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Financial Literacy: First Day of Class Welcome to Mr. Crabtree’s class! We will learn money skills every adult wishes they had at your age

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Text of Financial Literacy: First Day of Class Welcome to Mr. Crabtree’s class! We will learn money...

  • Financial Literacy: First Day of ClassWelcome to Mr. Crabtrees class!We will learn money skills every adult wishes they had at your age.

  • Welcome!You will wish every class is this practical.You all have the potential to perform well.I am honored to teach this class and will enjoy teaching it to all of you.

  • Introductions: Mr. CrabtreeEnjoy Problem Solving (Math)Love Teaching Math (Yes, geeky)Married to JoannaThree Kids:AlaynaGwendolynLydia

  • Arrival To ClassEnter main doorGather suppliespencilworkbookMust have pencil or pen to be preparedSit in your seatBegin Opener

  • On The BoardYou will find:Plan of the Day (POD)


    ResourcesTranslationWhat we will be doingWhat to begin when you arrive to classWhat you need to be prepared

  • Whole Classroom InstructionsSee staffs hand raised and hear I need your attending skills.Stop what you are doingRaise your handGive eye contact to staffQuietly wait for instructionAsk questions to clarify and validate

  • Making RequestsAsking a QuestionPermission for WaterRaise handWait for teacher responseAsk using what you knowUse in Room

  • Making Requests ContinuedBe sure to use the restroom between classes.Be sure to request administrators during breakfast.See requesting Voluntary Focus Room Procedure

  • Student Request for Focus RoomStudent shall respectfully request a focus room from staff person, at appropriate time and place.Explain purpose in hallway conference. Wait patiently and quietly for staff to call Focus Room coordinator for availability.When directed by staff, report directly to Focus Room with signed points.When unavailable, student and staff will have hallway conference to problem solve next steps.

  • Video LessonsGive attending skills.Write in your notebook. (fill in the blanks)Length is between 8 to 15 minutesRemain seatedUse Making Request procedure

  • Side Partner BreakoutProblem solving is much more successfully done together.Mr. Crabtree will say, get with your side partner.Move your deskDetermine rolesListen for the task from Mr. Crabtree

  • Group Learning Tribal RulesIntroduce selfDesk TouchDecide rolesUse attending skillsWah space

  • Circle-upMove desks into a circle facing in.Move unused desks to the walls of the roomFacilitatorPromptListening Skills

  • Test TakingAdvanced NoticeStudy GuidesPencil and Calculator permittedIndividual workShow what you knowNo SurprisesEssential to grade 40% of total

  • Completed WorkPlease, please, please dont hand it to me!Write your name and date at top.Review to ensure completion.Put in the completed work tray on my desk.

  • Classroom Rules1) Be prompt to class.2) Use respectful words, tone and body language.3) Participate to your full capacity.

  • Dismissal from ClassMr. Crabtree will get the class attention. Wrap-up tasks will be given at this time.Complete your wrap-up tasksSit at your desk and wait to review PP sheet.Once Mr. Crabtree recordspoints, you will add to your checkbookWait for Mrs. Rion to dismissby earned points.

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