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how to fix your bad credit


<ul><li><p>Find Out How To Fix Your Credit The Right WayOk, so you are finally ready to fix your credit but want to know what you need to do in order to help get the best possible credit score? Follow these credit tips, as they will help lead you to a better credit report and improved credit score. Remember, this takes time, but when done the right way it can make a world of difference in the interest rates offered and money saved.1. Be aware of your credit card balances at all times. We have spoken to many clients over the year that will call in freaking out because their credit scores are in the low 600s and they claim that they once were in the high 700s. Then, after looking at their reports we discover that they have all of their credit cards maxed out. This can completely crush a credit score, since the utilization ratio is a large part of the credit score formula. Many people are not aware of this and just figure that because they pay the bill on time that is doesnt impact the credit score at all. Paying the balances down will see a large spike in the score.2. It is also important that you do not open a lot of new credit accounts in a short period of time. FICO hates to see multiple new accounts opened at the same time. Lenders also shy away from extending credit when they see this, as many believe the consumer is trying to stockpile credit, with some even going as far as assuming that they may be in financial trouble. A good rule of thumb is to let an account age about 6 months before opening any new accounts. Of course this cannot be avoided sometimes, but if possible try to limit new accounts. Fresh credit accounts also lower the average age of accounts, another large part of the credit score formula.3. If you have ever been given a credit limit increase you want to make sure that the credit bureaus are reporting the new limit. As the limit increase and you balance is lowered it will lower the debt to credit ratio and affect the credit score in a positive way. This is a quick check, and well worth it as many times consumers will notice the limit has not been updated properly.4. Monitor your credit around the clock to make sure that there are never any issues that pop up that could have been prevented. There are many credit monitoring programs out there and they do a great job at preventing little issues from blowing up into major problems. Many of them also provide identity theft insurance, and although we hope you would never have to use it the added protection is a good idea. Think of it as preventive insurance for your credit. 5. If you want to know how to fix your credit and are thinking about trying it yourself, first speak to a professional. Fixing your credit requires a lot of work and experience, and is better left to the experts. 6. Do not pay off collection accounts before you speak to a professional. Doing so may actually hurt your credit more than it helps. This is why it is so important to seek help from an organization that specializes in only credit repair. </p></li><li><p>For more information on our credit repair service click HERE and make sure you explore the website as it is packed with information and tips.</p></li></ul>