will keep pace with

your work ethic. You’ll fi nd it all (and so much more) at Elon.

Maybe you’re certain about a major. Or perhaps you want to explore

several options. The seven Fellows Programs off er outstanding faculty

support, scholarships, Elon Experiences grants, and peer networks

that will challenge you to set and achieve your goals.

The Elon Fellows Programs combine all the elements of an active collegiate

lifestyle with dynamic curricula that provide opportunities to study

business in China, publish research in an academic journal, and live and

learn with students who share your passion for knowledge. Design your

own major, produce a nightly newscast or present a leadership legacy

project that will leave your mark on the university long after you graduate.

Read on to learn more about the benefi ts of the Elon Fellows Programs.

Discover how Elon can shape the next four years of your life and give

you a jump on your plans after graduation.

Prepare to Excel

The opportunities are here. It’s up to you to set the course.

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The Lumen Prize

Additional Merit-based Scholarships

How to Apply

7 Challenging Programs

Honors Fellows 4for students in any major*

Elon College Fellows 6for majors in the arts and humanities, social sciences and mathematical and natural sciences*

Business Fellows 8for majors in accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, fi nance, international business, international economics, management and marketing

Communications Fellows 10for majors in journalism, strategic communications, media arts and entertainment and communication science

Teaching Fellows 12for majors in education

Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows 14for students in any major who want to maximize their leadership potential*

International Fellows 16for international students in any major

*Students who major in engineering have a specifi c three-year curriculum that precludes participation in any of the Fellows Programs. The International Fellows Program is the only exception.

The Choice is Yours

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The Fellows Programs are built around both formal and informal learning opportunities. Faculty mentors work with students to develop projects, conduct research and make presentations. Returning students help you adjust to the rigors of the Fellows Programs, and you’ll quickly befriend

other Fellows who share your enthusiasm for knowledge. The four years you spend here will be among the most intensive and invigorating of your life. And just wait until you learn what comes next…

The Elon Fellows Programs empower students to think about the impact they could have in their community, country and the world beyond. Whether they’re interning in China, working in Ghana or conducting research on an issue of international importance, Fellows are big-picture thinkers motivated to do good.

Global Impact

Videographer, Danish Institute for International



Abandoning the bomb and embracing the pen: how

and why ethno-nationalist terrorist organizations

adopt non-violent tactics


Outdoor explorations with preschoolers: The role of

nature experiences in young children’s psychological

development and environmental awareness

Fulbright U.S. Student

Research Grant, Frankfurt, Germany

Fulbright English

Teaching Assistantship,


Fulbright English

Teaching Assistantship,


Graduate studies in

Japanese value diplomacy, Tohoku

University, Japan

Housing & Student

Aff airs Assistant, Danish Institute

for Study Abroad

Graduate studies in reproductive and

sexual health, London School of Hygiene and

Tropical Medicine

Will Anderson, a Communications Fellow, spent a semester living in Villaviciosa de Odón, Spain. While abroad, he visited seven other countries and recorded his travels through photography. Many of the photos in this section are Will’s work.

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Human rights norm change: LGBT rights

in a wider Europe


The evolution of Charles de Gaulle as France’s

wartime leader in Great Britain during World

War II (1940–1942)

Fellows alumni are Fulbright recipients, Ph.D. students, leaders at international nonprofi ts, innovators at major corporations and journalists breaking news across the globe.

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Honors Fellows

Shanna Van Beek ’12It’s not every day you’re invited to the Pentagon for a panel discussion on Middle East studies and democracy building. Or fl own to Turkey to present your research. Or fi nd yourself fi elding contacts from Department of Defense staff ers for your senior thesis. It’s not every day for most people, but Shanna’s persistence and driving vision turned those occurrences into her Honors Fellows experience.

The international studies and English double major travels to Bahrain to teach this fall after receiving a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship. She spent a semester teaching in Egypt in fall 2010 and had an insider’s perspective of the country’s revolution. That experience inspired her to dedicate her senior thesis to examining the use of language in key Eastern and Western news sources covering the revolution. After returning from Bahrain, Shanna will pursue graduate work in international studies or Arab studies.

Chris Jarre� ’11Chris is living and working in the Amazon among the Kichwa people of the Napo province. His research, funded through a Fulbright grant, involves interviewing community elders and documenting cultural narratives.

These narratives will be written in Kichwa, translated to Spanish and English, and made into two books with the goal of preserving cultural knowledge. This research is an extension of work Chris started at Elon.

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Highly motivated students who want to expand their

perspectives and challenge their own perceptions

fi nd themselves at home in Elon’s Honors Fellows Program.

Discussion-based classes target critical thinking and writing

skills, while strong support from faculty mentors prepares you

for the highlight of your academic journey — a research project of professional

quality that culminates in a published volume archived in Elon’s Belk Library.

While You’re Here

Select a country and study abroad for a Winter Term, summer or semester. Elon off ers more than 100 study abroad options. While studying outside of the country, past Fellows pursued thesis projects such as an award-winning documentary on an HIV/AIDS activist in Namibia, media coverage of terrorism in India, the Ancient Maya in Belize and Ecuador’s indigenous movement.

Choose to live in one of two beautiful learning communities reserved for Honors students. Share house dinners with friends and enjoy having a faculty member as your neighbor. Leave campus to hike the Appalachian Trail, ride roller coasters or work in the community garden.

Spend two years working with a faculty mentor in your major to develop a project that culminates in a published volume archived in Elon’s Belk Library. You will also have the opportunity to present your work at regional and national conferences. Past Honors theses include the creation of an original musical and a documentary fi lm to studies of cognitive responses to exercise, vampire literature and residential water use. Successful completion of the Honors thesis has helped past Fellows win national and international scholarships such as Fulbright and Truman awards, obtain signifi cant stipends for graduate and professional degrees and launch professional careers.

As an Honors Fellow, you’ll enjoy a curriculum designed to challenge your worldview. It all starts in the Honors section of Elon 101,which serves as an introduction to Elon life. As you tread deeper

into the program, you’ll take team-taught classes led by professors from diff erent disciplines.


All Honors Fellows receive a 12,000 scholarship renewable annually based on academic performance and program participation. This is in addition to the Presidential Scholarship of 4,500 annually, bringing total scholarship funding to 16,500 each year, or 66,000 over four years. Each student also receives a one-time 1,000 Elon Experiences grant and a one-time 1,000 grant to support thesis research. In each class, one Honors Fellow is selected as the William R. Kenan, Jr. Honors Fellow and receives a full tuition scholarship renewable annually. Honors Fellows who plan to attend medical school may also apply for Jane M. Baird Pre-medical Scholarships that provide an additional 3,000 per year.

Ready to Apply?

Students who have taken a demanding high school curriculum, have a GPA of at least 3.9, rank in the top of their class and have a combined critical reading, math and writing SAT total of 1980 (ACT 30) or higher are encouraged to apply.

Each year, 40 students are selected as Honors Fellows based on their high school records, essays, teacher recommendations and interviews. Honors Fellows may pursue any major off ered at Elon with the exception of engineering.

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Elon College Fellows

Josh Goldstein ’12“The Elon College Fellows Program was integral to my success.

From learning how to conduct research during my fi rst

semester to pulling together my fi nal project, the program

aided me academically and musically. Being comfortable

with the research process was immensely helpful with

all of my other academic work. And being involved with

research allowed me to work closely with professors and

conduct work that will help guide my professional life.”

Kelsey Van Dalfsen ’13“I’m in a research role that allows me to be a

decision maker — that doesn’t happen for most

students until graduate school. Being a Fellow not

only gives me fi nancial support, I’ve developed

relationships with mentors across several

departments and that has helped me direct my

focus in a way that otherwise wouldn’t happen.”

Kelsey, a biochemistry major, is a Goldwater Scholar conducting research on high glucose levels and increased heart cell death in diabetics. She spent the summer at Yale researching cell biology with funding from the National Science Foundation.

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You’re fascinated with anthropology. Intrigued by philosophy. Biology and the inner workings

of the human mind never cease to amaze. You learn because you want to know and you won’t

settle for an education that is anything less than enlightening. Students like you have found the rigor,

challenge and diversity of learning experiences they demand within the Elon College Fellows Program.

Professors employ cross-disciplinary techniques that teach you to think like a scholar, ask questions

from multiple perspectives and prepare for the excitement of producing an original project in your fi eld.

While You’re Here

Produce a scholarly project as the culmination of a two-year mentorship with an Elon professor. Present your research at Elon’s Spring Undergraduate Research Forum, the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research or another conference, exhibit or performance hall.

See the arts and sciences in action as you study in Washington, D.C., during your fi rst Winter Term. Visit the National Gallery of Art, the National Institutes of Health and other signifi cant institutions as you’re introduced to the process of academic inquiry.

Use the 1,000 Elon Experiences grant to support research, service, leadership, an internship or an international experience. Travel to India and help manage a science center, explore West African history in Ghana or immerse yourself in the culture and literature of Ireland.

The Perfect Fit

When you’ve decided on a major, you’ll branch into a more specifi c area of study:

Arts and Humanities Fellows are dedicated to the study of Art, Art History, Arts Administration, Dance Performance and Choreography, Dance Science, English, Foreign Languages, Music, Music Education, Music Technology, Music Theatre, Philosophy, Religious Studies or Theatre Arts.

Appreciate, understand and contribute to the exploration of the creative arts as you work within a dedicated community of learners

with a guiding hand from distinguished faculty. Recent student projects include: developing a travel blog to demonstrate that blogs can qualify as literary sources, studying how the faith community can organize to address social justice issues, and examining similarities between teaching and learning jazz improvisation and a second language.

Social Sciences Fellows specialize in the fi elds of Anthropology, History, Human Service Studies, International Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Public Health Studies or Sociology.

Delve into the complexity of human behavior, social constructs and cultural strife as you chart humanity’s approach to global issues. Recent student projects include: using personal narratives to investigate the impacts of mining communities in western Ghana, studying the eff ects of using an online avatar on an individual’s self-esteem and emotional stability, and investigating the phenomenon of American exceptionalism in relationship to the International Criminal Court.

Mathematical and Natural Sciences Fellows pursue the study of Applied Mathematics, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computing Sciences, Environmental and Ecological Science, Environmental Studies, Exercise Science, Mathematics, Physics or Statistics.

Explore both the abstract and concrete structure of the universe across the scientifi c spectrum. Recent student projects include: oxidation of high density lipoproteins relative to heart disease, seasonal patterns of vocal mimicry in mockingbirds, and the eff ect of drought on soil bacterial communities.


All 50 Elon College Fellows receive scholarships valued at 4,500, which are renewable annually as long as the student remains a Fellow in good standing. Students can also apply for additional money to fund their research. This is in addition to any Presidential or Elon Engagement scholarship received. All Elon College Fellows receive a 1,000 Elon Experiences grant. Elon College Fellows planning to attend medical school may also apply for Jane M. Baird Pre-medical Scholarships that provide an additional 3,000 per year.

Ready to Apply?

Students who plan to major in the arts and sciences should apply. Students should have a GPA of at least 3.8 and have a combined critical reading, math and writing SAT score of 1960 (ACT 29) or higher.

Fifty academically talented students in the arts and sciences are selected based on their high school academic performance, interviews and essays.

Elon hosts a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious academic honor society. Only about 10 percent of the nation’s most selective colleges and universities shelter Phi Beta Kappa chapters.

Page 10: Fellows 2012


Hilary Corna ’07 “The dean of the Love School of Business knew my name before freshman year even

began. That’s typical of the Business Fellows experience. Close relationships with peers,

as well as with professors, create sustainable long-lasting networks. The experiential

learning focuses on application of the classroom to the real-time, real world.”

Hilary Corna ‘07 is the author of “One White Face,” a national speaker on tour sponsored by Toyota Motor Sales USA, founder of LiveandWorkAbroad.org, and former senior executive offi cer and Kaizen Leader for Toyota in Singapore. She has been featured in ForbesWoman, The New York Times and spoken at TED. Her book is being adapted into a screenplay.

Sco� Bishopric ’14Scott can tell you quite a bit about the power of networking. One of the reasons he applied to the Business Fellows Program was to meet like-minded students who would help push him toward his professional goals. He also knew that as a Fellow, he’d have the opportunity to work closely with professors. As a sophomore, he harnessed the power of networking to land an extremely competitive internship in leveraged fi nance with Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York City. A previous internship with a Merrill Lynch & Co. wealth manager prepped him for the most recent opportunity.

As he continues his work at Elon, Scott is excited to help other students fi nd their ideal professional opportunities and serves as director of the Elon Network, a student organized event that draws hundreds of students and alumni looking for jobs, internships and other career opportunities.

Page 11: Fellows 2012

The Business Fellows Program puts students on the

fast track to excel in the competitive and exciting

world of business, government or nonprofi ts. Spend

time in conversation with one of the Legends of

Business speakers, enter an innovation challenge,

compete in a national ethics competition, collaborate with a

professor on an organizational management issue, intern at a

Fortune 500 company or hone your skills as a fi nancial trader –

these are just a few of the options available to Business Fellows.

While You’re Here

Participate in one of two capstone experiences during your senior year. Fellows can manage a portion of Elon’s endowment, determining objectives and selecting stocks. Past teams have consistently outperformed the S&P 500 Index. Fellows involved in consulting projects might fi nd themselves conducting market research or managing a complex economic analysis project that determines the future direction for a business or nonprofi t organization.

Take at least one course each semester off ered exclusively to Business Fellows and taught by leading teacher-scholars in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business. Courses emphasize responsible business leadership and develop analytical abilities while giving you a strong foundation of professional skills.

Spend your fi rst semester settling into Elon, and your fi rst Winter Term exploring the world. Freshman Fellows study emerging economies by traveling to Poland and Mexico. Sophomore Business Fellows polish their professional skills through a series of structured activities focused on networking and internship preparation. At the same time, they begin their immersion in business courses and take leadership roles in business professional organizations. Juniors visit Wall Street fi rms and other major corporations in New York City to learn how these fi rms are putting into practice what the students are learning in the

classroom. The experience provides a great opportunity to network with alumni and to make connections for internships. Business Fellows typically fi nd internships at leading companies such as J.P. Morgan Chase, SAP, Morgan Stanley, IBM, KPMG, Bank of America, ADP and EMC.


Eight Business Fellows will be awarded scholarships valued at 4,000 to 4,500, which are renewable annually as long as the student remains a Fellow in good standing. All Business Fellows receive a 1,000 Elon Experiences grant. This is in addition to any Presidential or Elon Engagement scholarship received.

Ready to Apply?

Students who have sharp analytical skills and plan to major in accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, fi nance, international business, international economics, management or marketing should apply. Students should have a GPA of at least 3.7 and a combined critical reading, math and writing SAT total of 1900 (ACT 28) or higher with a minimum of 600 on math.

Twenty-fi ve Business Fellows are selected annually based on academic criteria, business interest and experience, essays and interviews.

Elon’s Martha and Spencer Love School of Business is an accredited member of AACSB International—The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

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Addie Haney ’14“Being a Fellow has given me some of the best preparation for the

fi eld I’ll be working in two years from now. In my Fellows-only

courses, I have to really push myself to do well, and that has made

me a better and more diligent student in the long-run.”

Addie, a broadcast journalism major, has worked as a reporter, anchor and Web producer for Elon Local News, the university’s student produced newscast.


Eugene Daniel ’11Eugene and other Elon students covered the Internet Governance Forum facilitated by the United Nations in Egypt. The students interviewed Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, and Eugene spoke on a panel about the role of youth in Internet governance.

Eugene also interned at “60 Minutes” and is now a general assignment reporter at WMBD-TV in Peoria, Ill.

Page 13: Fellows 2012

File reports from an international conference in Lithuania.

Document the lives of Namibian children living with

AIDS. Publish your research in the nation’s fi rst undergraduate

communications research journal. Enter (and win) national

competitions that put you in the media spotlight.

Communications Fellows do it all. And then some. Students work hard

to apply classroom lessons to real life situations. Professional equipment

and state-of-the-art facilities maximize Fellows’ opportunities to play an

active role on campus through the student-run newspaper, the campus

radio station, Elon Student Television, the student public relations agency

and feature fi lm and documentary production.

While You’re Here

No need to wait for an internship to work in a professional TV studio. Elon Student Television is home to several student-produced and staff ed shows. Elon’s student-produced sports show “Elon Phoenix Weekly” is ranked the 1 college sports show in the nation. The broadcast airs weekly on ESPN2. Students who work on The Pendulum student newspaper write, edit and produce an award-winning newspaper and website.

Meet high-profi le professionals such as Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper, Thomas Friedman and David Gergen. Fellows have the chance to participate in Q&A sessions and news conferences with visiting speakers.

Stretch your media-savvy mind with courses such as Communications in a Global Age, Digital Media Convergence and senior seminar. The classes are great prep for your capstone experience—a fi nal project that might include original research, investigation of a media or communications topic, the creation of original programming or a performance presentation in your area of interest.

Spend Winter Term getting a behind-the-scenes look at media outlets and agencies. Recent Fellows Winter Term courses have visited California and Florida for an insider’s look at the entertainment and public relations industries, to meet veteran journalists, watch

tapings and network with Elon alumni. Studios such as Paramount, Fox, Warner Brothers and Universal have opened their doors to Communications Fellows.


Five Communications Fellows will receive scholarships valued at 4,500, which are renewable annually as long as the student remains a Fellow in good standing. This is in addition to any Presidential or Elon Engagement scholarship received. All Communications Fellows receive a 1,000 Elon Experiences grant.

Ready to Apply?

Students with related experience who plan to major in journalism, strategic communications, media arts and entertainment or communication science should apply. Students should have a GPA of at least 3.7 and a combined critical reading, math and writing SAT total of 1900 (ACT 28) or higher.

Twenty-fi ve Fellows are selected each year based on high school academic performance, involvement in communications-related activities, interviews and essays.

Olivia Hubert-Allen ’09 traveled to Wilmington, N.C. to

document the fi rst American media market transition from

traditional analog to all-digital television broadcast.

The School of Communications is accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC). Elon is one of fewer than 20 private colleges and universities in the nation with an accredited communications program.

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Allie Glenn ’15 Allie is just one year into her Teaching Fellows experience, and she can already rattle off several ways it has had a measurable infl uence on her life. A week spent traversing Eastern seaboard sites such as Colonial Williamsburg, Monticello, the National Constitution Center and Ellis Island got her thinking about how she’ll share American history in her own classroom. She put new skills to use tutoring a local fi rst grader, which reconfi rmed her desire to teach. The Teaching Fellows Program also gave her the confi dence to jump into campus life and join several student organizations, which she says she might not have imagined doing on her own.


“It’s a great feeling to be

surrounded by people who share

my passion for teaching.”

Page 15: Fellows 2012

Engaged Citizens. Teacher Scholars. Future Education

Leaders. The Elon Teaching Fellows Program is a national

model for the preparation of teacher leaders and scholars who

signifi cantly contribute to the quality of PreK-12 education

and who are infl uential in decision-making on the local, state,

national and international levels. This program prepares future teachers to

think critically and embrace diversity, who are leaders within and beyond

the classroom, and who participate meaningfully in a global society.

While You’re Here

Embark on an American history study tour and visit pre-Revolutionary War historical sites along the Eastern seaboard. You’ll listen to historical interpretation and learn to assess the values and motivation of the interpreter.

Pack your bags for a semester abroad during the spring of your sophomore year. Fellows live and study in England, Costa Rica or an appropriate country if majoring in a foreign language. Continue your studies and intern at local schools where you’ll note similarities and diff erences in the teaching systems. You’ll return to Elon more globally aware and cognizant of your role in a diverse world.

Cultivate your leadership skills at The Washington Center in Washington, D.C., while participating in seminars to learn about the political context for and the role of media in educational decision-making. You’ll talk to leading journalists, White House personnel and politicians about the workings of the federal government and how to become education leaders.

Brainstorm and implement a community-based service project related to an educational issue. In addition, Fellows tutor in local schools and attend academic seminars, alumni panels and fi eld trips to innovative schools to enhance their professional development.

Teaching Fellows may obtain North Carolina teacher licensure in at least one of the following areas: early childhood education, elementary education, middle grades education and special education, in special subject areas for grades K-12 (physical education, music and Spanish), and in high school subject areas of English, history, mathematics and science.


Twenty Teaching Fellows will receive scholarships valued at 4,500, which are renewable annually as long as the student remains a Fellow in good standing. This is in addition to any Presidential or Elon Engagement scholarship received.

Ready to Apply?

Students who are committed to educating future generations and who have distinguished themselves as leaders are encouraged to apply. Students should have a GPA of 3.7 or better and a combined critical reading, math and writing SAT total of 1850 (ACT 28) or higher.

NOTE: Music education majors must also complete an audition in conjunction with their admission to Elon.

Elon’s School of Education is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, www.ncate.org. This accreditation covers initial teacher preparation programs and advanced educator preparation programs at Elon University. However, the accreditation does not include individual education courses that the institution off ers to P–12 educators for professional development, relicensure or other purposes.

“Being a Teaching Fellow had a

lasting impact on my life. The

programming and study abroad

opportunities allowed me to delve

deeply into educational issues,

while equipping me with expert

knowledge and the confi dence

to take risks. The support off ered

by the offi ce and fellow Teaching

Fellows has evolved into life-long

friendships and support systems.

As I work to support 72 high

school students in my current

position, I do so by utilizing

all of the skills and expertise

developed by my involvement in

the Teaching Fellows Program.”

John Picke� ’03Elon Academy Assistant Director of Scholar Support

Page 16: Fellows 2012

Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows

Chelsea Yarborough ’12“My Fellows experience prepared me for what I hope will be

a lifetime of developing leaders as part of my professional

work. At Elon, I learned to understand my own leadership

style and, in turn, use that knowledge to empower others.”

While at Elon, Chelsea served as Gospel Choir President, Resident Area Coordinator of The Oaks and spoke at the 2012 Baccalaureate ceremony. She is now pursuing a master’s degree in divinity at Wake Forest University.

Page 17: Fellows 2012

Cultivating the skills and attributes of a responsible leader will help translate your goals to

reality and set you apart in the workplace. The Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows Program takes

you on a journey of exploration to uncover the dynamics of leadership and discover all the ways you

can be a source of positive change. Leadership Fellows participate in program-specifi c coursework and

develop leadership skills through the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) program.

While You’re Here

Make yourself at home with special orientation events just for Leadership Fellows and prepare for a fall retreat, where you’ll identify leadership styles and bond with your Fellows cohort.

As a Leadership Fellow, you’ll complete a minor in Leadership by taking courses such as: Foundations of Leadership, Psychology of Leadership and a Winter Term domestic travel experience. Additionally, you’ll attend monthly Leadership Fellows Forums designed to encourage all of the Fellows to interact and discuss specifi c leadership topics.

Gain a sense of the global impact your talents can provide as you live, learn and lead in countries such as China, Ghana, Lithuania, Argentina and Australia.

Get involved with Elon’s 200+ campus organizations. Leadership Fellows also work beyond campus for service activities and internships with potential employers such as Center for Creative Leadership, Teach for America, KPMG, Burson-Marsteller, Peace One Day and CNBC in London.

After spending three years learning to lead, it’s only natural that your senior capstone project will focus on those skills. Complete a year-long community-based legacy project and present your comprehensive leadership paper as you prepare to make a meaningful contribution as an Elon graduate.

Learning to Lead

Leadership Fellows participate in all three tiers of the LEAD program:

Tier One

Investigate your leadership style, how to interact with others and participate in campus clubs and organizations as you use your strengths to demonstrate leadership on campus.

Tier Two

Develop your leadership skills with workshops, a retreat and a conference. You’ll also identify a leadership coach who will mentor and challenge you to explore your eff ectiveness as a leader.

Tier Three

Apply and synthesize your experience through all-encompassing leadership opportunities. You’ll integrate your experience with an online leadership portfolio and present your leadership legacy paper.


Five fi rst-year Leadership Fellows receive scholarships valued at 4,500, which are renewable annually as long as the student remains a Fellow in good standing. This amount is in addition to any Presidential or Elon Engagement scholarship received. All Leadership Fellows receive a 1,000 Elon Experiences grant.

Ready to Apply?

Students who are outstanding leaders in their high schools and/or communities and have held one or more leadership positions in organizations are encouraged to apply. Students should have a GPA of 3.6 or better and a combined critical reading, math and writing SAT total of 1800 (ACT 27) or higher.

Twenty incoming fi rst-year students are selected annually based on leadership experience and potential, academic performance, essays and interviews. Additionally, 10 lateral entry opportunities are available for students who demonstrate outstanding leadership potential following their fi rst two semesters at Elon.

Dan Sheehan ’15“I’ve had an amazing start at

Elon. I’m involved with Vital

Signs a cappella group, Delta

Upsilon fraternity, Elon Volunteers,

InterVarsity, Invisible Children and

Area Council. I am a multicultural

ambassador, an orientation leader,

and a coordinator and facilitator for

two freshman summer experiences.

Through these communities, I have

found an unlimited potential for

growth and a rekindled passion

for others. I have no doubt that

as a Leadership Fellow, I will

acquire the skills needed to

positively infl uence the future.”

Page 18: Fellows 2012

Le To ’15 Le can’t describe her International Fellows experience in a short quote. And that’s a good thing, she says. She volunteered with other Fellows at the John Coltrane International Jazz and Blues Festival to learn about the infl uence of music on the American psyche. She spent two weeks in Washington, D.C., where she attended a seminar at The Washington Center, and was pleasantly surprised to fi nd herself fascinated by the political process. And during a trip to Philadelphia, she rubbed elbows with White House correspondent Ann Compton and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean. What will the next three years hold? She’s not sure, but she says she knows the International Fellows Program will be a defi nitive part of her American university experience.

International Fellows

Keegan De Silva ’15“I love the concept behind the International Fellows

Program. It’s the idea of bringing top international

students together who want to share their culture and

ideas while absorbing American history and lifestyle.”

Trinidad and Tobago


Page 19: Fellows 2012

Explore U.S. history through travel, get an insider’s

look at the government and immerse yourself in

American culture. With faculty leadership and in the

company of other international students, spend four

years creating your experience in the U.S. as you learn

about the infl uences that have shaped the nation and culture.

While You’re Here

Take a multidisciplinary course, Themes in U.S. Culture, that explores the history, infl uences, challenges, identities, customs and dynamics of U.S. culture.

Travel to Washington, D.C., the heartbeat of the U.S., where you’ll visit government offi ces, meet with national leaders and explore national landmarks.

Learn about the diversity of the American South as you study regional infl uences on national history through topics such as the Civil Rights Movement. Your studies will take you throughout the South to locations such as Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta, Birmingham and others.

Be an active participant in your education as you take advantage of a 1,500 Elon Experiences grant to use toward a special research opportunity with a faculty mentor, an internship with a U.S. or international employer, a study abroad experience, or a special leadership or service project of your design.

Emerge as a leader in the Elon community. Whether you assist new students settling into

campus life or help organize International Week, you’ll have the opportunity to share your culture and heritage. After you graduate, you’ll fi nd your shared experiences will create an unbreakable bond among you, your classmates and professors.


All 20 International Fellows receive one 1,500 Elon Experiences grant, and 15 of the Fellows will also receive a 3,500 scholarship renewable annually as long as the student remains a Fellow in good standing. This amount is in addition to any Presidential or Elon Engagement scholarship received.

Who Is Eligible?

First-year students who are non-U.S. citizens or dual citizens (students who hold U.S. citizenship and citizenship in another country) will be considered for this program. Dual citizens must have completed the majority of

their schooling outside of the U.S., including all secondary/high school years and preferably in a non-English based curriculm. Students must also plan to enroll at Elon full-time and pursue a bachelor’s degree.

International Fellows may major in any discipline, including engineering.

Ideal candidates will have a strong academic record in a rigorous curriculum and an SAT score of 1700 (ACT 25) or higher or a TOEFL score of 80 or higher. For students in a non-English curriculum TOEFL or IELTS scores will be used in lieu of the SAT.

Selection for the Program

All eligible students will be considered based upon their fi rst-year admissions application. A completed application for admission and all required documents must be submitted by Feb. 15. Students who apply after the deadline will be considered on a space-available basis.

Initial selection is based on a student’s academic records, undergraduate admissions application and admissions essay. Finalists will participate in an interview with a faculty member via telephone or Skype. Students will be notifi ed in early April if they have been selected as a Fellow.

International students are encouraged to apply for up to two additional Fellows Programs if they so desire. Students applying for additional Fellows Programs must submit their admissions application and separate Fellows application by Jan. 10.

Experience the United States Through Education and Culture

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Elon’s Premier Award Recognizing Student Scholarship

Each year, 15 rising Elon juniors receive 15,000 scholarships to support and celebrate their academic achievements and potential. Awards can be used during the students’ junior and senior years toward tuition costs as well as research, international study, internships, equipment and supplies, and other approved expenses.

Lumen applicants map out their vision for their junior and senior years, developing a plan for coursework, research, creative

productions or performances, service projects, travel, summer workshops or institutes, and international study or internships. Top candidates will articulate a set of goals that are clear, focused and scholarly, and demonstrate intellectual curiosity and originality.

Applicants must be in their second year at Elon and hold a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above. Students must be nominated by a member of the Elon faculty or staff and must

plan to remain enrolled at Elon for two more years. Every Elon student may be considered based on the stated criteria.

The name for the Lumen Prize comes from Elon’s historic motto, “Numen Lumen,” Latin for “intellectual light” and “spiritual light.” The words signify the highest purposes of an Elon education.

For more information on the Lumen Prize and to learn more about recipients, visit elon.edu/lumenprize.


The Lumen Prize

Jonathan Mahlandt ’10

Cognitive psychology: the role of instructional

set on pattern recognition and retention in

probabilistic tasks

Alison Deatsch ’13

Optimizing heating effi ciency of magnetic

microspheres for magnetic hyperthermia

treatment of malignant tumors

Anthony Rizzuto ’11

Electrochemical reduction in CO2 in ionic liquids:

homogenous vs. heterogeneous catalysts

Amelia Helms ’10

Tissue regeneration, Homeotic genes and

patterns of gene expression in Lumbricus

terrestris earthworms

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Additional Merit-based Scholarships Engineering Scholarships

Elon’s dual-degree engineering program off ers students the distinctive opportunity to earn two undergraduate degrees. Graduates receive a bachelor’s degree from Elon and a bachelor’s degree from an affi liated engineering school. Elon students may major in engineering physics, engineering mathematics, biophysics/biomedical engineering, computer science/engineering, chemistry/chemical engineering or environmental studies/environmental engineering.

Students who plan to enroll in Elon’s engineering program can apply for one of two 7,000 merit-based scholarships awarded annually to incoming students based on academic performance, an essay, interview and potential. These scholarships are in addition to any Presidential or Elon Engagement scholarship and are renewable annually during the student’s years at Elon based on acceptable academic performance.

A special scholarship application is required and can be obtained from Elon’s website at elon.edu/fellows or from the Offi ce of Admissions (800-334-8448 or 336-278-3566). Applications must be postmarked by Jan. 10.

Presidential Scholarships

Presidential Scholarships of 4,500 annually are awarded to approximately the top 15 percent of entering freshmen each year. The awards are

based on high school course selection, class rank, grades and SAT/ACT scores. No separate application is needed. Scholarships are automatically awarded to students who meet the necessary criteria when the completed admissions application is reviewed. Presidential Scholarships are renewable each year pending acceptable academic performance.

Elon Engagement Scholarships

Every freshman applicant will be a candidate for this 3,500 scholarship, which is renewable annually. In addition, each recipient will be given a one-time 2,000 grant to be used for an approved Elon Experience or project you design. Selection is based on high school academic record, SAT/ACT scores, and very important — your application essay. Choose the essay topic that shows us why you’d be an ideal candidate. This scholarship may not be combined with the Presidential Scholarship.

Performing Arts Scholarships

Students majoring in theatre arts or music theatre can apply for talent-based scholarships ranging from 500 to 7,000 annually. Awards are based on application, letters of recommendation and audition/interview. Scholarships are renewable annually based on acceptable academic performance. Contact the Department of Performing Arts at 336-278-5600.

Music Scholarships

Students who major in music, music education or music performance can compete for talent- and need-based scholarships on the basis of audition/interview. Band and choral scholarships are available to both music and non-music majors. Scholarships range from 200 to 2,500 annually, plus one Elon Music Scholar award of 8,000 annually. Contact the Department of Music at 336-278-5600.

rotc Scholarships

The U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force award four-year ROTC scholarships that cover the cost of tuition and books, plus 100 per month for personal expenses. Elon provides free room and board to students who enroll with these scholarships.

Athletic Scholarships

Performance-based scholarships are awarded in all intercollegiate sports in compliance with NCAA regulations and guidelines. Amounts vary. Contact the Offi ce of Intercollegiate Athletics at 336-278-6800.

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How to apply for the Elon Fellows Programsstep 1Apply for admission to Elon.Complete and submit an Elon University Freshman Admission application, along with the U.S. 50 application fee, offi cial high school transcript, offi cial SAT or ACT (with Writing) scores and the completed Counselor Evaluation Form no later than the following dates:


You can apply online at www.elon.edu/apply.

Note: Students who apply for and are accepted to the Fellows Program and the Elon Gap Semester Program must choose to participate in only one program. Each program has a specifi c schedule and curriculum that precludes participation in both.

step 2Complete and submit a Fellows application no later than Jan. 10 for all programs except International Fellows. International Fellows candidates will be selected based upon their Freshman Admission application.

The Fellows application is available online at www.elon.edu/apply.

For Honors, Elon College, Business, Communications, Teaching and Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows: submit the Elon Fellows application postmarked no later than Jan. 10.

For International Fellows: Please see the selection process for the International Fellows Program on the next page.

An application for any Elon Fellows Program (except International Fellows) must include:Fellows application with all data completed on the form.Essays responding to the question for each Fellows Program to which you are applying.

Elon Engineering Scholarships: A separate application is necessary. The Engineering application can be downloaded at www.elon.edu/apply. The application must be submitted online or postmarked no later than Jan. 10.

How should I decide which program(s) to apply for?Fellows Programs are primarily school-based, so you should be planning to major in a fi eld within the school sponsoring the Fellows Program. The exceptions are Honors Fellows and Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows, which are for students in any major except engineering. Students who are undecided about a major typically apply to Honors Fellows if they wish to pursue the thesis option or to Elon College Fellows due to the breadth of majors off ered in the arts

and sciences. Note: The International Fellows Program is also not major-specifi c. Please see “If You Are An International Student” on the next page.

It is important to note that students who plan to major in engineering have a very specifi c three-year curriculum, which precludes participation in any of the Fellows Programs with the exception of the International Fellows Program. Engineering candidates should apply for the scholarships associated only with that major.

For how many programs may I apply?Students may apply for one school-based (Business, Elon College, Communications, or Teaching Fellows) and one non-school-based (Honors or Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows) program. However, you may participate in only one Fellows Program. You may not apply to two school-based programs. Because the Honors and Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows Programs are not school-based, you may apply to both of these or to one of them in combination with a school-based program. If you apply to two programs, be sure to list your fi rst and second choice.

Candidates selected to compete for Honors and Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows will be required to have a recommendation submitted on their behalf prior to the competition weekend. Further information regarding the format of these recommendations is provided on the application.

What happens a� er I apply?All Fellows applications are reviewed after Jan. 10. Finalists for each program are selected by faculty committees. If you are a fi nalist, you will be invited one month in advance to attend Fellows & Scholarship Weekend, March 8–9, 2013. If you applied under the fi nal deadline decision period, you will receive a decision about your freshman admission status at the time of invitation to Fellows & Scholarship Weekend.

The Fellows competition includes attending a seminar and writing a response, an interview with faculty and information sessions about the Fellows Programs. From this competition, Fellows are selected and notifi ed by April 1.

Mark your calendar! Fellows & Scholarship WeekendFriday–Saturday, March 8–9, 2013If you are invited to Fellows & Scholarship Weekend, you do not need to attend one of Elon’s Spring Orientation weekends. Please wait until you receive notifi cation about your Fellows application to make reservations for an orientation program. Fellows & Scholarship Weekend includes many of the same activities as Spring Orientation, such as campus and residence hall tours. Also, you will want to fi nd out if you have been selected as a Fellow before you choose your freshman courses. Of course, you may attend both Fellows and orientation weekend if that is your preference.

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If you are an InternationalStudentNon-U.S. citizens or dual citizens, who are enrolled in a non-English based curriculum outside of the U.S., are eligible for the International Fellows Program. International Fellows candidates will be selected based upon their Elon University Freshman Admission application.

All International Fellows cadidates will be reviewed by a faculty committee. If you are a fi nalist, you will be invited to interview via Skype or telephone. Candidates will be interviewed in mid-March. From this competition, Fellows will be selected and notifi ed by April 1.

Students eligible for the International Fellows Program may also apply for one-school based (Business, Elon College, Communications or Teaching Fellows) and one non-school based (Honors or Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows) program in addition to the International Fellows Program, if they so desire. If you would like to apply for any of the other six Fellows Programs, you must fi ll out the Fellows application and submit it, along with your Elon University Freshman Admission application, no later than Jan. 10. You may not apply to two school-based programs because you are required to major in a fi eld within the sponsoring school. If you apply to two additional programs, be sure to rank your choices.

Students who apply for additional Fellows Program(s) and are selected to compete for a program other than International Fellows will not be required to interview again. If you applied for freshman admission under the fi nal deadline decision period, you will receive a decision about your admission status no later than March 1.

Complete Freshman Admission application: February 15

Interview invitation:March 1

Phone/Skype interview:mid-March

Award notifi cation:April 1

Please note that if selected by multiple Fellows Programs, you may participate in only one Fellows Program.

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Non-Profi t Org.US Postage PAIDElon, North Carolina Permit No. 1

Offi ce of Admissions and Financial PlanningPO Box 398Elon, NC 27244

[email protected]

National Rankings: Elon was named the 1 school “Focused on Their Undergrads” by U.S. News & World Report in its 2012 “America’s Best Colleges” guide. The guide also ranked Elon 2 among 127 Southern master’s-level universities. Elon was named a “Best Value” private university by both The Princeton Review and Kiplinger’s Personal

Finance magazine.

Enrollment: Elon’s 5,225 undergraduates come from 48 states, the District of Columbia and 57 other countries. Thirty percent of incoming freshmen rank in the top 10 percent of their high school class. Admission is selective.

Majors and Degrees: Elon off ers 60+ majors leading to the bachelor of arts, bachelor of fi ne arts or bachelor of science degree. Elon has two dual-degree programs, one in business and one in engineering. Elon awards master’s degrees in business administration, interactive media, physician assistant studies and education; a doctor of physical therapy degree is also off ered. The Elon University School of Law off ers the J.D. degree.

Faculty: Eighty-six percent of Elon’s full-time faculty holds the highest degree in their fi elds. The student-to-faculty ratio is 13-1, and the average class size is 21.

Elon Experiences: The Elon Experiences program encourages students to participate in study abroad, service learning, internships, leadership and research. Seventy-nine percent of students participate in volunteer service in the community, 79 percent graduate with at least one internship experience and 72 percent study abroad at least once before graduation. About one in three students hold leadership roles on campus, and nearly half of all students work with faculty on research beyond course requirements.

See for Yourself: Visit Elon, tour the campus and sit in on a class or talk with a professor. Schedule a campus experience at www.elon.edu/visitelon. Offi ce hours are Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. Contact the Offi ce of Admissions if you have questions.


Telephone: (336) 278-3566 or (800) 334-8448Email: [email protected]: www.elon.edu/admissions

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