Financial Literacy West Morris Central Mrs. Pollison

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  • Financial LiteracyWest Morris CentralMrs. Pollison

  • Course DescriptionAll students need to understand the basics of personal finance and be prepared to make informed financial decisions. Students will learn how to budget, maintain a checking/savings account, invest in the stock market, apply for a loan, rent/buy a home or apartment, understand and purchase insurance, plan for retirement, and analyze a paycheck. Other topics include: banking services, owning and operating a car, consumer protection and fraud, wise use of credit, and relevant laws.

  • Topics:Money & the Federal ReserveBudgeting & Keeping Financial RecordsComparing Banking Services Managing a Checking AccountSaving, Investing, Online BankingStocks, Bonds, Financial Markets (Stock Market Game)Types and Sources of CreditCredit Ratings, Cost of Credit, Where?Consumer Protection Laws and BankruptcyHousing Alternatives (Renting vs. Buying)Evaluating Transportation Costs and OptionsBuying vs. Leasing an AutomobileManaging Personal Risks Property and Liability InsuranceHealth, Disability, and Life InsuranceAutomobile InsuranceConsumer Rights and ResponsibilitiesPay, Benefits, Taxes (prepare income tax forms)

  • Methods & Techniques:PowerPoint presentationsDVDs/videosInternet video clipsFinancial websites: Federal Reserve, NYSE, credit bureaus, banksInternet searches (assignments/projects)Simulations: On Your Own packet, etc.Textbook: Managing Your Personal FinancesBooklets, pamphlets, comic books

  • Grades: (total points)Computer/Internet Assignments and ProjectsIn-Class Assignments & ProjectsResearch Projects individual and teamUnit Tests and QuizzesPersonal Budgeting Simulation (On Your Own)Checking Simulation (How to Do Your Banking)Computer Simulation (Financial Literacy)Class Participation/Time Management during class

  • Grading Criteria and Scale:Tests and Quizzes40%All quizzes and tests must be made up within 1 week.Daily Assignments In-Class30%Simulations, Projects, Presentations30%

    Tests:50-100 pointsQuizzes:10-20 pointsMinor Assignments:+ -(3, 2, 1, 0 points)Major Assignments:10-20 pointsProjects:50-100 points

  • Mrs. PollisonWest Morris Central 10 yearsCCM, RVCC, SCCC 8 yearsAdult schools 7 yearsBound Brook High School 8 yearsComputer Consulting Business 10 yearsBanking 2 yearsThe College of NJ B.A. and M.Ed. In Business Education30 graduate education credits (beyond Masters)IB Business & Management training 1 wk in NMNYSE Workshop 1 weekNY Federal Reserve Personal Finance Workshop