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<p>Bellevue Hospital Center462 First AvenueNew York, New York 10016</p> <p>GENERAL INFORMATION (212) 562-1000</p> <p>Parking is available in commercial parking garages along 1st Avenue at 28th and 29th Streets and nearby.</p> <p>Bellevue Hospital Center</p> <p>English</p> <p>Finding your way around Bellevue Hospital Center</p> <p>Departments are identified by their internal addresses. Each department address is represented by a building symbol and room number ( 000). </p> <p>Accounts Payable 4</p> <p>Activity Therapy Services 6</p> <p>Activity Therapy (Psychiatry) 21</p> <p>ACTU (AIDS Clinical Trial Unit) 5</p> <p>Admission Services G</p> <p>Adult Dental Clinic 2</p> <p>Adult ICU 2</p> <p>Affiliation Contract Services 3</p> <p>Allergy Clinic 1B</p> <p>Ambulatory Surgery Unit (ASU) 15</p> <p>Anesthesia Department 11</p> <p>Arthritis Clinic 1A</p> <p>Asian Hepatitis B Clinic 1B</p> <p>Asthma Clinic 2E</p> <p>Auxiliary to Bellevue 1Bellevue Association M</p> <p>Birth Center 9</p> <p>Blood Bank 11</p> <p>Breast Clinic M</p> <p>Budget Department 3</p> <p>C.P.E.P (Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program) G</p> <p>Cardiac Clinic 1B</p> <p>Cardiothoracic Department 10</p> <p>Cardiovascular Surgery 15</p> <p>Cath Lab 11</p> <p>Center for Work Place Learning 7</p> <p>Chapels 1</p> <p>Chemical Dependency Outpatient Unit 2</p> <p>Chemo Infusion M</p> <p>Chest Clinic 2E</p> <p>Chest Surgery Clinic 1D</p> <p>Child &amp; AdolescentPsychiatry Clinic 2</p> <p>Child Care Center 1</p> <p>Child Life Development 6</p> <p>Child Protection and Development Center G</p> <p>Children of Bellevue M</p> <p>Clinical Research Center 8</p> <p>Coffee Shop G</p> <p>Colonoscopy 4D</p> <p>Community Outreach &amp; Wellness 7</p> <p>Community Advisory Board M</p> <p>Conference Center 8</p> <p>Coumadin Clinic 2D</p> <p>CSS Supportive Case Management 4</p> <p>CT 3</p> <p>Cystoscopy Procedures 11 </p> <p>Dermatology Clinic 4A</p> <p>Diabetic Clinic 1B</p> <p>Dialysis Services 5</p> <p>DOT (Directly Observed Therapy) 2E</p> <p>EKG/Holter Department 14</p> <p>Emergency Care Institute 3</p> <p>Emergency Department (Adult) G</p> <p>Emergency Department (Pediatric) G</p> <p>Employee Health Services 12</p> <p>Employee Photo ID G</p> <p>Endocrine Clinic 1B</p> <p>Endoscopy/Broncoscopy/ Colonoscopy 10</p> <p>Engineering Department 13</p> <p>ENT Clinic 1B</p> <p>Environmental Services 14</p> <p>Executive Administration M</p> <p>Eye Clinic 3A</p> <p>Facilities Management Department 3</p> <p>Finance Administration 3</p> <p>FNA Clinic M</p> <p>Food/Nutrition Department 12</p> <p>Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic 2A</p> <p>Geriatrics Clinic 2A</p> <p>GI Clinic 1B</p> <p>GI Oncology Clinic M</p> <p>Gift Shop G</p> <p>GSDS Training Room 6</p> <p>GYN Clinic 4D</p> <p>Hand Clinic 1A</p> <p>Hearing &amp; Speech Clinic 3B</p> <p>Hematology Clinic M</p> <p>HIV Services Administrative Offices 12</p> <p>Hospital Police G</p> <p>Hospital Police Administration G</p> <p>Hospital Staff Dining Room 12</p> <p>Hospitalist Program 16</p> <p>HRA-Medicaid Office G</p> <p>Human Resources 1</p> <p>Hypertension Clinic 1B</p> <p>Infection Control 16</p> <p>Infection Disease 16</p> <p>Infertility Clinic 4D</p> <p>Inpatient Budget Unit 8</p> <p>Inpatient/Outpatient Accounts Receivable 7</p> <p>Interventional Radiology 3</p> <p>IT Services 5</p> <p>Labor &amp; Delivery Suite 9</p> <p>Laundry B</p> <p>Lock TB Unit 7</p> <p>Lupus Clinic 1B</p> <p>Mail Room G</p> <p>Main Diagnostic Radiology 3</p> <p>Maintenance B</p> <p>Mammography 3</p> <p>Managed Care G</p> <p>Materials Management 12</p> <p>Medical Clinic 2B 2D</p> <p>Medical Correspondence G</p> <p>Medical Detox Unit 20</p> <p>Medical Records (Soundex) M</p> <p>Medical/Surgical Supply 14 </p> <p>Medicine Service (Inpatient) 1 17</p> <p>Mental Hygiene Clinics/ Outpatient Psychiatry 2</p> <p>Mental Hygiene Legal Services 19</p> <p>Microsurgery Labs 5</p> <p>Mind/Body Center 4B</p> <p>MMTP (Methadone Treatment Program) 4</p> <p>MRI G</p> <p>Network Support Services 14</p> <p>Neuro Oncology Clinic M</p> <p>Neuro Surgery Clinic 1D</p> <p>Neurology Clinic 1D</p> <p>Neurology Department 7</p> <p>New Patient Services G</p> <p>Newborn Nursery 7</p> <p>NICU 8</p> <p>Non-Invasive Cardiology 3</p> <p>Nuclear Medicine 3</p> <p>NYU Brain Research 8</p> <p>NYU Cancer Research 5</p> <p>NYU Center for the Study of Asian American Health 1</p> <p>NYU Clinical Research Center 8</p> <p>NYU Department of Medicine 6</p> <p>NYU Family Planning 5</p> <p>NYU Medical Labs 6</p> <p>NYU Medical Library 14</p> <p>NYU Neuro-Behavioral Labs 5</p> <p>NYU Sleep Disorders Center 7</p> <p>NYU Surgical Skills Lab 1</p> <p>O.C.M.E. (Office of Chief Medical Examiner) 9</p> <p>OB/GYN Department 9</p> <p>OB/GYN Ultrasound (PDU) 4E</p> <p>Obstetrics Inpatient Unit 9</p> <p>Occupational Therapy (Rehab) 1A</p> <p>Office of Legal Affairs 19</p> <p>Oncology Day Hospital 8</p> <p>Oncology GYN Clinic M</p> <p>Oncology Med Clinic M</p> <p>OPD/Phlebotomy 1C</p> <p>Operating Rooms 11</p> <p>Optometry Labs 6</p> <p>Oral Surgery Clinic 2</p> <p>Orthopedics Clinic 1A</p> <p>Orthopedics Service 21</p> <p>Outpatient Pharmacy G</p> <p>Pain Clinic 1D</p> <p>Pain Management Oncology M</p> <p>Pathology Department 4</p> <p>Patient Care/Nursing Administration 14</p> <p>Patient Investigations 9</p> <p>Patient Library 6</p> <p>Payroll Department 4</p> <p>Pediatric Department 8</p> <p>Pediatric NICU 8</p> <p>Pediatric Radiology 3</p> <p>Pediatrics Clinic 3D</p> <p>Pediatrics Eye Clinic 3A</p> <p>Pediatrics Dental Clinic 3E</p> <p>Pediatrics ENT Clinic 3A</p> <p>Pediatrics Orthopedics Clinic 1A</p> <p>Pediatrics Specialties 3C</p> <p>Pharmacy Department 14</p> <p>Physical Therapy (Rehab) 1A</p> <p>Plastic Surgery Clinic 1D</p> <p>Podiatry Clinic 1D</p> <p>Prenatal Clinic 4D</p> <p>Prenatal Diagnostic Unit 9</p> <p>Pre-Op 1B</p> <p>Print Shop B</p> <p>Prison Health 19</p> <p>Property Office G</p> <p>Psychiatry Adult Inpatient Unit 12 18 20</p> <p>Psychiatry Adult Day Treatment Programs 20</p> <p>Psychiatry Child &amp; Adolescent Day Treatment Programs 21</p> <p>Psychiatry Child &amp; AdolescentInpatient Units 21</p> <p>Psychiatry Administration 22</p> <p>Psychiatry AdministrationOffices 6</p> <p>Psychiatry Evaluation Services 2</p> <p>Psychiatry Interim Crisis Clinic G</p> <p>Psychiatry Nursing Office 22</p> <p>Psychiatry Oncology M</p> <p>Public Relations M</p> <p>Public School 35-M 21</p> <p>Pulmonary Clinic 2E</p> <p>Purchasing Department 12</p> <p>PVD (Vascular) Clinic 1D</p> <p>Quality Assurance M</p> <p>Radiation Oncology M</p> <p>Radiography (X-ray) School 5</p> <p>Radiology (General) 1E</p> <p>Radiology Services 3</p> <p>Receiving B</p> <p>Recovery Program 2</p> <p>Recovery Room 1</p> <p>Rectal Clinic 1DReferral Office G</p> <p>Rehab Clinic 6</p> <p>Rehabilitation Medicine Department 6</p> <p>Reimbursement 3</p> <p>Replacement Clinic Cards G</p> <p>Respiratory Department 14</p> <p>Rheumatology Clinic 1A</p> <p>Risk Management M</p> <p>Rose Room 12</p> <p>Smoking Cessation Program 5</p> <p>Social Work Department 4</p> <p>Sterile Processing Department 14</p> <p>Substance Abuse Referral Program (SARP) 4</p> <p>Surgery B Clinic 1D</p> <p>Surgery Clinic 15</p> <p>Survivors of Torture Program 7</p> <p>TB Unit 7</p> <p>Telecommunications G</p> <p>TEMIS 5</p> <p>Thoracic Oncology Clinic M</p> <p>Thoracic Oncology Lab 15</p> <p>Trauma Clinic 1D</p> <p>Trauma/Surgical Critical Care 15</p> <p>Ultrasound 3</p> <p>Urban Learning Academy 7</p> <p>Urology Clinic 1D</p> <p>Urology Department 11</p> <p>Vascular Surgery 15</p> <p>Virology Clinic 4</p> <p>Virology Dental Clinic 4</p> <p>Virology Mental Health Clinic 4</p> <p>Volunteer Department 1</p> <p>W.T.C Healthcare Center 2E</p> <p>WIC Program G</p> <p>X-Ray and Adult Ultrasound 1E </p> <p>MEDICAL / SURGICAL 7 East &amp; 7 North15 East, 15 West &amp; 15 North16 East, 16 West &amp; 16 North17 East, 17 West &amp; 17 North11:00am8:00pm Monday-Sunday</p> <p>11 North (RR) &amp; 11 South (OR)Call for Information</p> <p>PSYCHIATRIC18 East, 18 West, 18 North &amp; 18 South2:30pm4:30pm &amp; 7:00pm8:00pmMonday-Sunday</p> <p>19 West &amp; 19 South 2:007:00pm Tuesday, Thursday &amp; Saturday</p> <p>19 North2:30pm4:30pm &amp; 7:00pm8:00pmMonday-Sunday</p> <p>20 East2:00pm3:00pm &amp; 7:00pm8:00pmMonday-Sunday</p> <p>20 West &amp; 20 South20 North21 North2:00pm4:00pm &amp; 7:00pm8:00pmMonday-Sunday</p> <p>21 South3:00pm8:00pm Monday-Wednesday3:00pm6:00pm Thursday4:00pm8:00pm Friday10:00am12:00pm &amp; 4:00pm8:00pm Saturday1:00pm8:00pm Sunday &amp; Holidays</p> <p>21 West3:00pm5:00pm &amp; 6:00pm8:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday &amp; Friday3:00pm5:00pm &amp; 6:00pm7:00pm Wednesday10:00am12:00pm &amp; 4:00pm8:00pm Saturday1:00pm8:00pm Sunday &amp; Holidays</p> <p>REHABILITATION6 West &amp; 6 south4:00pm8:00pm Monday-Friday11:00am8:00pm Saturday &amp; Sunday</p> <p>WOMENS HEALTH 9 East11:00am8:00pm</p> <p>9 South (Labor &amp; Delivery)9 North (Birthing Center)24 Hours</p> <p> Bellevue Hospital Center is a Smoke Free facility. Smoking is prohibited anywhere within the Hospital.</p> <p> Patients are permitted no more than two visitors at one time.</p> <p> No Pets Allowed, with the exception of service dogs.</p> <p> Photography, video filming is not permitted anywhere on the hospital premises.</p> <p>RULES &amp; REGULATIONS</p> <p>DEPARTMENTS</p> <p>GENERAL INFORMATION</p> <p>PARKING</p> <p>VISITING HOURS</p> <p>Bellevue_pocket guide 73107.indd 1Bellevue_pocket guide 73107.indd 1 8/6/07 4:50:44 PM8/6/07 4:50:44 PM</p> <p>KEY:</p> <p>Multi-lingualInformation</p> <p>GROUND FLOOR</p> <p>Coffee Shop</p> <p>Gift Shop</p> <p>Pharmacy</p> <p>Restrooms</p> <p>Elevator</p> <p>Entrace to Department</p> <p>N</p> <p>SW</p> <p>E</p> <p>For non-English speaking patients, the hospital will make every effort to provide you with an interpreter, free of charge, to ensure proper communication between you, your doctor and the hospital staff. If an interpreter is needed, our bi-lingual medical staff will assist you. If staff cannot assist you, the staff will contact New World Language Services to provide free interpretation via telephone. A sign language interpreter can also be arranged. Please ask the nurse or a patient representative for assistance.</p> <p>ALCOHOLISM TREATMENT PROGRAMAdministration 2nd Floor</p> <p>BILINGUAL TREATMENT PROGRAMC&amp;D 2nd Floor</p> <p>GERIATRIC PSYCHIATRYNew Ambulatory Building 2nd Floor 2A</p> <p>ADULT MENTAL HEALTH CLINICC&amp;D 2nd Floor</p> <p>METHADONE MAINTENANCE TREATMENTAdministration 4th Floor </p> <p>MOBILE CRISIS UNIT18 West 13</p> <p>PEDIATRIC CONSULTATION/LIAISON UNITNew Ambulatory Building Ground Floor</p> <p>PSYCHIATRY EVALUATION SERVICEC&amp;D 2nd Floor</p> <p>PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY CLINICC&amp;D 2nd Floor</p> <p>RECOVERY CLINICC&amp;D 2nd Floor</p> <p>CHILD &amp; ADOLESCENT PSYCH. CLINICAdministration 2nd Floor</p> <p>THERAPEUTIC NURSERYAdministration 2nd Floor</p> <p>INTERPRETING SERVICES MENTAL HEALTH OUTPATIENT PROGRAMS</p> <p>Bellevue_pocket guide 73107.indd 2Bellevue_pocket guide 73107.indd 2 8/6/07 4:51:03 PM8/6/07 4:51:03 PM</p>