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Acquaintance Party Project Proposal

Event Head: Francesca De Leoz Date: June 24, 2011 Time: 6:00-10:00 PM Ticket Price: P50 for everyone Theme: Future of Tourism Event Title: Futurismo: Explore, Discover, Revolutionize Event Description:

A. Venue AIT Lobby (Piano Area) B. Lights & Sound System Estimated Cost: P4000 C. Tables/Chairs/Etc Estimated Cost: N/A D. LCD Projector Estimated Cost: N/A

External Schedule 5:30- Start of Registration 6:00- Opening remarks by Danie Seva 6:15- Introduction of Event Hosts/ Roll Call 6:45- Presentation of sophomores (c/o Danj) 7:00- Game 1 7:15- Presentation of juniors (c/o Fran) 7:30- Eating Time 8:00- Presentation of seniors (c/o Gena) 8:15- Game 2 8:30- Game 3 8:45- SC AVP and closing remarks (announcement of booth winners) 9:00- Socials

ITEMS Lights and Sound System Food Drinks Stage Design, tickets Utensils and prizes Total: 10,350

COSTS P4000 P2500 P2,000 P1,200 P300 P350

Vol Corp committee * this will serve as the additional manpower for the said event and the overall The Vol. Corp committee will be headed by Shaina and Gena. Pub mats committee *Pub mats committee will be in-charge of all forms of publicity for the event. Erika and Jc will head this committee. Log and Sec committee *All reservations of venue and things needed for the event will be handled by this Committee. Finance Keesha all printing reg and one vol corp 1. Print all pubs 2. Money matters Program and food Sarah and Danj 1. Order Food 2. Program Flow (games, hosts) 3. Coordinate with speakers

Person/s in Charge Jc Danganan Danie Seva Shaina Santiago Erika Erro

Job -Design Pub mats -lights and sounds -Vol Corp coordination -Games -Design Pub Mats and Ticket -look for possible host -Prepare Games -look for possible host -Print all pub mats -order food -coordinate with hosts - buy untensils -Reserve Venue, Tables and Chairs -vol corp coordination - Decorate Venue -look for performers -Design Backdrop -finalize Program flow -Order Food -look for performers for batch -coordinate with speakers June 14 June 15 June 14 June 17 June 14 June 14 June 17 June 14 June 15 June 15 June 15 June 17 June 15


Carl Reyes Keesha Buted Sarah Gemanil

Alyanna Cagandahan Gena Gabinay

June 14 June 18 June 15

Fran De Leoz Danj Lopez

June 20 June 17 June 15 June 15 June 21

***Vol. Corp will help in the Venue Decoration ***Everyone must be able to sell at least 10 tickets each ***Attendees of the said event are to wear something fututristic or something shiny