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Pharma company Project report

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Submitted To:-

Business School of Delhi, Greater Noida -201306 Which is carried out Under the Guidance of External Guide :Mr. Umesh Chandra ojha Marketing Head patna region Internal guide:-

Prof. Rajesh kumarHOD (Marketing) Business School Of Delhi

Sanify healthcare


AcknowledgementI thank Sanify healthcare pvt ltd. for providing all the resources and facilities towards the successful completion of my project. My heariest thanks to Mr. Umesh Chandra ojha (regional manager, marketing , patna) of


healthcare for providing me an opportunity and

support without which my project journey would not be so successful. I sincerely thank him for extending his kind cooperation, able guidance and painstaking efforts in guiding me throughout the entire phase of my project with his valuable advices, suggestions and recommendations. He really helped me to understand the marketing strategy and marketing selling of drugs in domestic market.

I sincerely thank my Internal Guide Prof. Rajesh Kumar for his valuable suggestions and guidelines. I acknowledge my sincere thanks to all the faculty members and our friends and family for rendering me immense facilities and constant support.

Kumar Rajeev

1.Chairman s message 2.Director s administrator s desk 3.About the company 4.Business divisions 5.Company s vision, mission,& objectives. 6.Development of pharma industries 7.Top ten pharma companies in india. 8.research & development 9.Relationship between pharmaceuticals & biotechnology. 10.Major players in pharma industries. 11.History of sanify healthcare 12.Quality process. share 14.BCG-matrix 15.SWOT analysis 16.product and services 17.Sanative remedies s clientele 19.Bibliography.


The Indian

pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest and most advanced, well recognised industry in the developed countries. The Indian economy is a magnet for the foreign investors. Globalisation has truly integrated the world into a local village and this has made business even more difficult. To cope up in this rapid changing economy, it requires getting competitive in the existing markets with better understanding of existing variables.Integrate globally, innovate locally has been the need of the hour. In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative original thinker unless you can also sell what you create. Customer satisfaction to customer delightment has been the buzz word for marketers. We at Sanify practice it as our core strength. For this, we ensure that we introduce the latest molecules in the market at competitive rates. There is no greater satisfaction than achieving success through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that, for you to gain, those you deal with should gain as well. These principles once infused into the business are paramount to reach the ultimate in performance.

Sanify Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated in improving the quality of life to fulfill the promise of a healthier world. We ensure that people everywhere have access to safe, effective, innovative medicines at reasonable prices. Each year we add new products in our divisions to help us find solutions to the challenges of today, tomorrow. Further, to solidify our commitment base to our stakeholders, we are building greater transparency and partnering better access to healthcare. We follow an ethical code of conduct and promise to continually improve the way we do business. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. With this note, I would like to wish good luck to the Sanify Family. My sincere thanks to the Almighty God, for His blessings and paving the way to success for us. I also extend my gratitude to our employees, who are the real source of our dexterity, to the members of the Board for their advice and guidance, and to all our customers, suppliers and well-wishers for their trust, support, confidence and cooperation over the years. As we move ahead, we will be even more determined to capitalize on the new opportunities based on our strong fundamentals of innovation, stability and aggressive

marketing. We strongly believe and follow that the secret of a healthy business is honesty and fair dealing. We shall strive to accomplish our dreams and goals to bring greater effulgence in the future.ThanKBest


Raj Kumar Verma

It gives me immense pleasure to pen down my views for the

current and future scenario of the Pharmaceutical Industry, in perspective of SANIFYS growth. The global economy is passing through a complex and challenging phase with some of the worlds largest economies and financial institutions facing unprecedented issues. However, certain timely and decisive actions that are being taken by the governments and industries would help not only moderate the impact but also bring in systemic changes aimed at long term stability. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the vital sectors in the Indian economy. It is probably ranked next only to the Information Technology industry in terms of potential and degree of technology sophistication. India is gradually positioning itself as a global manufacturing centre for the pharmaceutical industry; its main strengths being low costs allied to excellent production quality, plus highly trained scientific and other staff. Sanify with its emphasis on New Formulations, and an asset driven growth strategy has competitively positioned itself in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. A strategic focus on niche newer molecules, value chain integration, product versatility, state-of-the-art infrastructure, collaborative partnerships and an empowered organization constitute the key elements of Sanifys growth model.

Sanify is poised for continued growth with a sustainable strategy anchored on newer formulations and latest molecules. The Formulation Development department is continuously involved in developing products for the different segments. With several new products being introduced in the antidiabetic, cardiovascular, Medicines and Surgical segments, the Syntonic division is poised to expand and growth further. During the year under review, we have established additional business alliances in the ethical marketing adding new products and new regions to existing partnerships. Additional alliance opportunities which add value to the competitive market and provide incremental revenue and profitability opportunities are being pursued. Sanify has successfully pursued an alliance model in the competitive markets with marketing partners who have established market reach and distribution logistics in their markets. If vision is where the company is going, values tell how the company gets there. Values outline acceptable behavior. We convey values through actions and reactions to others. In fact in Sanify we practice it in our day to day working. I am confident that with Sanify's technological expertise, knowledge of the


pharmaceutical business and able management, we will over time be one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India. In Last, but not the least, I thank The Almighty for making us believe that success comes through dedication, commitment and hard work. I also extend my sincere gratitude towards my seniors on the Board for their continued support and wise counsel. The employees at all levels merit highest appreciation for their strong commitment and devotion. I acknowledge the trust of our suppliers, manufacturers and people involved throughout in making the group a success. Their contribution has been as always, significant. My thanks also go to the Distributors/Franchisees/Third parties for their unfailing support, trust and confidence that they have reposed, which will, I am certain, be amply rewarded in the years ahead.RegardsSurbhi Verma



An ISO-9001:2000 certified company, is committed to be a global leader in healthcare. Its divisions1STAR BIOMED, SILVER BIOTECH, SANATIVE REMEDIES and SYNTONIC LIFESCIENCES offers multiple arrays of about 543 products covering practically all areas. Directed by conspicious leadership and trained professionals, it is one of the fastest growing pharma companies offering products to prevent, treat and cure challenges in the medical fraternity. The group has a strong presence in the domestic market and plans to expand in the highly regulated international markets too. Constructing tomorrows businesses while simultaneously sustaining excellence in todays world, demands a delicate balance. It is thus extremely important for the organisation to excel in customer satisfaction. We ensure that our products reach the market in the shortest possible time with the highest level of quality At Sanify, our experienced

professionals steer crucial operational domains like Marketing, Accounts and Finance, Human Resources, Purchase, Graphics and Designing We listen to our customers and understand their needs and concerns. Based on the requirements, we offer a comprehensive set of services which include, Formulation and Process, Products Approval and search of Brand Names, Designing Printing, Visual-Aid and Promotional Material etc. under one roof. The company manufactures its products in Himachal Pradesh, which is an excise free zone. We offer franchisee on monopoly basis nationwide. With a wide product range, we have franchisees appointed in almost every state. After years of satisfaction, trust and support of our customers, the group has established itself as strong brand in the market. We strive to provide total commitment to healthca