FFI Portable Dryers - C&S Construction in properly equipped bins using LP or natural gas with many models

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    T H E M O S T T E C H N O L O G I C A L L Y

    A D V A N C E D D R Y E R S O N T H E M A R K E T

    W W W . F F I C O R P . C O M

    G R O W T H S T R E N G T H P R O T E C T I O N C O N T R O L

  • P O R TA B LE G R A I N D RY E R


  • To feed our growing population, farmers will need to

    produce more food in the next 40 YEARS than they have in the past 10,000 years combined. Extraordinary

    challenges call for unprecedented engineering solutions.

    YEAR 2040 9 B I L L I O N P E O P L E

    T H E T E C H N O L O G I C A L L Y A D V A N C E D


  • P O R TA B LE G R A I N D RY E R

    W H Y A F F I D R Y E R ?


    You have planned every aspect of the planting and care of your crop.

    Planning for success at harvest and post-harvest should be no different.

    FFI Grain Dryers give growers the CONTROL to harvest when necessary and

    to moisture levels ideal for long-term storage. Being confi dent in the

    PROTECTION of your properly conditioned grain allows you to

    turn your attention to managing your operation, monitoring

    the markets, and the overall STRENGTH of your business.


    THE GLOBAL DEALERSHIP NETWORK From site analysis to complete storage system

    recommendations, FFI’s worldwide dealership network

    provides the agriculture industry with unparalleled exper-

    tise and support.

    Visit our dealer locator at http://locator.gsiag.com/ffi

    to fi nd your local FFI dealer.

    THE GENIUS OF FFI Our #1 concern is the quality and preservation of your grain,

    a valuable asset that must be protected.

    Storing, conditioning, moving, and protecting grain is a

    science, and it is the foundation of our business.

    That is why FFI designs and manufactures the

    total grain system… not just one or two aspects.

    when necessary and





    hen necessary and

    dent in the

    ou to


  • MODULAR TOWER DRYER When cooling bins are not available, dry & cool 5 point

    removal capacity requirements are in the 800 to 1,690

    BPH range, and the available foot print space is re-

    stricted, a Modular Tower Dryer is a great selection. Wet

    grain needs to be supplied at 43’ to 63’ heights which will

    normally require a bucket elevator. Modular construction

    makes for easier installation while standard grain invert-

    ers, vacuum cooling heat recovery, and proven tower

    dryer technology assures the best quality and effi ciency in

    a farm series dryer.

    W H I C H D R Y E R I S R I G H T F O R Y O U ?

    F-SERIES TOWER DRYER Where the largest capacity, even commercial in scale is

    required, the F-Series Tower Dryer is the solution. Dry &

    Cool 5 point removal capacities from 1,500 to 10,000 BPH

    are provided with the same structural and grain quality,

    effi ciency, and environmental performance as the

    Zimmerman Tower Dryers. With diameters from 12’ to 30’

    and heights from 54’ to 135’, this series gives the

    highest capacity for the square footage consumed, mak-

    ing the F-Series the best choice for large farm and even

    most commercial site needs.

    Today’s farm operations have greatly varied needs for their drying solutions. Size, type, and investment all play a part in

    the decision for which to use. Fortunately, FFI provides systems of every size and type to help with those needs.

    PORTABLE DRYERS Once drying needs exceed what a bin drying system is

    capable of, Portable Dryers provide higher capacities with

    greater fl exibility while minimizing the investment. They

    may operate either dry & cool or all heat while cooling

    in properly equipped bins using LP or natural gas with

    many models able to use single phase electrical supplies.

    This design covers the smaller to middle capacity 5 point

    removal requirements from 220 to 2,450 BPH dry & cool

    and 420 to 4,000 BPH all heat. From a simple system with

    grain moved with augers to a more involved system with

    an overhead wet bin, drag conveyors, and bucket

    elevators, FFI’s portable dryer models are the most

    versatile. The low profi le of the single module dryers

    work well with overhead wet bins, while the 8’-26’ basket

    lengths give growers the fl exibility they need for capacity

    growth. Depending on the model, FFI’s optional grain

    inverters, heat recovery systems, and noise suppression

    systems can further enhance effi ciency, quality, and

    environmental requirements in a high percentage of

    today’s growing farms.

  • P O R TA B LE G R A I N D RY E R

    VISION START SCREEN. Fully graphic color display with large touch screen,

    featuring simple, easy-to-use controls.



    During harvest, there is plenty com-

    peting for your time and attention.

    How to operate your dryer should

    not be one of them. Designed with

    ease-of-use in mind, operating your

    FFI portable dryer has never been

    easier. Unmatched options combined

    with simple, easy-to-read displays

    make Vision controls the very best in

    grain drying.

    COMMITTED TO TECHNOLOGY THAT MAKES LIFE EASIER Designed specifi cally to control your

    grain dryer, Vision features a wide

    array of settings that offer unparal-

    leled options and control. Boasting

    a large color screen with easy-to-use

    touch screen controls, the Vision can

    be remote mounted, via a simple

    seven wire harness, up to 1,000 feet

    away from the dryer.

    The Vision also puts help at your

    fi ngertips when you need it most.

    Owner’s manuals are available

    on-demand and on-screen at the

    control box.

    FEATURING: • 10.4” TFT Diagonal Color Screen

    (Touch Screen Control)

    • 32 Bit Microprocessor Control

    • Each Safety Monitored Individually

    and its Status Displayed On-screen

    • All Shut-downs Logged

    with Time and Date

    • Remote Mounted Control Box

    Requires Just a Simple

    Seven Wire Harness

    • Safety Disconnect on Every Dryer

    • Low Voltage Safety Circuit

  • V I S I O N D R Y E R C O N T R O L S

    OPTIONAL WATCHDOG™ SOFTWARE FFI’s optional WatchDog™ System

    allows remote monitoring of dryer

    functions, such as moisture,

    temperature, and dryer status, from

    any web accessible device. This

    innovative product also allows

    you to make adjustments to your

    dryer’s settings from your home,

    the combine, or even the local

    football game!

    The WatchDog System can provide you information at any time during the

    drying cycle

    For more hands on control look no farther. WatchDog is the perfect

    complement to the already innovative Vision system that is defi ning the

    next generation of dryer controls.

    Contact the FFI Dealer nearest you for more information.

    ELECTRICAL CONTROL FEATURES: • Exclusive Intertek ETL (nationally

    recognized testing laboratory)

    approved controls.

    • Built to UL 508a and CSA C22.2

    No. 14 standards, certifi ed to

    US and Canadian electrical


    • IEC Branch Breakers: IEC controls

    are higher quality, rated for more

    cycles, and meet domestic and

    international electric codes. All

    dryers have branch breakers for

    each motor.

    • IEC Motor Overloads: IEC

    overloads allow a wide range of

    adjustment to accommodate

    variances in incoming voltage.

    • Auxiliary Auger IEC Contactors/

    Overloads: Load and unload

    auxiliary motor branch circuits are

    standard. If load and unload horse-

    power are specifi ed at time of

    order, GSI will install properly sized

    breaker, contactor, and overload

    for customer’s application.

    • Entrelec Terminals: Color-coded

    Entrelec terminals are used for

    all computer control circuits

    connections, making for easy

    installation, diagnosis and service.

    • Safety Disconnect: For safely

    disconnecting power from main

    panel for servicing dryer controls.

    Also provides an easy connection

    point for incoming electric supply.

  • P O R TA B LE G R A I N D RY E R


    FFI’S HIGH EFFICIENCY BURNER FFI’s patent pending, high effi ciency

    burners provide superior heated

    air fl ow resulting in a cleaner fl ame,

    increased fuel effi ciency, and most

    importantly, lower operating costs.

    Burner offers considerably improved

    fl ame sensing. An electronic ignition

    system monitors the burner and a view

    window provides easy observation.

    Maxon™ valves are used on all single

    module units which promote better

    fuel fl ow. An electronic ignition sys-

    tem monitors the b