Female Reproductive Abner Diaz and Ivan Gutierrez

Female Reproductive

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Female Reproductive. Abner Diaz and Ivan Gutierrez. Organs Involved in the System. Functions of the Organs. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 2: Female Reproductive

Organs Involved in the System

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• Anatomy• Bartholdi's glands• Birth control• Cervix• Fallopian tube

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Diseases of the System

• Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)• Endometriosis

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• Men and women are each born with two gonads (two internal sex organs)—the testes (plural) in men, and the ovaries in women.

• The human female is born with all the ova (eggs) she will ever have—about 2 million. These are immature. By puberty, she will have only about 400,000 ova, the rest having dwindled away. During her reproductive life, a woman will only ovulate (release from the ovary) about 400 eggs. Which eggs are selected to mature or ripen to ovulation is still a biological mystery.

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