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Fidget Busters provides teachers with a wealth of stimulating activities to connect movement and learning, and helps you to create greater opportunities for children to be more physical in their routine learning.

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Fidget Busters

Fidget Busters provides teachers with a wealth of stimulating activities to connect movement and learning, and helps you to create greater opportunities for children to be more physical in their routine learning.The activities are ideal for children with special educational needs and to aid concentration. All the activities involve minimal resources and disruption, and the majority can be used within the connes of the classroom. Fidget Busters is divided into three sections, each starting with a short introduction. The rst of these is Shake and Wake, with activities to help children wake up and refocus. The second section is Active Bodies, Active Minds, with activities that link movement to a selection of curriculum areas. The nal section is Simmer down to a Frenzy, with activities to help overexcited children calm down in order to listen, or to reect quietly over a particular lesson objective or event. Fidget Busters enables you to combine physical tness and kinaesthetic learning, helping children to be physically active, to play, learn and have a great deal of fun. Contains 144 pages (246 x 168mm) ADMT11455* 15.99

Ideal for Concentration Lesson activities All abilities

What our customers sayThe activities in the book are fantastic for giving children a dget break during long or intense lessons. They are also a great way of lling in the spare minutes that happen from time to time in the week Great for improving childrens attention levels in lessons. The activities can be used as a fun reward at the end of a lesson, or simply to break up lessons, especially for children that nd it hard to work for long periods of time. The activities are varied, which give different children the ability to shine in different activities. It is also very easy to include children with SEN in the activities. The book can be used across all year groups in a primary school and can be used by both teachers and teaching assistants in groups of all sizes; whole class or small groups. This means it is very cost effective, as it can be used throughout the school. The book can be picked up at last minute and a new activity started very quickly, so no time is wasted working through confusing task instructions! Rachel Flory Year 6 Class Teacher Fidget busters is a fantastic publication providing a wealth of fun stimulating activities for children when they just need a break! Built on sound theoretical and practical understanding of how children learn and the need to keep minds receptive and bodies active, this is a fantastic resource for brain breaks and energizers. Presented in a clear snappy style and easy to use Fidget Busters is a must for any teachers toolkit! Sarah Westville Primary School Teacher

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About the authors and a background to the bookThe authors, Sharon Drew and Liz Atter are both experienced therapists wh o have been involved over a number of years with child ren with a variety of differen t learning abilities and difcu lties. They rmly believe in the use of everyday activities in order to improve interventio n outcomes, in particular by working in context. For children this generally mean s working within the schoo l setting, hence the need to have activities which can be inclusive and easy for educ ation staff to introduce with minimal equipment and dis ruption. This has also given them a more realistic view of the needs of educators an d children within the classroo m setting who are working to tight schedules and budgets . Working predominantly wi th children who have additional learning need s has enabled the author s to explore the benets of movement to enhance learning concepts by intro ducing a multi-sensory approach to learning. They also noted the bene ts of regular movement breaks to help children and young people to moderate their levels of attention and concentration and maintain higher quality periods of tim e engaged in learning when they might ordinarily have difcu lty being still, processing langu age or visual information or maint aining motor control. Fidget Busters is an accumu lation of all these factors and experiences wrapped up in fast, fun activities which require little space and no special resou rces.

Author: Sharon Drew

Author: Liz Atter

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