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CHICKEN MASTERS LTD 1.0 INTRODUCTION Chicken Masters is a company founded by professionals who feel they have a lot to offer in the poultry market in terms of quality products and quality services. Chicken Masters feel that there are unexplored markets and unclaimed market niches that they can break into. The company will be involved in the breeding, rearing, processing and marketing of broiler chicken in Kenya. Other products include: Whole broiler chicken (baby chicken, spring chicken and capons) Parts and products of broiler e.g. chicken feet, flakes, gizzards Livestock and pet food Feathers for use in pillows Offals for manufacture of animal feeds

The main markets include restaurants particularly fast food joints, supermarkets and other retail outlets, schools, hospitals and international markets. The poultry farming project will have a capacity of processing 200,000 Chicken per month. To realize this capacity, 200,000 eggs will be hatched every month, which translates to 50,000 Chicken on a weekly basis. 1.1 LOCATION The birds will be bred and reared in the outskirts of Thika town, 10km from the town center on a 10 acre piece of land. The processing facility will be located in the same farm but 5 km from the rearing and breeding area. This location was chosen due to a number of reasons which include: Accessibility and proximity to the market The main target market for the poultry products is Nairobi province, which is a few kilometers from Thika town. This location is near the market and has a good


communication and transport network. This reduces the overall cost of communication, transport and accessibility. Availability of chicken feeds Poultry feed is one of the most important inputs for this project, and they are readily available in Thika town. There are numerous animal feeds stores in Thika town that produce their own animal feeds. The cost of feeds will be reduced since we will be getting the feeds from the source and transport costs will also be reduced due to proximity to suppliers. Water and electricity supply These supplies are vital for the success of this project. Water will be obtained from Thika municipal Council, whereas electricity will be provided by Kenya Power and Lightning Company. Labor factor Preliminary surveys indicate that labor in the surrounding areas is affordable and available. Thika is largely an industrial town and with a growing population. This makes labor abundant and cheap. Availability of land Thika is one of the very few locations where we could find a stretch of land ten acres big at an affordable price, and that was close to the market, had a lower cost of operation and is fully serviced with electricity. Ventilation The land is well ventilated to ensure there is no foul smell from the chicken waste. Security The poultry here is safe and protected from wild animals and other predators. 1.2 SPONSORS BIOGRAPHIES JOHN WAWERU- MANAGING DIRECTOR John has a Master of Science degree in Food Science and Technology and is in the process of completing his MBA degree at the United States international university. He has served as 2

production manager at Interchic for 10 years and as operations director for 5 years in the same company. He is currently serving as a food safety consultant in the East African region. John is an executive committee member of the Meat processors association of East Africa. He is also a member of the board of Kenya food safety authority. John is going to lead Interchic as Managing director to realize market penetration and dominance. BENSON HURIA - FINANCE MANAGER Benson graduated from Moi University in 2000 with a degree in Business ManagementAccounting option and an M.B.A in accounting and Finance from the United States International University (USIU). He/she is a Certified Internal Auditor and a Certified Public Accountant). He is a member of .Institute of certified Public Accountant Kenya (ICPAK).He has served as Chief accountant for Farmers Choice, Ministry of Livestock and Nakumatt Supermarkets.He has experience in the following industries: Retail and Distribution, Manufacturing, Food and Consumer Products and Governmental. He has specialization in Financial and SEC Reporting and Internal Control Systems. GRACE MOREKA -HUMAN RESOURCE AND PROCUREMENT MANAGER Miss Grace Moreka, aged 32 years, is a MBA graduate from USIU and has worked in the food industry for some 10 years, principally as Human Resource Director for a number of companies including Kenchick Ltd and Delmonte Kenya the latter included dealing with its successful flotation and full listing on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. During her career to date, she has also gained some three years international experience working in South Africa, Uganda and Tanzania. She joined the Board of Chicken Masters as Group Human Resource Director in January 2010. BENJAMIN MBITHI -PRODUCTIONS AND OPERATIONS MANAGER Benjamin has a Masters in Business administration in Production Management from Moi University. He also holds a bachelors degree in sociology from Nairobi University. He served as a production manager for Alpha- fine for ten years and also has been with farmers choice in operations department for five years. He is a member of Production Association of Kenya 3

RUTH MWANGO - DEPUTY PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGER Ruth M. is a graduate of Andrew University, which is in Michigan State in the U.S.A. She holds a bachelors degree in agricultural science from this university. She graduated with honors. Her specialty is poultry keeping. Immediately after graduation she secured a job with Town line poultry farm in Michigan as an assistant production manager. She worked here where the top management commended her for her good work and awarded her a bonus for the improvements she had brought about which saw profits soar to the roof. She worked here till the founding of chicken masters where she is a share holder and works as an assistant production manager. EVALYNE KIMANGA- STRATEGY MANAGER Evalyne holds a Masters degree in Hospitality Planning and Development from Cornell University and a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from United States International University. She has held different managerial positions in the Hospitality industry. Currently, she is the Deputy Director of Research and corporate Planning for the Sarova Group of Hotels. She is also a part time lecturer at Kenya Utalii College teaching Strategic Management in Hospitality. Ms. Kimanga brings her vast experience in the hospitality industry spinning over 10 years. She is the Business Strategy Manager overseeing the overall business strategy of chicken masters. PHOEBE MURIITHI - QUALITY MANAGER Phoebe Muriithi graduated with honors from Moi University with a degree in Food and Technology Management. Ms Muriithi is also ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified and wellversed with international standards requirements and their conformity. She has worked for Sharma Foods Ltd for ten years in the capacity of a quality control manager. In addition, she also held the post of Quality Director in the food department of Ketepa Tea Exports.She opened her own consultancy firm on quality control called Marshall Quality Controls, and is a consultant with many food companies including Unilever, Alpha foods, Hilton Hotels and


Reef Hotels. Ms Muriithi brings with her invaluable experience to Chicken Masters, and is expected to take the quality of chicken in Chicken Masters to new heights.

REBMAN GANDANI - MARKETING MANAGER Rebman Gandani holds a degree in Management Information System from Daystar University and a graduate degree in Business Administration in Marketing from United States International University. He is proficient in Management of Information Systems as an aid in making managerial decisions. With his diverse experience in administration, he has worked as a system analyst at Oserian Flowers Company for three years, between the year 2003 and 2006. He is credited with implementing the enterprise resource planning system which manages the online auction of flowers. This was before moving to Techsoft Company as the Marketing and Creative Design manager. At Techsoft Company, he was in charge of the marketing team, which was responsible for branding and marketing of the various software packages they had for their market target. He served in this position between May 2006 and February 2010, when he joined Chicken Masters as the Marketing Manager. ESTHER NGANGA - DEPUTY MARKETING MANAGER Esther Nganga holds a degree in International Business Administration- Marketing minor from United States International University and a Graduate degree in Business administration in Marketing from the same university. Ms Nganga is also a member of Certified Institute of Marketing (CIM). Before joining Chicken Masters She was working with Kenchic LTD as a Senior Marketing Executive for 2 years. She brings with her vast experience of marketing strategies and market analysis and expected to take the position of Deputy Marketing Director at chicken Masters.

MANAGEMENT SENIOR MANAGEMENT Managing Director: Finance Manager: 5 John Waweru Benson Huria

Human Resource and Procurement Manager: Productions and Operations Manager: Deputy Productions and Operations Manager Quality Manager and Company Secretary Marketing Manager: Deputy Marketing Manager Strategic and Planning Manager: ROLES OF MANAGERS MANAGING DIRECTOR

Grace Moreka Benjamin Mbithi Ruth Mwango Phoebe Muriithi Rebman Gandani Esther Nganga Evalyne Kimanga

The Managing Director is the most senior director who runs the company and takes care of administrative issues. In addition to these roles, he will be responsible for: Ensuring smooth running of the business Liasing with all the other managers to formulate policies, strategies and plan for the companys activities. Lead and chair board meetings

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