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  • Final Cut Express Workshop


    1. Introduction

    Final Cut Express is a flexible video-editing tool. You can import and export a

    variety of video, audio, graphics, and animation file types. This flexibility makes

    Final Cut Express well suited for projects ranging from family videos to feature-

    length independent films.

    In this one-hour workshop, you will learn the basics and interface of Final Cut

    Express. Also, how to edit audio and video clips in Final Cut Express, as well as

    adding titles, music, effects, and transitions, etc.

    2. Interface

    The Final Cut Express interface consists of four major working areas: the

    Brower, Viewer, Canvas, and Timeline.

  • Brower: import and organize your video into the Brower;

    Viewer: use the Viewer window to preview your clips to make edits.

    Timeline: use the Timeline window to lay down your edits.

    Canvas: use the Canvas to preview your finished edits in the timeline.

    3. Audio in Final Cut Express

    Audio transitions: Cross Fade (Brower window)

    Do you know how to adjust the volume?

  • 4. Video in Final Cut Express:

    1) Make subclips:

    Command + U : make subclips (shown in the Viewer)

    2) Video Filters:

    Eg: Line Art (in Stylize folder) ; Border

    3) Picture in picture

    Hit W key to change the size.

  • 5. Video Transitions (Brower window)

    6. Titles