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Final Report of the Peer Review Delegation

Peer Review Conducted: 2013 Report Submitted to the Norway NCP: January 2014

Norway NCP Peer Review Report


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Peer Review Team would like to extend its sincere thanks to the Norway National Contact Point (NCP) for the opportunity to take part in the voluntary peer review process, and their significant engagement in this constructive peer learning exercise. Our special thanks and appreciation go to Dr. Hans Petter Graver, Chair of the Norway NCP, the Expert members of the NCP, Jan Erik Korssjoen, Gro Granden, and Elin M. Myrmel-Johansen, and the NCP Secretariat, Kamilla Halvorsdatter Kolshus, Mari Bangstad, and Amelie Lied Haga, for their substantial contribution in diligently assisting the Peer Review Team, from beginning to end, and for their exceptional hospitality. A heart-felt thanks also goes to David Kovick and Lloyd Lipset with Shift, who provided excellent support invaluable to the Peer Review Team. Their research and coordination work prior to the review teams visit, their assistance in facilitating discussions in Oslo, and their aid with the Teams preparation of the final report, were invaluable in ensuring a dynamic, efficient and ultimately successful Peer Review process. The Peer Review Team would also like to give special thanks to all of the representatives of stakeholder groups, both based in Norway and abroad, as well as government representatives, for their participation, their candor, and their commitment of time in support of the process. Stakeholder participation in the pre-visit surveys, and the in-person meetings in Oslo, provided the Peer Review Team with invaluable insight into how the work of the Norway NCP impacts its client base. This review came at an important juncture for the Norway NCP, following its recent restructuring and ahead of a planned review by the Norwegian Government. We were impressed by the work and dedication of the Norwegian National Contact Point, and the achievements of the Norwegian NCP are, in part, due to the strong support provided to the NCP. The Government of Norway not only provides significant financial support to the NCP, but it has also demonstrated its commitment to the principles to responsible business practices and stakeholder engagement. We would encourage the continued support of the Norwegian Government to ensure that the National Contact Point remains a strong, active and internationally respected institution. The Terms of Reference for the voluntary peer review set out two broad objectives: (1) to strengthen the performance and functioning of the Norway NCP, and (2) to contribute to strengthening the NCP system as a whole. In our view, these two objectives were met with resounding success, and we hope that the recommendations provided in this report will be helpful in guiding the Norway NCP in its continued efforts to improve its outreach, its implementation of the OECD MNE Guidelines and its support for broader peer learning exercises. The lessons learned, good practices, and challenges shared during this process has strengthened our collective understanding of National Contact Point systems, and has provided excellent food for thought on how we can make our work more effective. We hope these insights will be equally beneficial to the readers of this report and we encourage National Contact Points to undertake their own reviews, or participate in other peer review processes.

-- Ms. Francine Noftle, Canada (Chair), on behalf of the Peer Review Team

Norway NCP Peer Review Report



NCP Canada (Peer Review Chair): Francine Noftle, NCP Director

Julia Cloutier, NCP Secretariat NCP Colombia (Peer Review Co-Chair): Andrea Pradilla, NCP Chair Marta Orozco, NCP Advisor NCP Netherlands (Peer Review Co-Chair): Frans Evers, NCP Chairman Maartje van Putten, NCP Expert Member Sylvia Deepen, NCP Secretariat NCP Belgium (Peer Review Team): Colette Vantraelen, NCP NCP UK (Peer Review Team): Liz Napier, NCP Senior Advisor NCP Hungary (Observer): Julia Vago, NCP NCP Mexico (Observer): Yetel Vazquez, NCP Shift (Independent Support): David Kovick, Senior Advisor Lloyd Lipsett, Advisor

Norway NCP Peer Review Report



Acknowledgements Page i Members of the Peer Review Team Page ii Table of Contents Page iii Executive Summary Page 1 I. Introduction Page 4

II. Promotion of the Guidelines Page 13

A. Procedural Guidance on Promotion B. Background on Norway NCP Promotion Activities C. Stakeholder Feedback on Promotion D. Peer Review Team Observations on Promotion E. Recommendation to Norway NCP on Promotion

III. Handling of Specific Instances Page 21

A. Procedural Guidance on Specific Instances B. Background on Norway NCP Specific Instances C. Stakeholder Feedback on Handling of Specific Instances D. Peer Review Team Observations on Specific Instances E. Recommendation to Norway NCP on Specific Instances

IV. Cooperation with Other NCPs Page 31

V. Further Reflections on Institutional Structure of Norway NCP Page 34

VI. Conclusion Page 37

Appendices Page 39

A. Peer Review Terms of Reference B. Agenda for Peer Review Consultations

Norway NCP Peer Review Report


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Norways National Contact Point (NCP) for the OECD Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises (the Guidelines) is recognized as a leader among its peer NCP institutions. In 2011, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs volunteered the NCP to undertake a Peer Review exercise, in order to identify opportunities to strengthen the NCPs own performance and to share the lessons learned and its practices with the broader NCP community. The NCP agreed and welcomed the Peer Review exercise in 2013. About the Peer Review: The Peer Review team was conducted by representatives from counterpart NCPs, including Canada (Chair), The Netherlands (Co-Chair), Colombia (Co-Chair), United Kingdom and Belgium, with Hungary and Mexico participating as observers and the OECD Secretariat providing a support function. The information for the peer review included background research and interviews with the Norway NCPs domestic and international stakeholders, culminating with consultations between the Peer Review team and stakeholders of the Norway NCP, conducted in Oslo on 21-23 October 2013. The peer review examined the different aspects of the Norway NCPs mandate, namely (1) Promotion of the Guidelines; (2) Implementation of the Guidelines in Specific Instances; and, (3) Cooperation with other NCPs. As the Norway NCP was recently re-organized as an independent Expert Panel, the peer review also examined the implications of the new institutional structure on the fulfillment of its mandate. Key Findings: The overall message from the peer review is that the Norway NCP is highly effective at fulfilling its mandate pursuant to the Guidelines. All stakeholder groups conveyed a strong sense of ownership of the NCP, which is a testament to its credibility and importance among Norwegian efforts to promote responsible business conduct. The feedback from stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive and highlighted the following factors: the individual credibility and institutional independence of the members of the NCPs Expert Panel; the dedicated financial resources that support the NCPs various activities; and, the dedicated human resources for the NCPs Secretariat. (1) Promotion of the Guidelines: The peer review highlights a high degree of appreciation of the various activities and tools that the Norway NCP uses to implement its communications plan. In particular, stakeholders appreciated the development of the NCPs website as an effective and transparent means of providing information, and the strong presence of the members of the Expert Panel and Secretariat at events related to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Norway. These promotional activities have resulted in a dramatic increase in awareness of the Guidelines by Norwegian business enterprises in recent years.

Overall Message from the Peer Review: The Norway NCP is highly effective at fulfilling its

mandate pursuant to the Guidelines.

All stakeholder groups conveyed a strong sense of ownership of the NCP, which is a testament to its credibility and importance among Norwegian efforts to promote responsible business conduct.

Norway NCP Peer Review Report


However, even with the recognized effectiveness of the NCPs efforts in this area, promoting the Guidelines represents an on-going challenge, particularly with two specific audiences: (a) small and medium Enterprises (SMEs) and (b) relevant government departments and agencies, in part due to the high proportion of State-owned and supported enterprises in Norway. More fundamentally, however, while the shift to an independent NCP structure increased the credibility of the NCP and decreased the direct involvement of the government in its daily performance, the implementation of the OECD Guidelines remains, at its core, a government responsibility, and therefore further promotion efforts should both focus on government actors and be undertaken in concert with relevant government ministries. (2) Handling of Specific Instances: The Norway NCP was also applauded by the great majority of its stakeholders for enhancing the predictability and legitimacy of how it handles specific instances involving Norwegian business enterprises, with particular credit being given to the members of the Expert Panel and the independent institutional structure.