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Financial Aid Update for Adjunct Faculty

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Financial Aid Update for Adjunct Faculty. Ben Burton Chief Student Financial Services Officer February 2013. Agenda. Repeating Coursework Return to Title IV (R2T4) Dropping Prior to Census Date Reporting “active participation”, FWs Late “No Shows”. Repeating Coursework. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Financial Aid Update for Adjunct Faculty

  • Financial Aid Updatefor Adjunct FacultyBen BurtonChief Student Financial Services OfficerFebruary 2013

  • AgendaRepeating CourseworkReturn to Title IV (R2T4)Dropping Prior to Census DateReporting active participation, FWsLate No Shows

  • Repeating CourseworkFederal financial aid rules allow students to receive aid for repeating a previously-passed course ONCEA failed course can be repeated with aid until it is passed, then it can be repeated once with aidD is considered passing regardless of institutional policy or program requirementsOfficial withdrawals are not considered repeats

  • What Can Be Repeated, When?FW is a fail due to unofficial withdrawal. It is considered a completed attempt, just like an F.Note: failing and withdrawing may be ok for repeating courses with aid, but will soon get a student into trouble with Satisfactory Academic Progress standards!

  • Repeats: Whats the Big Deal?After repeating a previously-passed course once, course cannot be included in hours covered by financial aid This cannot be appealed, like Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standardsRepeating courses impacts completion rate component of SAP

  • Return to Title IV (R2T4)What does this mean? If a student receives federal financial aid and doesnt complete the semester, they owe a prorated amount back to the Title IV program/s.

    But . . . If they completed more than 60% of the term, theyve earned all the aid. So, we need to know if/for how long student attended.

  • R2T4: Dropping Prior to Census DateStudent drops course during the 100% refund periodInstructor receives e-mail: click on linkBanner screen asks: did student ever attend?If yes, student earned part of his/her aidIf no, we look at all courses If all are NW/DA, student gets NO aid

  • R2T4: Active Participation?At 60% of course, instructor receives e-mail: click on linkBanner screen asks: is student still actively participating?At end of course, instructor submits grades, including FWsNo LDAs needed!LDALDA

  • What is Actively Participating?Attending class in personTurning in projects/assignmentsTaking quizzes/examsParticipating in discussion groupCourse-related contact with instructor! Logging in to an online course is not enough !

  • No ShowsIf student does not attend a course during 100% refund period, they must be reported as NW upon census dateIf all courses are NW, aid is canceled

  • Example: Late No ShowPell Grant is reduced after the NW is reported but if its reported late, student and funds are gone!

  • Late No Shows: Why It MattersWhen we dont know until the end of the semester that a student didnt attend:Aid gets disbursedWe miss the opportunity to advise student to enroll in late-start classesWe dont calculate the return of funds until after the semester endsIts VERY difficult to collect receivables from high-need students after the funds are already spent

  • R2T4 Attendance Reporting Summary

    In this webinar, we are going to review some major changes in R2T4 regulations, and how they impact Ivy Tech students and your staff.

    Handouts:Regulatory Changes (dated May 9);Campus Connect announcement textE-mail messages to students textConfirmation of Future Enrollment (form)Dropping/Withdrawing (page 2 is a worksheet)*There is not a hard & fast legal definition of active participation, but it would look something like this.

    KEY: it takes more than just logging-in to an online class.*