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<ul><li><p>Final Cut Pro Tools </p></li><li><p>Lighting </p><p> Luma Keyer- it helped to create a dusky and darker look to the shot, because all our shots were too light, due to the camera not picking up figures in the dark. Therefore, the shots were not conventional to our genre until we used this effect </p></li><li><p>Create Fast paced shots </p><p> Used the blade tool, to half different shots, and put other shots in between, or just to make the shots shorter, creating a faster pace. For example, we did this in the fight scene, where we made the shots really short, to create tension </p><p>Fight Scene </p></li><li><p>Transitions </p><p> Used the Fade to Colour transition, as the conventional use of transitions is to create a blinking effect. Where the shot fades into black and then the next shot emerges, so it creates a revealing effect on the audience and tension </p></li><li><p>Flash Effect </p><p> To create the supernatural element of our trailer, we used the flash effect, which creates a white flashes. This effect contrasts the normal shot, such as the villain walking to a house, therefore, this signifies to the audience that we have a fantasy element to our trailer </p></li></ul>